Bravo! China changes iron ore import rules

Via the AFR comes a huge laugh out loud:

China has changed its inspection procedures for iron imports under new rules that analysts say could be used to block Australia’s most important export, as trade tensions between the two countries escalate.

China’s Customs authorities said in a notice the new supervising rules, which take effect on June 1, mean customs officials would inspect iron ore at the request of the trader or importer.

Bring it on. If they want to drive the price to $500 per tonne then let ’em!

We can buy a US cruise missile capability with the dough and point it at Beijing!

David Llewellyn-Smith


    • DominicMEMBER

      Agreed. I’m struggling to think of many (any) situations where they’ve actually carried out their threats – and stuck to it resolutely.

      With Twiggs kowtowing to them in the background I’m sure it’ll be okay.

    • +1

      It’s an empty threat. If they were going to block imports – or alternatively have them “delayed” – they would just do it.

      There’s a small possibility they delay one or two boats, but they’re not dumb enough to cut themselves off when they can’t source sufficient volume from anywhere else.

  1. Stop the shipments… period and wear the horrible pain now or get used to bending over forever. The chinese are small minded hypocrites who only know win – loose. Ask anyone doing business with China. Australian’s have fought forever for independence and we are better than just hole diggers!

    • innocent bystanderMEMBER

      this plus other actions make me think China has assessed Oz needs them more than vice versa
      and they are right, just an economic zone

  2. It has never been clearer we need to pivot. US needs our beef and going forward I suspect will need fiscal ie infrastructure which will need steel. simplistic yes but it needs to happen. whether our idiots have the balls to do it …

  3. I’m surprised how they appear to be sabotaging themselves….negative sentiment continues to grow…..that is not in their interest…

  4. I dont understand why this should result in the price of the ore we sell going up. Would it not just mean the ore they reject from us goes to try and find other buyers elsewhere. It may not add to the amount of ore available for sale but it wont reduce it either. Why would the price of ore go up.

  5. Iron ore is safe. That is what is needed for war.
    If they really want to hurt this so-called economy they should target students and tourism.

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