MB Fund Podcast: Trump reignites Trade war to deflect U.S. Coronavirus woes

Trump’s appalling mismanagement of the virus means blame must be deflected to China if his polling falls. Speaking at a White House event recently, Trump told reporters China may or may not keep the trade deal. We cover what that could mean for global markets, and it’s impact on Australia’s economy. We’ll conclude by discussing the investment implications of this going forward

Join MB Fund’s Head of Investments Damien Klassen, Chief Strategist David Llewellyn-Smith, and Head of Operations Tim Fuller as they cover “Trump reignites Trade war to deflect U.S. Coronavirus woes”.

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Tim Fuller is Head of Operations at the Macrobusiness Fund, which is powered by Nucleus Wealth.


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Tim Fuller


  1. Is it really that bad? Per capita the US is doing alot better than many European states, but we dont hear about that. Its the usual Orange Man bad.

    • And there are wide disparities of outcomes from one region to another, inside the USA.

      The epicentres are NOT Trump’s fault at all, they are local administrations who were ruled by the emotions of virtue signalling against Trump’s “xenophobia” until absurdly late in the process of the pandemic.


      “Trump country” is doing among the best in the Northern Hemisphere world precisely because of an absence of progressive lunacy such as urban planning that crams immigrants and illegals who bring viruses with them. Combined with responsible voluntary action from an early stage, compared to suicidal virtue-signalling. Even Nancy Pelosi did a TV publicity stunt visiting Chinatown and encouraging people to support Chinatown events and hospitality to “make a statement against xenophobia” – WEEKS after Trump imposed border restrictions.

      Trump Country completely gets it that progressives are in utmost bad faith over all this. You can pretend all you like, to scoff at their “stupidity” but actually what you hate the most is that they are smart enough to see through YOUR progressive bad-faith game.

      And here’s one of the latest truly scientific analyses of lockdown policy approaches for you to chew on:


  2. Dial it up MB. “Argh!! …the US numbers are horrendous. It’s the beginning of the end. The end of the beginning of the end”
    Read it all before chaps. Try to be less MSM.