International student lobbies are treasonous

What other conclusion can you draw from recent behavior. Via SBS:

International Education Association of Australia chief executive Phil Honeywell told SBS News allowing international students back into the country could offer more than just economic benefits.

“International education is Australia’s fourth-largest export industry which generates nearly 240,000 Australian jobs and is a key revenue source for public universities and many other private education providers,” he said.

“This dynamic industry brings in close to $40 billion as well as numerous soft power diplomatic benefits.

Actually, it supports bugger all education jobs but there are wider spillovers. Even then, many of the jobs taken by the students themselves given many of the 950k also work.

The notion of soft power benefits is ridiculous today. Is the co-opting of Australian universities into a Chinese Communist Party autocratic regime that destroys pedagogical standards, persecutes and silences student free speech, does research joint-ventures that boost CCP tyranny tech, and exposes Canberra to economic coercion a soft power benefit?

These lobbies have disastrous form during COVID-19. They demanded that the borders remain open as the pandemic mushroomed, for example:

The head of Australia’s peak foreign student body [the Council of International Students Australia]… Ahmed Ademoglu, who represents 700,000 international tertiary students in Australia, said they felt “exploited” and would discourage future students from enrolling here.

International students were aggrieved in particular by the detention of Chinese students in Australian airports and the block on Chinese student visas since the travel ban was introduced on February 1, according to Mr Ademoglu…

…it’s estimated the higher education sector could lose between $6 billion and $8 billion if Chinese students do not enrol for semester one. About 100,000 students remain stranded overseas.

Phil Honeywood, chair of the reputation taskforce appointed by Mr Tehan to manage the impact of coronavirus on the education sector, said he also raised concerns over the blocked visas on Wednesday.

They campaigned beside the CCP to keep the borders open as it quietly siphoned off PPE:

China has slammed Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s decision to extend the travel ban on all non-Australians arriving from China, urging the government to “respect” the World Health Organization’s recommendations.

A statement from the Chinese Embassy in Canberra said the move to extend the initial 14-day travel ban by another week in the hopes of curbing the spread of the coronavirus was “an overreaction indeed”.

…”China is very much our number one student source country,” Mr Honeywood said. “Unfortunately, we’ve got Canada and the United Kingdom very much competitors as study destination countries and they are still very happily taking Chinese students.”

The universities themselves subverted the travel bans, without a peep from the lobbies:

The University of Melbourne has announced it will pay students up to $7500 each to cover accommodation, airfares and quarantine costs incurred during the ban.

Others, including the University of Western Sydney, Adelaide University and the Australian National University, have offered smaller packages ranging from $1500 and $5000, with some also promising to waive fees if those forced to study remotely fail their courses.

Sydney University Associate Professor, Salvatore Babones, rightly labelled the grants “morally indefensible” as it risks spreading the virus through poor, vulnerable countries like Thailand:

Associate Professor Salvatore Babones, from libertarian think-tank the Centre for Independent Studies, said it was “morally indefensible to encourage thousands of Chinese youngsters to travel at this difficult time, especially when they would be transiting through poor, vulnerable countries like Thailand”.

“It is thoroughly unethical for a university to encourage students to undertake risky, refugee-style travel in order to slip into Australia through a third country backdoor.”

Yet now it’s back to business as usual as if none of it happened.

This behaviour is beyond reprehensible, it is treasonous, in the old fashioned definition of putting the lives of local citizens at risk for those receiving financial benefit from a hostile foreign power.

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  1. Are International Students really an export?

    I keep seeing it mentioned everywhere & I think of exports as cattle leaving oz etc…

    • MB needs to do a proper article killing the export myth. Then send it to Kristina Kennealy to use for reducing student visa numbers and work rights.

      Initial tuition fees may come from abroad, but are paid back via remittances off the back of students earning money here. Later fees paid by money earnt here – same with living expenses.

      Kill the export myth and you’ve got good grounds for locals to not support high international student numbers.

    • GramusMEMBER

      No but it is in the interests of the $$$$ who own Scummo to pretend that it is.
      It’s all a lie.

    • The 865,000 foreign students & partners here on pretext visas to live & work illegally are not an export.

      They are a massive net social & economic burden to Australia.

      We have 865,000 foreign students & partners.. Australia Education Gov Website has the details.
      (enrolment numbers used by Macrobusiness are not accurate, a number are enrolled in multiple courses, others like the partners on secondary visas are attending no courses at all).

      🔹803,000 as primary visa holders – over 90% from third world countries. 75% work illegally in visa (UTS & Sydney Uni) stealing Australian jobs.

      🔹Another 62,000 on secondary visas as so called ‘partners’ with no English requirements, full work rights. Heavily frauded.

      Only 40% of the primary visa holders are actually studying anything that could even be considered ‘education’. And most of that is rote easily cheated long duration courses – designed that way to minimise actual education and maximise their ability to stay here & work illegally. Many with NO international accreditation.
      8 year old child English / available for free only.
      14 year old high school 6 week courses stretched out for 4 years as businesses studies or child care..
      Only a tiny fraction of the foreign students are doing genuine post grad education, less than 35,000.
      All the rest – fake. Only here on a visa pretext.
      Remove work rights & enforce it?
      They wouldn’t be here.
      👉🏻Are they an Export?
      “Oh but they are a $34 billion, $42 billion etc ‘export industry’ that employs over 200,000 people”
      This is sourced from a farrago of mistruths and deliberately misleading propaganda by Deloitte Access Economics in a paper paid for by the University and foreign student lobby groups.
      What they actually said via a series of false statements and estimates was that foreign students contributed to the GDP (back then some $25 billion in the 630,000 foreign students at Treasury estimate of $41k pa each / $800 a week local income (ignoring this requires almost all of them to be in visa breach) then $3 billion in family visits & then another $8 billion in ‘intellectual capital’ and local employment by their so called educators.
      So it then got translated to oh ‘they are a $36 billion export’.. total lie. And every year the false figure increased as the foreign students increase.
      The paper did admit the foreign students back then only paid $6.7 billion in fees (now a possible $14 billion with growth in numbers and course fee costs and not counting cash back, inducements and the commissions paid to the foreign agent procurers) and that’s an important point later on – as their incoming self declared or rubber stamped fake funds only totals $2.4 billion (almost all fake) at best.

      🔹Employment of Australians as educators.
      The entire foreign student industry only employs 43,000 people (an educator / admin or support role ratio of 1 to 18 enrolled and 1 to 13 in actual attendance).
      Am I saying that only 72% of the foreign students actually attend classes? Yes. In fact in the ELT and lower level courses it’s less than half.
      They are here to work, not be educated. Go visit some.

      Most of these educators are either rejects from our national system or are migrant guestworkers themselves on a sponsored visa pretext.
      A Filipino bookkeeper who can barely speak English and is unemployable there due to criminal charges – now the lecturer in accounting for UNSW.. mumbling away in his Filipino babble to a mostly empty classroom of Chinese hookers & Indian Uber drivers & the occasional dumb Colombian.. seen it.

      Backpackers, detritus & swill or migrants with false qualifications are also used to ‘deliver & administer’ this nonsense courses.

      Many are on the take for the obligatory $50 a month from the students to ‘mark off the roll’ whilst they are working illegally.
      It’s corrupted top to bottom.

      The international student campus logo?
      “We pretend to teach & you pretend to learn”

      The point here is:
      It’s not just a matter of comparing the foreign student numbers but also the quality & composition.
      The vast majority of our foreign student and partners some 800,000 or more – are the absolute bottom of the barrel third world slum clearance and rural poor.
      Most are old, many are in their thirties.
      Misfits, unemployable in their own countries, part of the vast Chinese Hukou underclass that China is dumping into the west, or abandoned Thai mothers, bar girls, the thousands of end of life north Asian prostitutes, money laundering mules, the cow died so the Indian village sends one of their sons to Australia to stack shelves or work in 711 & send back money.

      What we have in Australia is not the same as the UK , US or Canadian foreign student education’

      Our filters are set for useless misfit unskilled migrant guestworkers to enter Australia in debt, typically via a foreign criminal agent procurer & to be trafficked in to live & work illegally.

      🔹What is the source of their funds and income?

      Many foreign students are exempt from declaring their funds (Chinese etc), but where proof of funds is required, this is very easily frauded with false bank statements and declarations organised by the agent.

      They only pay the first semester, a sham health cover payment and then they are immediately set to work in the factory, warehouse, labor ring or brothel.

      Vice if an Asian female, or cleaning, deliveroo, shelfstacking or Uber etc if Indian & Nepalese or Bangla. The ‘partners’ invariably living off some aspect of the vast foreign criminal run underground here.

      Some fact : cross checks:
      The entire TR intake only bring in $2.4 billion yearly of self declared or declared funds. (DHA – ABF 2018)

      The 865,000 foreign students do form a $41 billion black market sub economy (Treasury est is now $48.5k so just over half an average Australian income).
      So yes – they do ‘add’ to GDP.
      Just like if we let in a million Bangladeshi to work & live on $5 a day. That would also add billions to our GDP also. But drag down and destroy wages, housing and the standard of living for everyone else.

      Most of the foreign student income onshore ($41 billion) is cash or via false & multiple identities : and is not taxed.

      As evidenced by a number of studies (Sydney Uni & UTS) that found over 75% are working illegally in visa breach. That’s 650,000 Australian jobs stolen.
      Even in earning $48.5k average – just over half the Australian gdp average, they dramatically pull down our overall GDP, Australian’s wages & standard of living.

      They now pay some $11 billion in fees, so $8.4 billion of the fees alone was earned here.
      Not an export at all.

      They create Australian unemployment of at least 650,000 Australian jobs stolen x $749 a week Centrelink x 52 weeks = $25 billion in direct Australia taxpayer funded impact.
      10 x the funds that are declared.
      3 x their ‘fees’ paid (from money earned here)

      They lower wages for all other Australians.
      Tens of billions in impact.

      They raise the cost of housing – living in crowded bunkshare way beyond normal occupancy – 6, 8, 10 of these students in what used to be ex Australian housing, the invariably Chinese or Indian landlord making $1,200 a week cash via subletting and so the migrant slums spread – and displace our poor & young Australians onto the street.
      116,000 Australian permanent homeless
      360,000 Australians without affordable housing
      Estimated economic impact (NRAS) $4.6 billion.

      They create overload on our public transport, roads & public infrastructure, Dams, power, water.
      Tens of billions of cost to Australians taxpayers.

      And they have destroyed our education system as it prostituted itself as a migrant guestworker visa alibi.
      Tens of billions of more cost & impact.

      And then we have over $12 billion in foreign remittances being sent back to the foreign agent procurer in debt repayment & then their families.
      (World Bank 2019 remittances flow)

      Not an export at all.

      A massive social & economic liability.
      The ‘We are importing intellectual capital’ argument…

      Again a fact check.
      In 2005 (Migrant Pathways a Decade On Report) and the later 2006 Productivity Commission Report Notre that the foreign student progression to an above average professional vocation in Australia or their home country was only 3.7%.
      That’s right.
      96.3% fail to ever become anything.
      They remain Indian slum clearance or rural poor, or Chinese Hukou underclass, or the tattooed up north & south Asian vice workers.
      How is this importing ‘intellectual capital’?

      Community health concerns & costs.
      Along with their falsified identity & fund details there is widespread corruption in the foreign agent doctor health checks.
      In China, India, Nepal, Bangladeshi, North & South Asia it is standard practice to fraud the (cursory) medical checks.
      The Chinese, Indians, Nepalese, Bangladeshi, Malays etc then present to our public hospitals with Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, NDM-1 a widespread Indian disease, Malaria, Diphtheria, intestinal parasites and a wide range of communicable skin diseases and venereal disease.
      This is what is being allowed in.
      The absolute bottom of the barrel third world slum clearance and rural poor.
      Diseased, useless, colluding with their foreign criminal syndicates to deliberately exploit Australia on a pretext visa alibi.
      That’s what you have now in Australia, processing & touching your food, stacking the shelves, touching your money at the gas station, driving the Uber.
      Third world unskilled corrupt migrant guestworker in visa breach and with falsified health checks.

      In summary – no economic or social contribution.
      A foreign criminal run migrant trafficking industry in collusion with the education, development and business sector that wants to continue this pretext education scam in flooding Australia with third world migrant poor on visa pretexts.

      The entire racket needs a Royal Commission.

      => Cancel all the foreign student & partner visas, round them up & deport them.
      They are a massive toxic parasitic social & economic burden to every Australian.

      • You’re spot on Mike. Nothing will happen though. The powers to be want this to continue because we can import cheap, compliant labour. The current useless pricks in the ABF and AFP just want a nice comfy career and really couldn’t care less as long as they’re paid.

  2. CCP Pure Evil

    This country deserves to be invaded and colonised if it hasn’t learned by now how China operates.

    One of the biggest cover-ups in human history has allowed China to export a pandemic to the world causing the biggest economic shock since the Great Depression.

    China silenced and killed whisteblowers.

    In February was demanding everyone keep their borders open despite knowing about the virus since at the very least late December.

    Demanded everyone keep their borders open as they locked down each province, even resorting to welding people inside apartments, abducting suspected cases in the street.

    Made no apologies. You can still purchases wildlife for consumption in wet markets.

    China believes the US started the virus in Wuhan.

    The Chinese case numbers don’t stand up to any scrutiny. They were abducting people on the street, welding people into apartments, the crematoriums were causing a smoke haze while their were no cars on the road and no industry operating, yet we’re supposed to believe that this country of 1.4 billion had less deaths than Holland, half the deaths of Belgium. The average Chinese has a poor diet, 300 million smoke cigarettes, cities heavily polluted. Yet had less people die than tiny Holland where people lead relatively healthy lifestyles?

    If Australians ever protest against CCP oppression and interference in Australia will be get scenes reminiscent of last year where thousands of Chinese students used violence and intimidation against peaceful pro-democracy/pro-Hong Kong activists. The Chinese trojan horse effectively ended the pro-democracy protests overnight through their use of violence and intimidation.

    • Its not a matter of ‘deserves’. Its just what is going to happen.

      Explicitly, it has been impossible for anyone with the ability to execute solutions to get into a decision making position. I mean, it’s not like everyone does not know what the solutions are.

      Steve Keen has been talking about it for decades. Immigrants (!) have been telling everyone they can that things are going wrong. For decades. Hell immigrants being racist is almost a meme at this point. Mocking the state of affairs is practically MB’s schtick.

      But it benefited Australian elites (and we absolutely have a local inbred elite class here) so it continued. But because the local elites are incompetent, they will not last long enough to become an aristocracy and/or leave a viable country for their children. Hey ho.

      How do you think South Africa or Venezuela or Argentina got to where they are today? You’re watching it in real time.

  3. How is this not inevitable?

    Second wave of the virus seems locked in – if not in the next few months, then surely once we let the students back in.

    • it will happen before, we don’t need to import new cases

      they are struggling for months to get virus out of a single aged care facility and they expect to be effective countrywide during winter season

      they just have to stop reporting

  4. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    and they take over the inner city poncing around in fake designer labels and smoking Chinese cigarettes

  5. Yesterday I stumbled onto (whose?) ABC radio taking plea-calls from International students needing Government handouts. Cause they are here basically.
    One student…. “it would be a walk of shame for me (her) to go home (to India).”
    Another academic…’Straya owes (International Students, or themselves??) cause in the 90’s we spent so much money advertising Strayan tertiary education to Asia”.
    A hospitality owner.. ‘they work here in my business, I want to pay them (who’s paying??) JKS like my other staff’.
    The ABC is full of ‘specials’. And is proof we have lost our minds. We still pay the ABC too.

    • CCP Pure Evil

      Australia was a great place to live with a high standard of living long before any Chinese students started showing up.

      They don’t seem to understand we’re doing them the favour. We allow them to live here virtually unrestricted for $20k per year. They can work and parlay their degree into permanent residency.

      They should be bowing down at us thanking us for not tearing up their visas since they are clearly in violation if they don’t have the funds to live here without working.

  6. Non-rhetorical serious question — is there any evidence that international students led to any Corona infection in Australia? Someone told me the answer is no, but I’ve yet to confirm it.

  7. Australian entrepreneurialism and economic innovation at its finest !

    Cut funding to universities, deregulate places, open borders, hand out residency, count the cash, expand capacity, brandish your ‘export’ value, turn a blind eye to the corrupting influence of CCP’s global thugs, squeal like a stuck pig when it all comes crashing down on you, spruik for public sympathy.

    • Neoliberal economic nuttery….screws over the majority and makes money for the one per cent.

  8. Don’t worry, as long as social distancing is required, not many internationals will want to come just to study in their apartments.
    Mass gatherings (ie. lectures, many lab sessions) are out, without enormous cost and disruptions.
    Unless of course, “special dispensations” for universities, AFL, pokies, pubs……But not for poor Joe Citizen

  9. Seems like one of the Vice Chancellor scumbags might be in a spot of bother with the SA ICAC. When this pustule was the VC of UTAS as the real estate speculator in chief, selling the Sandy Bay campus to developers and filling the university with meaningless Masters degrees for Chinese OS students (that the current VC is winding back) the weakness of the Tasmanian integrity commission meant that he could not be touched – seriously – as the Tas IC only deals with state public servants. He could do what he wanted – and did so.

    Peter Rathjen is one of those special breed of VCs who have sold Australian universities down the river for their massive salary packages and performance-based pay and have sold out to the rivers of gold that have helped to corrupt Australian society.

    It is high time to turn the heat up on this unaccountable cabal that are using public institutions and tax dollars to build corporate entities that stoke the mass immigration madness that has put everyone at risk.

  10. Totes BeWoke

    So who’s going to expose this?

    Labor? No. Greens? No. MSM? No.

    While ever the party for the plebs are open borders globalists we’re getting shafted.

    It’s not stopping until Labor change or are gone.

  11. I think at the moment that this is just screaming from lobby groups, but I can’t see any State premier being willing to open the border to them.

  12. HA! When I saw this article yesterday I knew the MB crowd would have kittens about it!

  13. kiwikarynMEMBER

    Why aren’t my posts being published? Not even getting a “gone to moderation” message.