Let’s arrest a vice-chancellor…

To stop this, at Domain:

Virgin Australia has put plans in place to operate three charter flights for stranded Chinese students if the Australian government relaxes its coronavirus travel ban.

…The University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, University of Sydney and Monash University said they had not chartered any student flights.

A spokesman for the University of Melbourne said the institution was “planning for a number of strategies and scenarios” and working with governments and other universities.

…Crew on the Virgin flights would wear P2 face masks and gloves which would exempt them from self-quarantine on return to Australia, the email to staff says, but they would nonetheless be put on 14 days paid leave when they arrived home.

 The community risk is obvious. Not to mention the university risk. One case and it shuts. To wit, The Guardian:

A Sydney high school has been shut down after a year 11 student tested positive for coronavirus.

The almost 1,200 pupils at Epping boys high school were told to stay home on Friday after a 16-year-old boy was diagnosed as having the virus on Thursday night.

“I implore parents not to panic but to make sure your child stays home,” the New South Wales health minister, Brad Hazzard, said on Friday. “The young fellow … he is not bad, but he is not well.”

It is darkly amusing to consider that, once again, it may be the CCP that ends up protecting the Australian community from these globalist arseholes. As the virus clears up in the northern hemisphere through May/June, China is certain to slap a big, fat travel ban on Australia as we succumb to the virus over Winter:

Coronavirus cases by season
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    • Ximatosis or the 🇨🇳China Virus🦠 will spread from Chinese in Australia & then via the Chinese enclaves.

      Of the 100,000 cases ‘officially reported’, over 80% are Chinese.
      But,.. the on the ground estimates in China are that well over 1.6 million Chinese are now infected and a death rate of over 70,000. (4% dead, 9% seriously lung or organ damaged)…
      So far…

      This virus was made in China, and it is spread by Chinese.
      Yes, other nationalities now as the China Virus goes global sure – but logically & statistically the Chinese are the primary vector of infection.

      If the on the ground Chinese statistics are to be believed – then Chinese right now are 99% of the world carriers of the virus contagion.
      Now we have 1.45 million Chinese mainland born in Australia.. yep, we do.

      With 1.3 million Chinese mainland born compressed into vast Sydney and Melbourne Wuhan like fetid slum enclaves.

      But only 306,000 of these 1.4 million Chinese mainland born communists in Australia are actually ‘Australian citizens’ ! (ABS).

      The other 1.1 million Chinese are all PR (340,000) & TR (490,000) or long stay visitors (270,000).
      On Chinese sole passports.

      👉Not Australians citizens.

      These Chinese foreign students aren’t coming in to study.
      They are coming in to live & work illegally in visa breach (over 75%) and to flee China.

      And then when they get infected – they will suck up and overload & destroy Australian health care as outlined below.

      👉🏻The first big question here for the MB readership is why should Australia provide any health care & support to a Chinese National on a PR, TR or TV?

      Most of the Chinese PR or TR / TV in Australia are ‘Hukou internal illegals’
      Chinese lowlife who enter Australia fraudulently ($2k or 10,000 RMB buys an Australian PR in Guangzhou) or on a pretext TR & TV visa.

      Old useless unskilled Chinese peasantry, vice workers, petty criminals & social misfits being cleansed out of the Chinese tier 1 cities and dumped in Australia to be our burden.
      The Chinese so called foreign students on a TR aren’t here to do specialist higher education.
      The vast majority (over 67%) are doing nonsense Elicos (8 year old English) or Vet, or taking up a high school place, or rote leading low level easily cheated Uni courses like basic accounting or business studies.

      This education is just an alibi to live & work illegally, participate in the Chinese run underground blackmarket cash economy, work in vice, launder money in as a mule..

      Their so called ‘export contribution’?
      They only pay the first semester and even that money is borrowed to be paid back when working illegally or in vice in Australia.
      All their money to live here and pay the visa alibi student fee is earned here.
      And send back to China as loan debt repayments or remittances.
      (Same with the Indians, Nepalese, Pak, Bangla, south east & north Asians – all low life poor only here to live & work illegally.

      👉🏾The international student education is NOT an export industry.
      It is a blatant importation or third world migrant useless, on a visa alibi of pretext education- to live & work illegally in Australia, and to send that money out.

      Very little of their ‘education’ in Australia has any international recognition or merit.
      Most of it is actually free online or nonsense courses that provide no real skills or professional attainment.

      And the statistics show this.
      Migrant Pathways A Decade On Report or the Productivity Commission Report.
      Only 3.7% of all ‘foreign students’ achieve a professional vocation with a higher than Australian average income after 10 years.
      Not a suitable PR intake (PC)
      Yes – 96% turn out to be totally useless low skilled failures.
      Showing just what a farce this whole ‘foreign student education industry’ really is..

      Remove work rights and enforce it, remove prostitution or living off it as a valid source of foreign student income, force the full payment of all 4 years of fees upfront, force proper onshore health & identity checks, restrict education to only genuine internationally accredited courses – and our ‘foreign student numbers’ would go from 835,000 students and partners to less than 80,000 overnight.

      It’s just a migrant guestworker alibi to live & work illegally, to try to snag the PR & to be the anchor to sponsor in the rest of their third world lowlife.

      The Chinese Nationals – the students, the other TR visa categories and the PR living here – have been a long standing economic and societal threat to Australia.

      The health care impact & preemptive action needed.

      In times of crisis, and we have one in this 🇨🇳ChinaVirus😊 pandemic – Australian citizens need to come first.

      The 1.1 million Chinese Nationals on a PR, TR & TV are a health care time bomb ready to explode in our face as the virus disease spreads thru their slum enclaves.

      Most have no health cover – that’s also heavily frauded along with the fake medical checks.
      Where they do have health insurance (it’s meant to be mandatory) then it’s a low cost joke cover that provides zero real care or support, esp for a virus pandemic.

      These Chinese (and the Indians, Nepalese, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, South East Asians, north Asians etc) should ALL have their PR, TR, TV etc revoked & be deported back to be their home country responsibility.

      Once again
      Foreign Nationals. Not Australian citizen.

      Deport the lot as preparation for the 🇨🇳Ximatosis🦠 pandemic about to hit.

  1. GunnamattaMEMBER

    I think every VC of every University which has paid for a foreign student to bypass quarantine laws by spending 2 weeks in a third country, or has chartered flights to bring potential coronavirus carriers to Australia, should be required to tongue kiss the said student on arrival in Australia, and once every 3 days subsequently, and that every member of the administration of those universities should be required to kiss every member of staff they come across each day twice on the cheek every time they come across them

    • I emailed this to a few vice-chancellors:

      If your university is enabling Chinese students to transit through third-country destinations while you pay these students thousands of dollars to do so, then you are nothing but a money-grubbing whore and an intrinsic threat to Australia. You must be stopped.

      You are also callously putting at risk the lives of unsuspecting locals in those same transit countries, just so you can get your hands on hundreds of millions in foreign student fees.

      What a great idea. Let in a hundred thousand students from the one country with the worst Novel Coronavirus infection rates, rates no doubt massaged lower by dodgy Chinese data. There’s a reason they’re not allowed in.

      You have sold out our country, are fast on your way to destroying what quality there is in our pedagogical standards by letting many of these students pass.

      I got accused of racism against the Chinese for failing a Chinese Masters student who wasn’t even at year 10 level. Amazing how fast the Uni backtracked when I showed them a photo of my Australian-born Chinese wife.

      Clearly many of these foreign students shouldn’t even be allowed to enter University due to a lack of English. But no, you let that slip through to the keeper too.

      You decide to grade up their scores and force Australian students to carry these foreign students by forcing group assignments where many of the foreign students are incapable of contributing. Cheating runs rampant via paid essay services and you turn a blind eye.

      All so you can sell your bullshit degrees to foreign nationals for a motza and bait them with a shortcut to permanent residency.

      You are an appalling blight on this country. You are massively overpaid by international standards. You are ruining our education system to enrich yourselves. The quality of learning and interaction our universities used to be applauded for is being cremated by your selfish greed. Instead, you destroy the educational value for the locals who you are actually responsible for in your quest for offshore revenue, profit and your bonuses.

      Education is not an “export”. It’s a giant furphy. Most of the fee revenue is generated locally by foreign students taking local jobs. It’s a way to drive down labour costs locally through mass immigration, pumping up GDP and making the cosy group of rich vested interests who own this country ever richer. Otherwise, why have 83% of new jobs since the GFC gone to immigrants and temporary visa holders? It does nothing for the locals except crush load our cities, our public transport and our health system.

      How about you discount local student fees instead to repay them for shafting them on education quality, not to mention putting their lives and those of your staff at risk?

      How about you meet face to face and shake the hand of every foreign student you let in. Do it in public, on camera. You wouldn’t dare take that risk because you are morally bereft and gutless. And no doubt at your age, terrified about catching the virus and finding there are no ICU beds left available.

      How about you indemnify the taxpayer against costs incurred by the health system and the economy as a result of letting the virus loose via any one of these cash cows you want to let in?

      I can’t wait for the class action against you when this virus takes hold because you lobbied for breaking virus containment lines, the single stupidest idea in history.

      You are the real disease.

      • amanda hofmann

        Bravo! Thankyou for expressing what we have to suffer through for corporate interests (GREED) to get their way. Its shameful and disgusting. Its cynical. I hope when they go to their parties and casually mention into conversation that they are VCs of such and such a university ( bystanders glancing with awe) , that someone like you will step up and remind them of their treachery and that we will come for them when this virus takes over places like Macquarie Uni/ Macquarie Park ( oops already started there), Sydney Uni, NSW Uni, ANU and on and on. Case Case Cluster Cluster BOOOM! It is there to be seen around the world bu the VCs don’t care, or are they just ignorant and uninformed pompous dignitaries?

    • The tongue kiss idea is great, but I think asking colleagues to come across each other after the kiss is a bridge too far.

    • Perhaps the families that were being offered $390 a week to host Chinese high school students coming to Australia amid the coronavirus outbreak are figuring out that it was a bad deal.

      Global Experience, a private company which organises homestay accommodation for international students, made the request to its host network for additional hosts on Friday.

      • DominicMEMBER

        A neighbour, next door but one, hosts three Chinese students – I wonder how they must be feeling right now. Must ensure I close the windows and shut the doors when we’re down-wind of that neighbour. 😉

    • The Health Department advises “casual contacts” to continue their regular activities until they present with symptoms.

      So basically, the tards in our fvcking health department are encouraging people to spread the damn virus. They know full fvcking well it is contagious without showing symptoms, yet they come out with this advice? It’s like they WANT it to spread throughout the country.

      • DominicMEMBER

        My daughter’s school is already prepping for a complete shutdown — teachers will attend school, pupils at home, lessons streamed from school. Just had an email outlining the plan. It’s only a matter of time now.

        • darklydrawlMEMBER

          I said to my wife last night I reckon it a 50/50 bet that the kids won’t go back to school after the April holiday break. We’ll see how that pans out, but it seems a reasonable probability.

          • I just had the same conversation with my Mrs. We had to play best of 135 scissors/paper/rock to work out who would stay home with them.

  2. In Sydney the virus hotspots of Epping Boys, Ryde Hospital and the affected nursing home are all right next to Macquarie Uni and its 13,000 Chinese students.

    The greedy VC of Macquarie Uni, Bruce Dowton has these deaths on his hands, for putting uni profits ahead of public health.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      I’m about to have a beer with a few mates at the Family inn in Rydalmere.
      One of whom has his 18 year old daughter at Macquarie Uni.


      And the sparky mates youngest boy is in year 7 at Epping boys.

      Double Gulp.

      Might take a can of Glen 20 to spray my schooner with when its their shout

        • TheRedEconomistMEMBER

          Dr Tooheys solves any issues at the Family .. just don’t yell out ..”my shout .. Corona Anyone?”

          I might have meet you at the family one day Ermo.. bout to hit the Bull and Bush right now.

      • TheRedEconomistMEMBER

        .. also just was in town at a redeployment agency office.. I was went to have a chat with one of the “coaches” and went to shake his hand .. “no thanks” was the reply .. “no hand shakes for the while” … jeeZ…

        • Any behaviour that may contribute to a lengthening of the new case doubling time needs to be encouraged. Evidence supporting this came out of the “Spanish” flu epidemic 100 years ago. So yes, politely refuse to handshake, and offer an elbow, whilst giving any disgruntled handshakee a rational explanation as to why you are behaving in such an unstrayan fashion. And avoid public toilets with inward opening doors – located in plenty of fast food joints and other public places . And ffs don’t use those abominable touch screens located in the aforesaid fast food joints. Hard to avoid using touchscreens sometimes when using public transport, EFTPOS machines and ATMs; use a knuckle – left hand – to key in details on ATM screens and the like.

  3. happy valleyMEMBER

    “One case and it shuts.”

    Maybe for a high school but our unis probably have a far higher pain threshold?

    • Effects of Closing Schools During the 1918-1919 Influenza Pandemic: proactive closings had far better mortality rates than reactive closings

      Closing all universities and schools NOW will lower the spread rate. Scomo is being reactive, though, not proactive, so expect a fast spread.
      Tens of thousands more Australians will die because of not taking action now.

  4. happy valleyMEMBER

    ” … but they would nonetheless be put on 14 days paid leave when they arrived home.”

    Any bonus danger money?

  5. Meanwhile couple vodaphone stores in Perth just closed as employee just back from O/s is being tested.

  6. Just to make it worse got a msg from mate. Where he is vibrant literally just back from O/s home trip attended a meeting instead of self isolation. Today being tested for batflu. Mate and 15 others may be forced into self isolation. Seriously close the fraking borders.

  7. DingwallMEMBER

    When our Uni’s are effectively addicts, they will do anything to maintain their habits………..

  8. thefatgeneralMEMBER

    I do wonder if the school child is one of the ones allowed in (grade 11 & 12 students) from China

    • truthisfashionable

      A comment on Reddit was screaming racist at the accusation it was an international student from China, then mentions the family is Italian without any sense of irony

  9. Can’t the VC exempt the vibrant “students” from doing this semester? They do not study anyway.