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Leith van Onselen


        • The Traveling Wilbur

          Wouldn’t touch it with a barge poll.

          Or Reusa’s.

          PS Bye-bye ASX, it was nice knowing you. (it’s going to have a tough day)

        • Yes Peach, the time to jump back in will come no doubt. Unfortunately we don’t have a precedent to compare this to so looking for historic parallels is out of the question.

          • The Traveling Wilbur

            Funy you should mention that.

            Was just think about the Spanish Flu this morning and how there must be quite a few on this site who remember trading markets at that time.

          • Well, let me tell you now that at $15 I’ll be a buyer.

            I’ll take physical delivery, too. Even the empty barrel should be worth at least $15, so it’s like Im getting the oil for free.

  1. Dow opened 9.8% down on opening, circuit breaker tripped after two minutes. Has to be a record.

    Oh dear.

  2. So I was wondering on WE links how keen the cops would be to have people emptying there lungs on them at a breatho. Several states have now stopped the static booze bus operations. Such wuses!

  3. “The European Union will impose restriction on all non-essential travel into the region for at least 30 days, European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen announced on Monday.

    Only essential travel to the EU for people from third countries will be allowed for a period lasting at least a month, once approved by European leaders.”

    Meanwhile, Australia is still wide open…

  4. This Is How the Richest 1% Keep Calm and Carry On

    Some Americans have found a measure of reassurance in these coronavirus days by stocking up on hand sanitizer and toilet paper. For others, peace comes with the purchase of a $4,995 emergency go-bag, outfitted with “Bond-like gadgets” and custom monogramming. Or a $149.95 “virus-eliminating” personal air purifier that’s worn as a necklace. Or a $99.95 Sanitized Sleeper’s Safe Haven, a bedtime cocoon made from “patented antimicrobial fabric that kills nearly 100% of bacteria, fungi and viruses.”

    AHAHAHHAHA – atomistic individualism homo economicus ….

  5. Behind the numbers, Italy had 349 deaths overnight.
    Uk had 20
    Idris Elba tested positive, but not sick yet.
    Looks like I’ll be working on my weight loss program over the “break”

    • I’ve been thinking about going to the gym and weight lifting, but not sure it’s a good idea with other patrons. Also over training can lower your immune system. If anything I may stay at home and workout using my own body weight via pull ups. Push ups, or using my blocks natural incline to run up and down it.

      • There are a couple of physio supply places online that deliver an amazing range of stuff.
        We’ve got weights, balance boards, resistance bands/ tubing and some amazing pull-up thing for upper body strength that attaches to a doorway( had it two years, mo marks or cracks around door). Worth a look

  6. We are trying to mitigate the impending disaster. But a disaster it will be.

    Not enough staff. Not enough beds. Not enough ventilators (we are even exploring the possibility of using ventilators from animal hospitals and vet surgeries – no I am not joking). Vents are all made offshore and every country is buying – just like toilet paper.

    Europe and USA will get smashed. But they are coming out of winter soon. We are rushing headlong into winter and ‘flu season.

    • I was thinking, the country is deadset full of smart farmers etc who invent their own machinery…what about a 100,000 prize for a cheap ventilator? All of them have oxygen bottles to practise with 😉

      • Would an “iron lung” type contraption (like in that movie about Bruce Lee) work on a Corona victim?

        Because I imagine they would be easy to build….

        • drsmithyMEMBER

          Not even remotely a medico, but I thought a negative pressure system like an iron lung was for patients who couldn’t breathe due to something like muscle paralysis, whereas I assume with something like pneumonia and the lungs are full of crap, you need a positive pressure system to forcibly inflate the lungs.

  7. Arthur Schopenhauer

    Corona Symptoms Update

    Much better this morning. My wife has it now and my 5 year old has had it very, very mildly.

    It started Thursday. The worst was Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I expect to feel worse in the afternoon, but seem to be out the other side. My wife is following the same trajectory and is about 3 days behind.

    For singles, this is a staycation. For families, this is a hostage situation! 🙂

    When I get the all clear, I’ll start helping in whatever capacity in my neighbourhood.

    Stay shut-in and keep your families safe. Be kind, compassionate and help where you can.

    Cheers, Arthur

      • Nah, that’s in 2 weeks.

        Arty should visit Parliament House while he is waiting for results.

        • Arthur Schopenhauer

          That’s an idea.

          Funny how Canberra has banned school groups from parliament house but they are happy for teachers, admin staff and grounds keepers to be exposed 5 days a week.

          Fck’n deadshts.

    • Arthur – did you watch the videos posted by pyjamas on the weekend? They were spot on. Last night Prof David Paterson of Qld Uni was on and said they had organised trials across 50 hospitals. Possibly a bit late for you but interesting. Quertecin, mentioned in the vids, might be still able to be got online – might help. No expert but I do have a bit of genetics and biochem in my background. The videos made sense.

        • Yep! The Quercetin is the only thing we can buy without prescription. It was in the third video Pyjamas listed. Chloroquine (inorganic compound) and Quinine and Quinone (organic compounds) all closely related related so I think so you’re probably right.
          I learned a bit from that. Zinc proffered by some natural health clowns (not all are) as a cure/preventative of prostrate cancer. Useless if it can’t transfer through a cell wall. My brother is a victim of that sort of stupid BS.

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        Thanks. I’ve been doing zinc. No idea of the efficacy. Max safe dose is ~90mg a week. After that it has negative impact on immune function from what I’ve read. No idea of the efficacy.

        Zinc interacts with a few standard medicines, so check before you imbibe. Mayo clinic has a page on it.