China’s puppet WHO supports reopening of wet markets

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says the World Health Organisation (WHO) must play a key role in ensuring there is not a repeat of the COVID-19 outbreak. Despite there being strong evidence that the outbreak began in a wet market in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the WHO does not support the closure of wet markets.

Morrison is doubtful whether wet markets can be made safe, with the outbreak of SARS in 2003 also blamed on wet markets. Liberal MP Andrew Hastie says it is hard to believe that the Chinese Communist Party could not shut down wet markets if it wanted to, while Labor MP Peter Khalil says it is absurd to claim they can be made safe. From The Australian:

The World Health Organisation has backed the reopening of China’s notorious wet markets, prompting calls from Scott Morrison for greater “transparency” from the UN body on the causes of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Despite strong evidence the coronavirus originated in a Wuhan wet market, the WHO said it did not support the closure of the markets “because they are a source of livelihood and food security to many people”…

“Australia and the world will be looking to organisations like the WHO to ensure lessons are learned from the devastating coronavirus outbreak,” Mr Morrison told The Australian.

“There must be transparency in understanding how it began in Wuhan and how it was transmitted. We also need to fully understand and protect against the global health threat posed by places like wet markets”…

As China’s wet markets reopen, the WHO told The Australian the facilities could be made safe with proper regulation…

To add insult to injury, a report has emerged claiming that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will give animal traders tax breaks to export wild animals, thus raising the risk of spreading future viruses throughout the world:

Meanwhile, Fake Greens Senator, Sarah Hanson Young, told Sky News that she is “concerned about the call just to ban wet markets in China” fearing the move would drive the practice to the “black market” – a view destroyed by Former Labor MP Michael Danby and Mark Latham:

The WHO’s support of China’s wet markets is indefensible and is more proof that it has become China’s puppet.

The WHO acted far too late on the Wuhan coronavirus and has placated China at every turn. Even in early February, when it was clear that the virus had become a pandemic, the WHO said there was no need for measures that “unnecessarily interfere with international travel and trade” and commended China for taking necessary measures to contain the virus.

The below report from World is One News (WION) prosecutes that WHO Director-General, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has “ignored China’s criminal negligence” and has “turned a blind eye to China’s actions”. WION also claims that Dr Ghebreyesus’s appointment to WHO Director-General was bankrolled by China:

No wonder the WHO is now referred to by some as the “Wuhan Health Organization” as it turns a blind eye to China’s negligence, cultivation and exporting of pandemics. 

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  1. Trump did not go far enough in the condemnation of the WHO which is a propaganda arm of the CCP with the evidence in plain sight for all to see. The WHO is another corrupt unaccountable entity that needs to be completely defunded. Their goal is to support China, nothing more, and if the WHO actually did their job and declared the virus a pandemic back when it should have, the virus spread would have been reduced by 95%.

  2. adelaide_economistMEMBER

    Well, if China wants to play it this way, they’ve just given even more ammunition to the rest of the world in accelerating withdrawal of manufacturing from that country *and* for placing strong limits on people flows from China – tourists and migrants alike. The usual ‘can’t afford to’ is now ‘can’t afford not to’ given the cost of lockdowns.

    • If Dutton really meant what he said about going after hoarders and the like, through the respective minister’s should put a “show cause notice” on why CCP controlled real-estate companies should remain operating in Australia. Oh and remove Gladys Liu. I strongly suspect neither will happen. This is largely bravado for the p1ssed off masses.

      • Correct. Whilst ever there is profit to be made by our betters (the plutocrats) in China, little will change.

      • scroomywifeplease

        t. Entire Suburb of Sunnybank aka Little HK. Its amazing how the HKese here say “We are not Chinese” when they are and do exactly the same, or worse. In fact, manners in HK are much worse than the Mainland, if you can believe that.

  3. Is this simply about how China are investing in Africa which benefits the WHO objectives, therefore they do what they say, because at the end of the day everything’s just about geopolitics?

    • scroomywifeplease

      The HKese applauded when we left and were so proud of being Chinese. 27% of the entire Ch economy and now only 3%. Now look at how they behave. They are the spoilt brats o’ the world and should we care? No, we never gave them rights because even under us whiteys, we had to use all kinds of heavy stuff to keep them in check. Frankly should we care about them? Why should we care if they wipe out their literal cousins across a border? Yellow problems are not and should never be our problems.

  4. Charles MartinMEMBER

    Have I missed something in the news or online, or has Chairman Xi been silent on the entire subject of Wuhan Flu?

  5. I feel their pain, this is a direct racist attack on traditional Chinese culture refined over thousands of years! This is exactly the same as when they stopped my great great grandpappy chucking the family shat bucket into the open drains outside his house! Her never died of cholera because cholera was no worse than mild diarrhoea

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      Paying the 200 million in arrears on the condition of removing the people at the top should do it.

    • Both parties appear to be on a collision course and some form of conflict is likely inevitable. But it’s China V The world.

      • I agree. Trump will go to war with China. Might not be military, but I reckon he’ll be determined to significantly weaken them, and keep a far better eye on them.

        • scroomywifeplease

          Will go to? We are already at … with ….

          Economics, tech, information, trade, and every other means possible

    • not sure how are Trump and Unprepared States of America going to fight this war…. can they bomb the WHO into submission?

  6. Ronin8317MEMBER

    Tax credit or not, after COVID-19, is there be a country insane enough to allow import of wild animal products from China?

  7. SupernovaMEMBER

    The composition of COVID19 was not produced at the Wuhan markets, rather this virus was produced in either one lab. or a combination of labs.

    • Jumping jack flash


      Last SARS “accident” release occurred in 2013. It wasn’t nearly as virulent and quickly died out. They’ve had 7 years since then of growing this thing in bats, using natural selection, collecting the more interesting virii and then regrowing those in the next lot of bats. Rinse and repeat for 7 years.

      Their virus has come a long way in 7 years, as we now see.

    • – We are in real danger.

      Yes… most probably, with all the information I glean through on reputable website I’m really starting to doubt whether a vaccine will eventuate.

      released by CCP, US, CCP+US, Big Pharma or a nut bag, I don’t think it really matters with what lies a head….

      • – Correct. A virus mutates and keeps mutating.
        – The Wuhan flu came out of a bio-warfare lab.

      • Jumping jack flash

        If they find a “cure” for this then there is no reason why they cannot apply the same technique and find a “cure” for AIDS/HIV and the regular flu, as well as all viruses.

        Since this is impossible, there will be no cure.

        Instead, I predict that a quasi-cure will be developed that will be completely ineffective, similar to the current flu shot, which is worthless, but costs quite a bit. However, given that this remarkable virus doesn’t trigger the body to develop antibodies the same way as normal viruses do, then it may be difficult to find a “weakened” version of the virus to use in a vaccine to use to produce antibodies.

        However, see the aforementioned. This is a constantly mutating virus and therefore to even obtain a weakened version, even if this would work at all, would only work at that instant, on that particular arrangement of the virus they developed the vaccine for just like the current flu shot. And just like the current flu shot, it would be instantly ineffective and require a new one one to be developed every year, which would be developed through guesswork, hope and prayer, and cost a fortune, just like the current flu shot.

    • scroomywifeplease

      Cui bono?

      Italians hit hard – most anti jimmy nation in Yurop
      HK protests hit hard
      French Yellow Vests hit hard
      Good cover for the giant contraction

      Who did it? Why?

  8. Well its obvious WHO is the china’s puppet. If the china was to close the markets it would be an admission that the woohoo floo started in china. And we can see the china is determined to rewrite history about the cause of the whoohoo floo, so they cant close the markets. Its past time to put the china in its place. The civilized countries of the world need to actively disengage all supply chains from the china. the best way to punish them is economically. They have all but declared they are are an enemy of the civilized world and need to be treated as such. Stop pussy footing around. The G7 needs to exclude the china now and start the move to remove any dependence on them. combine that with a ban on all the china students and immigration from the china.
    The time is now.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      There is some misunderstanding about ‘wet markets’ : selling vegetables from a stall is not an issue, the issue is the live slaughter of live animals in an unclean environment.

      • Ronin, if they’re giving animal traders tax breaks to export wild animals, you can be pretty sure the cruel and disgusting practices of keeping and slaughtering live animals will continue.

    • COz they are the same leftist greenies that have to contend with the notion that it is “racist to discriminate against another culture’s eating habits” and “poor people deserve a right to earn a living too”. So much internal conflict in their pea brains.

  9. The WHO continues to ignore/dismiss anything that the Taiwanese authorities state, no matter how useful it might be in the COVID-19 fight.

    After all, that would annoy their Chinese overlords (as we know China, like a tantrum prone child, MUST have no one disagree with it that Taiwan is a separate country).

  10. From Bloomy:
    Chinese Embassy in London Says No Proof Covid-19 Linked to Wuhan
    2020-04-13 11:53:49.213 GMT. By Kitty Donaldson
    (Bloomberg) — The Chinese embassy in London said there is no proof that the outbreak of Coronavirus has been linked to the province of Wuhan.
    * Embassy: “There has been no scientific or medical conclusion yet on the origin of Covid-19, as relevant tracing work is still under way”
    * Embassy: “The World Health Organization has made repeated statements that what the world is experiencing now is a global phenomenon, the source is undetermined, the focus should be on containment and any stigmatizing language referring to certain places must be avoided”


    • When China talks, all I hear is blah blah blah. Very few trust them, very few believe them.