ScoMo forces plague into Catholic and all other schools

Thank god for “medical advice”. Via The Australian:

Scott Morrison personally intervened to prevent almost 600 Catholic schools across NSW from closing in an early morning call to Sydney Archbishop Anthony Fisher seeking a guarantee the sector would pull back and keep school gates open.

A letter obtained by The Australian from the chief executive of the NSW Association of Independent Schools, Geoff Newcombe, indicated that in a separate conversation with him, the Prime Minister linked federal government funding to his insistence schools remain open.

“He reminded me that in this situation there were certain expectations attached to the recurrent funding provided by the Australian Government to Catholic and independent schools. He asked if I would convey this message to schools in our Association, as well as colleagues in other states and territories,’’ Mr Newcombe wrote.

The Australian understands the directors of 11 Catholic dio­ceses in NSW on Tuesday made a decision to close all 595 schools across the state within weeks.

…It is understood that on Wednesday morning — following Tuesday night’s national cabinet meeting — Mr Morrison called Archbishop Fisher to advise him of the federal government’s position and asked him to reconsider the closure decision.

…The Australian understands that a similar call by the Prime Minister was made to Melbourne Archbishop Peter Comensoli.

Why? This:

“The government and Australia’s Chief Medical Officer are in agreement that this is the best course of action to protect those in the community who are more likely to experience serious impacts of the virus, including the elderly and those with underlying health conditions, and to ensure that health workers and other critical frontline staff can remain at work.”

Except, of course, that by doing so, the plague that ScoMo failed to stop by letting in international students, failed to stop at the border, failed to keep in check with the help of Summer, failed to prevent reaching critical mass owing to weak social distancing measures, will now spread many times faster via the superlative petri-dish of the education system, leading to major hospital overload and a considerably higher fatality rate.

As Scomo’s plague erupts through the education system over the next few weeks, expect all schools to shut too late.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Look at things from ScoMo’s point of view. In the worst case the virus kills 3% of our population. That can easily be replenished by current immigration in 2 years.

    Plus he’s replacing pensioners who are a net burden on the system with younger healthier workers.

    • Jumping jack flash

      The virus is a natural purge of 20 years’ worth of population only kept alive through advanced medical science.

      It’s inevitable.

  2. Can we petition the governor general to sack this bunch of retards?

    I’m serious.

    Perhaps you guys know people who know people?

  3. Jumping jack flash

    The guy is a clown show. If we don’t get plunged into economic depression it will be despite him and the rest of the clowns who try to run this place.

    Of course the obvious thing was to close the borders as soon as this thing exploded in China and Italy. But no.

    • This. They can use ‘strong borders’ when a dodgy wooden boat appears to the North, but when it comes time to actually protect the people then it’s crickets…..

  4. How was the deputy CMO dissembling around schools on Kuddles Kelly this morning. Just shocking.

    “Trust us”
    Err, no.

    And some of you lot though prepping 8-12 weeks ago was paranoid.

  5. Agree with most of your views David but I think your are hamming it up a bit. You can’t keep schools shut for 6 months. lets do everything we can including applying the breaks to everything that is not essential but life must go on to some extent. it is a very difficult balancing act. I thought international students were all but stopped.
    If ScoMo says send your kids to school then send them. we need to stick together as a country not just divide and do what you think is best for yourself. Obviously my parents aren’t babysitting at the moment or doing school pick ups for my children. there are reasonable steps in play. it is a moving feast and i expect schools to close but lets listen to our leaders.

      • I’m not entirely sure about that David.
        I would want to know that the test, track and isolate strategy has been overwhelmed first. Which you obviously believe to be the case.

        • Bit difficult to know if the test track isolate strategy is working if we are barely testing. You need to overtest to know that, I would think?

          Undertesting = low case numbers (point in time) = “yippeee it’s working” = don’t shut schools/etc = spread through community for 14 days or more.

          Is that about right?

          I think I heard the deputy CMO say we’ve done 80k tests. South Korea was doing 15k a day at one stage?

        • Ronin8317MEMBER

          It has failed. The number of cases in NSW has entered the exponential increase stage of the virus spreading, and QLD and VIC is heading there as well. SA and WA still have a chance if they close down the border from overseas and interstate visitors.

          • We can’t close our borders, when we asked them, the miners said no. We must do as our masters say or they will be angry and hurt us.

        • As soon as you have community spread your have lost the containment phase. That happened last month in NSW. A fortnight ago in Victoria. This Imperial College London does a great job of looking at interventions and shows that you have to throw everything you can at it as soon as you can, they looked at triggering this process repeatedly as needs must, but Chinas approach seems better, or Singapores if they can be emulated.

          and a nice summary of it here–in-detail-/

        • I think I agree with David on this one, teens and younger are hard to trust when it comes to proper protocol, i heard teens yesterday making jokes about the virus like it was a hoax. It’s too much of a risk.

        • Test, track, and isolate only works with competent leadership like Singapore, Taiwan or the Koreas. Yep, both. Kimmy shut the borders first of everyone and implemented world class quarantine rules for people and goods.

          BTW, look up the average IQ of those countries and compare it to Oz.

          • The last election was an IQ test….we scored 48.47 (non LNP vote) According to the Stanford–Binet Intelligence Scale, Fourth Edition (S-B IV) 1986 classification anything less than a score of 67 is considered Mentally Retarded.

          • SG is on the brink only because of the interdependence with MY.
            The retards in the north just had to allow the mass religious (muslim) event in KL and now they have the biggest case of epidemic in SE Asia.

        • drsmithyMEMBER

          Apparently there’s a new version of tag going through the schools where every time someone gets tagged, instead of being “out” they can go and tag others.

          Looks like the kids have figured out what exponential growth is, even if a lot of adults haven’t.

      • said this 000s times but message does not get through. 1 btw.

        this is responding to David.

    • Sam I think you lost the argument when you stated you thought International students were largely stopped – we kept it open too long and actively encouraged entry via other nations. There were may things we did too late (stockpile/produce medical supplies, etc) but the International Student example is exactly what is playing out in schools – too little too late.

    • There is no choice in the matter either you act early or you are forced to act too late (with many more fatalities as the health system is overrun). Amazing that here we don’t look at the obvious consequences in Europe of taking the latter option and instead opt for the former. On what basis does the government believe the spread of the virus here will be any different to anywhere else on the planet…How will our economy fare if a total shutdown is eventually enforced as per the European experience? Take the lesser pain early to mitigate greater pain later, for mine.

  6. Ronin8317MEMBER

    Under ScoMo’s policy, the schools will still shutdown when every single school becomes infected with coronavirus.

    • The joke is that they keep repeating “their best medical advice” is to keep schools open. Not to stop the spread but to keep medical workers at work rather than home minding their kids.

  7. GunnamattaMEMBER

    This is nothing to do with medical advice.

    This is about protecting double income professional families (particularly higher earning LNP voting ones) at the expense of massively increasing the risk to teachers and school administrative staff.

    All State Health departments we calling for school closures last week.

    Our current government sees schools primarily as child minding facilities, not as education facilities.

    ……and if they are public schools they are child minding facilities for plebs, and therefore expendable

      • True – perhaps Scomo is really smart and his response to the virus is to make sure more of the Labor voting demographic die than the LNP voters?

        • Except all the franking boomers and old-oldies vote LNP majorly?

          If this kills them off, he’ll have activated some non LNP voters?


          Talk about 3 word slogans. More cut through than Flatten The Curve

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Vehicle manufacturing workers generally vote Labour as well and they’re unionists!
        this time LNP ideology and partisan warfare isn’t just going to put people out of work though it’s going to kill people.

    • Yep, I’d be irate if I was a teacher. Considered dispensable to child mind the medical workers’ children.

    • Yep , double incomes with massive mortgages that can’t afford 1 parent to be at home. It’s about protecting house prices.

  8. Plaguelord Morrison now has blood on his hands. His approach is reactionary at best. His ideology before service to the people. Sickening.

    • Jumping jack flash

      I’m sure he prays for the health of his people every night before going to bed… he’s got this.

  9. He is waiting for Uni census date. only 12 days to go. If you don’t think that is the case, just think back to the GP and Italy. The Uni sector is literally lobbying to kill your gramma.

    • They already did that – the hordes of non-English speaking students has all but destroyed our grammar as we know it.

    • darklydrawlMEMBER

      I agree with you Timmeh. The uni’s will not close before 1st April. Profits before People. EZFKA!

  10. My partner is a teacher at the local public school. She says about a quarter of the kids have been pulled out already, but it’s mostly only families from the higher socioeconomic brackets that have been able to do this.

    The poorer parents can’t afford to take time off to look after the kids. If they do close the schools, who’s going to lol after them? In a lot of cases it will be the grandparents i.e the people that need to be isolated the most.
    The same discussion is happening back in Scotland about closing schools – For a lot of the poorer kids, the meal they get at school might be the only one they get that day.
    They’ll probably close schools eventually, but it’s not an as easy decision as some people seem to think it is.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      If your priority is to minimise the number of Australian deaths from this pandemic then it is a very easy decision to make.
      If you were a fly on the wall in the LNPs decision-making boardroomyou would hear them weighing up numbers of lives v keeping vested interests happy and the costs to the budget from early and late responses.
      The FkingCnts are trying to put of the direct financial assistance they know they will be begrudgingly required to provide to the loathed working and #FakeBoganMiddleClass

      They would prefer a few hundred thousand extra deaths than break with their Ayn Randian dog eat dog Philosophy.
      They deserve to be hated to the point of murder by every Australian who loses a loved one to this virus.

      • drsmithyMEMBER

        And they’ll probably still win the next election.

        Basically all the LNP voters I know (admittedly not a long list, mostly older folks but a few 30- and 40-something professionals as well) think Scomo is doing a good (and getting better !) job, subscribe to the Alan Jones view that it’s just another flu and the people who die from it, would have died anyway, and that public panic is just the result of alarmist leftist media.

        • Mining BoganMEMBER

          It’s a great pity Tom Hanks didn’t die. A bigger pity Dutton didn’t. They’d have listened to that.

          Our biggest hope now is that the Trudeau boy carks it.

    • I’m thinking tomorrow might be my kids last day, the sick form will say, off due to government incompetence. (ie pushing the policy of social distancing for one group of people while contradicting it completely for the kids. Aussies know it is just BS & thus don’t trust government)

  11. Queensland Parliament have cancelled sittings until 31 March (my guess 2021). The schools should however stay open – those kids are tough, they’ll be fine, honest.

    • darklydrawlMEMBER

      Yep. There are less and less students showing up anyway. They should have made the call on this two weeks ago.

  12. Mentioned on another thread re Private Schools. Most that I know about have set up at home on-line schooling & doing test runs already. They seem to be of the belief that its better to continue educating the kids but not at school. Most of them will shut down either at or before school holidays & will ignore the government.

  13. Luca BiasonMEMBER

    If anyone still has doubts about the seriousness of the situation, here some pictures from the city of Bergamo in Lombardy, where 70 military trucks have been called in to transport the bodies of the deceased to crematoria in other regions, as they can no longer cope with the numbers.

  14. I really wish we had public lynching for publicly elected officials. A personal eg in VIc. I have been sick – suspected CV. We my wife is now sick. Again suspected CV. We pulled our kids from kinder and daycare. Notified them of concerns. Can’t get tested in Vic as we “not at risk” having not traveled to Iran. Notwithstanding that I have chronic asthma and my parents are at risk. Whilst we have quarantined because we are not confirmed CV, neither the Kinder nor the daycare have as far as we know notified anyone. In fact the kinder still sent me an email asking I can attend their busybee event on the weekend .. Yes Im angry. I am getting pissed.