MB Fund Podcast: Debt Deleveraging: is this the big one? LIVE 12:30 AEST

Will the virus cause a debt crisis? And if so, what type of debt crisis?
Ray Dalio has a number of videos and books out talking about the long term debt cycle vs the short term debt cycle.
In this episode we have a look at the question of whether this will end another short term debt cycle or if it is the end to the long term debt cycle. Can if be delayed? Can governments kick the can down the road one more time?

In today’s investment webinar (LIVE 12:30pm AEST), MB Fund’s Head of Investments Damien Klassen, Chief Strategist David Llewellyn-Smith, and Head of Operations Tim Fuller cover “Debt Deleveraging: is this the big one?”.

We’ll conclude by discussing the investment implications of this going forward

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  1. Listening to MB’s policy positions… don’t think they have (or Straya has) a credible appetite for capitalism anyone.
    The impact of current government spend will defer consequences of bad decisions (i.e. overleveraged for non-productive activity) until everyone imagines free markets but are wedded to socialist convictions. Eventually a groundswell of people complain capitalism has failed (when asset prices were staked and faked by governments through crises) and gives way to socialism.
    Real gains of free markets is politicians and bureaucrats don’t have control, and people live with genuine communities and the consequences of their own decisions.