ACTU backs temporary visa migrants over local workers

Virtue signalling ACTU secretary, Sally McManus, has lambasted the Morrison Government for not providing JobKeeper and JobSeeker subsidies to migrant workers on temporary visas:

The overwhelming majority of commentors have opposed Sally McManus’ view, urging the ACTU to put Australian worker’s first:

Too right. The ACTU stood by passively while the federal government ramped-up temporary and permanent migration to absurd levels:

This has unambiguously oversupplied the labour market, contributing to anaemic wage growth:

With Australia now facing mass unemployment, alongside falling incomes, the absolute last thing workers need is for 2.3 million temporary migrants to remain in Australia competing with locals for scarce jobs, as well as strong inflows of ‘skilled’ permanent migrants.

The ACTU must represent Australian workers and demand the Morrison Government send large numbers of “temporary” visa holders back to their home countries, as well as halve the permanent migrant intake.

This is the only way to balance labour supply with demand, and safeguard Australian workers.

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  1. Totes BeWokeMEMBER

    Didn’t just stand by.

    They actively participated.

    theaustralian “Business and unions in rare alliance for Big Australia”

    How long are Australians going to put up with this garbage?

  2. Can they really not return home?

    Is there no flights available? Or they would be refused entry?

    Genuine question, I don’t understand how it works

    • Qatar Airways added an extra 48,000 seats on services from Doha to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane from 29 March until mid-April.

      No country to my knowledge is denying entry to their own citizens.

      They can leave. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

      • so she’s literally lying?

        “If people are stuck in our country, we can’t let them starve”. Many visa workers can’t leave the country and the borders are closed.

        • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

          Yep. She’s lying.

          Paid hundreds of thousands by the union, then supports policy in direct conflict with fee paying members.

          She’s everything wrong with modern Australian unions. Everything wrong with Labor.

          She has to go. Labor have to go.

        • What she meant to say was, they can’t afford a Business Class ticket home at this point.

    • Because regular flights arte close to nonexistent the costs of tickets are huge. Something like 9 grand to fly to hk was reported recently. I do think the gov needs to work with foreign gov s and airlines to put on special flights to get these people home and to pick up Aussies and kiwis on the return flight if possible

      • pretty bizarre that with qantas and virgin on their knees with zero revenue, and unutilised planes and staff that flights are 9k

        How did the market get so broken?

        • Are beginning to see why INflation and not DEflation?

          There is both a Supply shock and Demand shock in play.

          • There seems to be plenty of supply with $20 oil, mothballed planes and unused staff

            Demand is if anything too low, so there aren’t economies of scale ?

        • I don’t know the reason why the market is so broken even with low oil costs, but these are extraordinary times and one presumes that something to do with a loss of efficiencies of scale, extra costs at airports and a whole host of other things. I’m sure a decent internet search would satisfy your curiousity. As I’m not in the market for a ticket anywhere so I can’t be bothered doing that, but I can well believe that the days of cheap flights are over for the moment. That’s why I believe that concerted government action is going to be required to get these people back to their home countries. And I believe it is in our interests to do so. Reduce potential for crime and unrest, and start setting expectations among people and businesses that the gravy train of unlimited pop growth is over. Politically it makes sense in addition to the oceans of economic sense it makes. I’m sure Qantas can find cabin crews who are young and single (don’t live with anyone at risk) and prepared to work for hazard pay. It might take some effort but these people can get home, though probably not via a normal commercial flight.

          • I guess anyone flying is doing so because they nearly “have” to (no job , sick family etc)
            It’s not really super price sensitive at that point

            So why not gouge them for whatever you can

            Lower price wouldn’t translate into higher volumes

          • billygoatMEMBER

            Fuel for planes is real expensive. Try filling a few swimming pools full & see what that costs to get an idea of what
            q own t A$$ & verging are up against….super expensive to fly without equity maaaaate bums on seats flying to Bali, Thailand &Europe to subsidise flights to Chena & inj a as jobs & housing craAAA$$$$$$$$&&&&hhhhhh $h don’t tell

        • “so there aren’t economies of scale ”

          Yes, economies of scale are trashed. It’s not about the cost of running one plane – it’s about the costs of everything else that helps to keep that one plane flying – spread over 20 planes flying, you are able to amortise that same cost by a factor of twenty.

      • Just heard on radio Gov is putting on more flights to bring aussies home. They better be filling those flights with visa holders on the way. And if our government is doing it for our citizens, why aren’t other countries bringing all their citizens home?

  3. DingwallMEMBER

    Qatar Airways added an extra 48,000 seats on services from Doha to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane from 29 March until mid-April.

    Worrying thing is how full those planes will be coming in ………….

    • Jam-packed — full of excited faces. Citizenship, here we come!

      Free stuff …. wheeeeee ….!

      • Now’s I want the virus to keep spreading and the whole thing to burn. It’s clear to me, we will be back to business as usual otherwise and the ability to change for the better will be past before it even got air. So angry at this country. Always by luck things keep ticking along. I want some real serious pain.

        • Same here – the crisis needs to be bad enough that it drives a stake into the zombie currently masquerading as an economy. The incentives to maintain the status quo are too strong (and there are many very powerful people who would like it to remain this way). It would be best for the country and best for our children’s prospects.

  4. The Australian had an article earlier this month about 16000 Australians flying overseas, flights are still available.

  5. It should not be a suggestion that non resident/citizens who are students or currently unemployed should return home and leave this country. It should be an order.

  6. adelaide_economistMEMBER

    And this is why Morrison remains electable despite absolutely everything else.

  7. Take that quote to the pool room – cat’s out of the bag; Australian Unions do not represent Australian workers. So what the f*ck are they?

  8. Totes BeWokeMEMBER

    Unions should be threatening Labor with funding.

    Instead they’re right along side them with big Australia.

    You couldn’t make this stuff up. FFS.

  9. Wuhan, China Virus

    These are people here on temporary visas. They know what they’re getting into when they move to another country. We must be the easiest marks in the world.

    Going forward I would make all temporary migrants report to immigration every 90 days to extend their visas where they have to prove that they have maintained at least $5000 in their bank account, maintained private health cover, give proof of residence, and made to prove their source of income.

    Failure to comply means they are in violation of the conditions of their visa and put into detention until the first available flight to their home country. They are blacklisted from the country for 10 years. If they are unable to pay, the government pays, sends them the bill, and if they fail to pay they are blacklisted for life.

    I’d charge a nominal $100 or $200 fee for every visa extension.

    • Careful I was once reprimanded by someone on these boards for pointing that out. She must look like that someone’s missus. 😉

  10. many of these people qualify for payments in their home countries, many from poor countries will not get nearly as much but it’s showing the principle in place.
    also borders are not closed for any foreign citizen to leave – there will be around 25 international departures tomorrow so 5000 can leave

  11. Hill Billy 55

    Friend flew into Brisbane this week from Doha on plane with total of 39 passengers. Only reason for the flight was there were 250 in Brisbane wanting to get to Doha, so the plane was ordered to collect them. Not a QANTAS flight.

    • Excellent news. Sounds like Harry Highrise’s future customers are deserting like rats.

  12. MB readerMEMBER

    Well l suspect that there is a whole variety of reasons why visa holders aren’t leaving. And let’s not forget that some employers don’t want them to leave. What I don’t want is that due to the circumstances created by the virus, we have people who can’t properly house themselves because they are trapped here and are forced to live in crowded accommodation and thereby risk spreading the virus.

    • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

      I agree. If they are stuck here, they should be cared for. I’d even donate to it.

      I doubt they’re stuck here.

      My biggest problem with it, is it’s her calling for it. WTF has it got to do with her? She is a union official. Every day since she’s been in that job, she should have been demanding they go home.

      No wonder this country is in such a mess.

    • adelaide_economistMEMBER

      A great many of them were living in accomodation conditions pre-covid19 that were unsanitary and overcrowded but of course ‘we’ have turned a blind eye to that for a decade or two. ‘We’ being the governments at all levels, universities, big corporations and the developer lobby.

  13. S&P said the other day that Australia is already in recession, and forecasts GDP per person to shrink by 6.4% this year and then by another 7.2% in 2021.
    The time for them to leave is now even for their own interests, let alone Australia’s. We cannot afford to support them or have them undercut Australians wages when jobs are available.
    The backlash against immigrants will happen, rightly or wrongly. Sally will have blood on her hands protecting everyone but Australian citizens.

  14. Is this article unlocked LVO need to send to family and friends many of whom think ACTU are friend of the workers

  15. working class hamMEMBER

    Unions are not what they used to be. More like the lesser of two evils, a lot like Labor. Fitting spelling really, gives the perception of one thing but falls short.
    I have had many dealings throughout my career with union delegates some positive, but a lot more negative, especially as the years pass. Cronyism, exorbitant fees, outright disdain for the rank and file. But nothing as bare faced disgusting as promoting foreign workers/students over Australian citizens or residents. How many Australians have slipped through the “cracks”.

    Qantas needs to earn its bailout, be AUS taxi right now and ferry all visa holders who can’t afford it home free of charge, bringing any AUS home on the return trip. This is an international crisis and the Govt can’t even control its own, what happens when someone wants to take anything we have by force? Incompetent or criminals, either way nothing you would brake for.

  16. reusachtigeMEMBER

    For some reason I feel no desire to have relations with that person and I’m normally open to anything.

  17. drsmithyMEMBER

    Is there more to this story ? Because “If people are stuck in our country, we can’t let them starve” does not seem an unreasonable opinion to have.

    • Fair point.

      But what has it got to do with her? She has a blatant agenda for the growth lobby. She is just a pathetic puppet.

      Where is any commentary by her on behalf of the local workers?