Everybody’s WHOrebag

El Trumpo just now:

President Trump on Tuesday said that he planned to stop United States funding of the World Health Organization while reviewing its role in what he described as “severely mismanaging and covering up the spread of the coronavirus.”

The announcement came as Mr. Trump continued to be angered by criticism of his response to the pandemic and as he sought to gain credit for how he has performed. “Everybody knows what is going on there,” he said, blaming the organization for what he described as a “disastrous decision to oppose travel restrictions from China and other nations.”

Mr. Trump has repeatedly pointed to his decision to impose travel restrictions on China as proof that he responded early to warnings about the dangers of the coronavirus.

We all know the WHO has been China’s bitch throughout the crisis:

  • disguising virus genesis through dodgy naming;
  • being late on border closures and everything else;
  • ignoring Taiwan’s remarkable success;
  • endorsing wet markets.

Less understood is how much of general WHOrebag the place seems to be. Check out its virus preparedness ranking for instance:

The top pandemic preparedness rankings are occupied by the worst coronavirus outcome countries which, I am shocked to report, also make the largest financial contributions:

Of course, the ranking can’t account for the kinds of calamitous idiots we see leading the US, Brazil etc.  

Even so, it kind of looks like the WHOrebag has been running a massive “pay-to-play” scam.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. migtronixMEMBER

    That’s great. Pot and kettle playing name calling.

    Guess China will just end up in full control of it and in the next decade all the pharma will come from there. As in innovation not just production.

    If he’d done this 3 years ago like he said he would things might have been different but this is just juvenile capitulation.

    • migtronixMEMBER

      And what’s crazy is i feel like I’m sounding like H’n’H from 3 years ago, and vice versa lol.

      • Your comment is awaiting moderation.

        see this:

        lt kind of 1ooks like the WHOre biin running a massive “pay-to-play” rort.
        [edited to pass the redact-a-bot

        following the picture of Unprepared States of America being the largest payer!

        We can conveniently close eyes to WHO being the lapdog of US big pharma…. when we need a bogeyman to blame the unpreparedness that followed jeering the Chinese misfortune.
        mid December Xina announced it could not explain new respiratory infections on known viruses

        31 December The Wuhan Municipal Health Committee informed WHO (the world) of 27 “cases of pneumonia of unknown etiology (unknown cause) detected in Wuhan.
        9 January The WHO confirmed that the novel coronavirus had been isolated from one person who had been hospitalised.[79][80] On the same day, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control posted its first risk assessment.[81] The WHO also reported that Chinese authorities had acted swiftly,[79] identifying the novel coronavirus within weeks of the onset of the outbreak, with the total number of positively tested people being 41

        <a href=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_the_2019%E2%80%9320_coronavirus_pandemic_from_November_2019_to_January_2020<source

        That gave US 2.5 months to act…

        Xina is guilty of one thing: not coercing the World with threat of bombs and sanctions if they don’t act.

    • Hahahahahahaha!

      China will end up in total control of something that everyone else drops out of and ignores.

      Their iron fist crushing water.

    • You are 100% correct.

      What David lacks in actually never having studying International Relations is the concept of legitimacy from Weber.

      Its absolutely the corner stone of the nation state and the British School or “Institutionalism” as its known.

      The US use / abuse of the SWIFT system is a classic example which gave rise to the CIPS system and has totally undermined the US dollar reserve.

      The US is fast losing all credibility – particularly their behaviour on medical supplies with South America, North America and the Caribbean.

      Europe and Asia will pivot away – already happened to a massive degree with little reason to turn back now.

      America faces the prospect of the British Empire at the end of the Second World War – decimated by debt and precipitous demise in its role as global hegemon.

      Legitimacy is all that matters – and behaving like pirates on the high seas – the absolute BASIS of International Relations – the very term Privateers is what modern international theory is based on, coupled with defunding global institutions is the death knell.

      • Disagree. It’s all about geography at the end of the day, hence the term geopolitics, and America is still in by far the best geographical position in the world. China’s geographical position is quite poor in comparison.

        • migtronixMEMBER

          What the fruck are you talking about? They are 8 hours flight distance from the world island and have a tiny (pop wise) English speaking neighbour for company.

          Nothing to do with how great China or terrible the US is or any of that. You just have geopolitics all wrong….

          • This means the US has very secure borders, a huge buffer zone against any credible threats, and a home continent that is magnificently rich in resources, arable land, ports and rivers.

            They win because they have the best land.

            And from a personal perspective, thank fck China doesn’t have the best land, it doesn’t have secure borders, it doesn’t have neighbours who are all easily cowed, it is enclosed and encircled by both land and sea, and it is short on resources. The way it behaves is a direct result of this and there’s a reason China has never become anything more than a regional power (albeit a very strong one).

          • migtronixMEMBER

            Yeah Arrow and how has deploying troops thousands of miles from home with only boats and planes to bring them back been working out? They are 1 major resistant from collapse – if there’s a major attack against US troops in Iraq – for instance – they’re f#cked. It will all collapse.

          • You mistook me for a Trump supporter. I’m not one. But he is correct about the WHO shilling for the Chinese.

  2. Yes WHO have behaved as if they are in Chinas pocket. Odd since US assessment double China … if it is pay to play then the US should have a lot more clout. I would have thought Trump would demand a top level cleanout of WHO and name replacements to restore their clout. US cutting funding I think is intended to make them come back to Daddy but it just leaves the door open for more Chinese money based influence.

        • Agreed. Trump is here to expedite USA’s exit and usher in the new world order, with China at the helm. Happening in every sphere Trump withdraws US involvement in.

          • Exactly.

            US has behaved like Rome, Great Britain, etc as they enter their death spirals – except US has done it after only 50 years of Empire.

            Wonder if they’ll even get a mention in the history books.

          • China isn’t coming to the helm. We’re headed for de-globalization with a few regional powers.

      • Absolutely! Wasn’t it just 2 months ago when he was praising the “President Xi” for openness about WuFlu situation in PRC?

      • Completely agree. Trump risk management … nominate the fall guy in advance and repeat ad infinitum. Scomo has not graduated from his P plates as PM but Trump makes him look like Lewis Hamilton. The most irritating thing is that in early March the wave of corona that got here came from the US. We jumped on China Iran Italy but US seriously dropped the ball especially as they started from the same position as us at end Jan. Bloomberg described Trump as a barking clown … hard to disagree.

        • drsmithyMEMBER

          The most irritating thing is that in early March the wave of corona that got here came from the US.

          Don’t be absurd. The Chinese Flu came from China. It’s right there in the name !

        • They are never going to indicate number of infections due to Unprepared States of America (along with EU countries)
          not being put on the travel ban list infecting locals with a democratic version of Covid-19.

      • Stewie Griffin

        He doesn’t need a ‘scapegoat, Trump is made of Teflon. The only reason he’d use one is for the spectacle and “To feed the chooks.” as Sir Jo use to say when referring to the press. The Democrats have inexplicably fallen in behind dementia riddled Biden – as Joe Rogan said, “Its like the Democrats have sent in a 3 year old against Mike Tyson.” Frankly I find it so inexplicable that I do wonder if there is something to Mig’s theory that Trump is controlled demolition.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      I don’t know why I have to repeat this so many time. The USA is over 200 million dollars in arrears for their contribution to the WHO, so they haven’t paid anything for 4 years. You are only a contributor if you pay your invoices.

      • If you account for benefits US big pharma received by exploiting power over WHO, it is petty cash in comparison.

  3. The US may be handing out money for the organisation but China focuses it’s efforts on making sure individuals receive money (ie, bribes and corruption). That’s why the guys at the top are much more pre-disposed to China. They couldn’t give a fck about the organisation, they just want their money.

  4. Trump should have kept Steve Bannon around. The guy was ringing the alarm bells in January. Despite being a bit over the top, Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic podcast features some pretty interesting stuff.

    As for the WHO, the decision to endorse the re-opening of wet markets just put the nail in the coffin of their credibility. I mean, money talks and all… but how did they think they could just let that slide without criticism?

    • Stewie Griffin

      Trump doesn’t need him anymore – he is a self sustaining political force. Being president seemed to age Obama overnight (perhaps it was the guilt over selling his soul to become it?) Bush too seemed to visibly age – Trump seems to have thrived on in the role. Bannon may have been necessary at the start to kickstart Trump’s campaign and help formulate the Chy-na narrative. Interesting that despite the lawsuits between the two, Bannon continues to be a big supporter of the President. The interesting election won’t be this one, imho unless the Democrats change candidate Trump has it in the bag, it will be the one following Trump. Will Bannon have a crack at the title?

        • Stewie Griffin

          It takes time to turn around an oil tanker – heck our Neo Elite have spent at least 50 years slowing transforming our our nations to the multicultural consumption nirvana they are today. Trump at least opened the door to discussions that were not previously being had – you may lead from the edge, but you have to govern from the center.

      • And Trump may have gone harder and faster on coronavirus if people like Bannon were still advising him.

  5. Goldstandard1MEMBER

    What is this group’s opinion of a major conflict developing between China and USA/Allies? I’m not talking trade war, I mean real war.
    China is at war already via virus, technology and trade – and REALLY p!ssing off the west.
    Could that be a conclusion of all this? Could that be the revolution along with a new banking system post war?

    • I don’t know about real war.

      But definitely build trade and economic war mk II into your forecasts. Trump is going to go at China hard. How’s Australia’s v shaped recovery looking now!

    • El Dotard is incompetence. In everything except making sure he has someone else to blame if things go south and elbows to hog the glory if they go well. The single worst political leader I have seen in my lifetime, even worse than Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott.

  6. WHO is just another canary dropping off the perch. Our public institutions (local, state, national and international) have been comprehensively corrupted by money and the financialisation of the world. The UN is corruptible by funding in the same way that local councils are corrupted by developers. It is not really a matter of who (pun intended) calls the crooked tune, but that humanity has not risen above the temptation of a fist full of cash to embrace principles that should be universal. The USA led the way in the corruption of institutional values for self interest and hegemony and now China is an hard line authoritarian state playing the same long game for keeps – but with a bitter irony as the hard line happy clapping Maoist machine men discovered money as a new political weapon. The USA is in effect complaining that a Chinaman in black hat is also packing a financial silver six shooter as he rides into Dodge City. It really is a poor look for Uncle Sam.

    A poorer look still is the moronic Left that has allowed Western institutions to be corrupted for the sake of warm feelings. Only a handful of nations will think twice before taking a bribe. The Chinese well know this and have turned human folly into a political weapon that is kryptonite to western hypocrites who have spent 30 years throwing away the principles that they only claim to represent.

    The one and only way out of this mess is to rediscover principle and integrity – not just political principle and integrity, but universal principle and integrity. This represents the main problem as all our institutions and parliaments are jam packed full of MBA carrying technocrats who think that the current status quo is normal. We simply have no politicians capable of formulating another paradigm if it might cause the wheels to fall off the car that they have sent speeding towards the cliff.

    Three billion people emerging to live a western lifestyle in a Globalist economic paradise is a civilisational threat – it is not their fault, nor the fault of the West. Covid-19 is just a taste of the consequences of what the globalists have unwittingly created. Unwittingly, as greed and myopia has resulted from the erect banker/financier having no capacity for reason beyond their most basic of desires.

    It has always been a moral crisis. It is not China v the USA, but human folly and insular ambition.

    • 100% true.
      On the bright side there are organisations out there doing something about it.

    • Nicely written Clive. They’re so lost in their own BS that they can’t even feign Principles or Integrity anymore. But what does it say about general pop when a Lot of them don’t seem to be able to see it from outside the tent either…… The old buggers down here who would’ve been brought up in a world where P& I were respected & expected, are So one eyed & missing the depth, it boggles my brain.

    • @ Clive

      very few in The Peoples Temple Agricultural Project will understand what you mean…

      • …especially a few seconds after consuming the Kool Aid with KCN…although that’s what we have all been doing over the last 30 years, sip by sip…it’s taking a bit longer but the result will be the same eventually

    • what,
      you mean “in addition to”
      China, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Jemen, Egypt, Belarus, Venezuala, Serbia, Honduras, Cuba, Armenia, Liliputania, Atlantis and Solar system?
      (i must have missed some)