MB Fund Podcast: Is it time to re-enter world stock markets? LIVE 12:30 AEST

In today’s investment webinar (live 12:30 aedt), hear from MB Fund’s Head of Investment Damien Klassen, Chief Strategist David Llewellyn Smith and Tim Fuller, as they cover “Is it time to re-enter world stock markets?”

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Tim Fuller is Head of Operations at the MacroBusiness Fund, which is powered by Nucleus Wealth.

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  1. No.

    Disclaimer I’m long Google stock still, because I think Google is less likely to be negatively impacted, due to offering shut in services like Google Play, YouTube and a workforce that can easily WFH. I would only go long similar companies or other necessities at this point. I don’t think the falls are finished.

  2. Wuhan, China Virus

    Two weeks ago was the time to re-enter. Not too much free money left on the table at this moment. Oil and metals still look good.


    Be greedy when others are fearful….which was two and a bit weeks ago. There is now the unmistakable smell of FOMO in the air…first 20%+ of gain have now been banked. In 6 months time we will be 1000+ points higher in the asx easily.

    • The90kwbeastMEMBER

      1000+ points higher eh… big call. All comes down to whether the recent run up is a bear trap, which IMO it is. I think instead the lows will be re-tested in a month or two.