MB Fund Podcast: The Long and Short of investing during the Coronavirus pandemic, with John Deniz

What’s our view of Long and Short investing during the Coronavirus Pandemic? In today’s webinar Nucleus Wealth’s Head of Investments Damien Klassen, Chief Strategist David Llewellyn-Smith, Head of Operations Tim Fuller and Chief Investment Officer of Paragon Funds, John Deniz, to address this question.

Apologies for John’s low audio levels. We’ve amplified him in the podcast version of the episode if you prefer to listen there

Topics on the agenda include a macro look at the economy, gold value and price predictions, what John is seeing on the ground with companies he covers, companies to buy and short going forward, what it will take for us to re-enter the market, and as always our investment wrap-up


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Tim Fuller is Head of Operations at the Macrobusiness Fund, which is powered by Nucleus Wealth.


The information on this blog contains general information and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. Past performance is not an indication of future performance. Tim Fuller is an authorised representative of Nucleus Wealth Management, a Corporate Authorised Representative of Nucleus Advice Pty Ltd – AFSL 515796.


  1. Thanks. Another interesting podcast.

    I must say that I almost completely disagree with John and DLS about gold.

    My opinion is that there may well be new highs over the next 4-6 months but after that the price will collapse.

    I’m still very bearish about equities for the next 12 months at least. But shorting the banks at their current prices is unwise. The banks will range around their current prices for the next 12 months.

    • And what exactly will be the main driver for this gold [rice collapse in 6 months time ?

        • I like your call better DLS … US$10K an ounce. When that happens I’ll sell my bullion and buy a MB membership.

      • Rising yields and interest rates.
        An eventual recovery and boom (whether fundamentally warranted or not) in the equities markets.
        DXY rising and going higher, and in my opinion, even through the eventual US equities recovery.

        In addition to that, governments will need to offload reserves.

        Gold is a fundamentally and virtually worthless commodity. It’s price is driven by fear and panic and perceptions of it being a “safe haven” in the absence of anything else.

        Most gold extraction is used for jewelry products. Are unemployed people going to be buying jewelry? There’s going to be a virtual oversupply of the stuff. No one will want it when they see the boom in equities and the truly fearful will be moving to USD.

  2. Paragon’s views were interesting… all in with DEG, AQG and ADT…

    Has anyone run their ruler over the new DEG discovery yet? looks like it’ll be a pretty easy cash cow type open pit operation…I think they are inferring reserves around 1.7m Oz from my skim-reading their releases… very interesting for the region!

  3. Who was having a giggle to themselves on a few occasions? I thought I heard a muffled snicker when John said he was keen on FinTech…