Hooocoodanode? Chinese student ban dodger has virus

Via Domain:

An international student living in Brisbane has become the seventh person to test positive for coronavirus in Queensland.

The 20-year-old man from China is in a stable condition in isolation in the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

Brisbane Times understands the student has not attended any university classes and his room-mate is undergoing testing.

The man had travelled to Dubai for at least two weeks before entering Australia via Brisbane on February 23.

To be clear, this example does not appear to be a university sponsored kiddie but he’s clearly not going to be the only one.

Somebody please tell me why some of the universities have been allowed to pay students to do this and put the entire Australian community at risk.

The chickens are coming home to roost, also at Domain:

Sydney University is introducing austerity measures to manage a $200 million budget shortfall due to the coronavirus.

The university will pause capital spending, expenditure on non-essential projects, recruitment, and unnecessary international travel. It will also review all existing and new contractor and consultant roles.

Vice-chancellor Michael Spence said the temporary savings measures would be effective immediately.

Just wait until they shut down.

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    • Dubai is like Vegas of Europe
      corona is one of the least disgusting diseases one can get there

    • Lenny Hayes for PMMEMBER

      The Emiratis could probably care less. They don’t mix with the great unwashed and probably even less so now.

  1. Arthur Schopenhauer

    Which University was he enrolled in? Did he attend O-Week events? How many times did he go shopping at Toowong Village?

    • Didn’t say in the article I read but seeing he lived in Toowong I’m guessing UQ. Could also be any of the uni “mini-campuses” in South Bank. Either way, I’m considering getting out of Brisbane soon.

      • nexus789MEMBER

        Remote town, remote from the town, own water, power and food stocks for 12 months?

        • Not that lucky – my bug out offers a backyard with food garden in a town with only about 25% vibrancy vs my current inner city dog box with far too many potential carriers living in same building. I’d feel better dying/quarantined outside Brisbane..

      • My plan was to shelter in place in Sydney, but I’ve begun to wonder if I’d be safer for up to 6 months (still leaves me enough of my redundancy pay to find a job afterward before it runs out) in a place that is less high density and less, errm, vibrant. My big constraint is that I do not drive.

        Any thoughts? Any recommendations as to where to go? The Hobbit is a 50-something single female (not looking for male roommates ;-).

        • The only thing I could think of is getting on the train South, as far as it goes lol. I’m a qlder with limited NSW experience but know from interactions with my interstate bogan compatriots NSW south coast has significantly less vibrancy. Not sure how far down the train will get you but there’s potential for cheap accommodation in some bushfire effected tourist towns. The key question is always what’s better ?Staying in more vibrant but better covered by existing “world class” healthcare cities or less vibrant but also less robust healthcare smaller communities. damned if you do damned if you don’t. My whole decision will be based on paranoia lol

  2. GunnamattaMEMBER

    I kind of like the idea of the Universities paying foreign students to spend two weeks somewhere being taken to court for costs involved in managing the coronavirus outbreak in Australia. If we can assume that UQ has funded this kid I hope someone (or the hospital, the the QLD Treasury funding the hospital) gets the pound of taxpayer flesh from them.

    • In the end it is just government paying government.

      Would be better if the VCs were personally liable.

      • The only thing that could make a difference is senior uni staff (tenured academics, maybe even the stupid VCs themselves) getting good and infected.

        Everything else will trigger the standard “, we were following health department guidelines” response and standard consequences (ie none)

        • So this could be the solution to not enough career progression for young academics. I hear there will be a lot of old tenured people vacating their positions, due to death.

      • GunnamattaMEMBER

        I think every VC of every University which has paid for a foreign student to bypass quarantine laws by spending 2 weeks in a third country should be required to tongue kiss the said student on arrival in Australia, and once every 3 days subsequently, and that every member of the administration of those universities should be required to kiss every member of staff they come across each day twice on the cheek every time they come across them

  3. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    Somebody please tell me why some of the universities have been allowed to pay students to do this and put the entire Australian community at risk.

    Because we’re not a community, society or nation – we are an economic zone.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        Once you realise that this is the reality then all the policy settings and economic decisions start making sense. H&H would never have to ask that question again.

        Profits and GDP always come first in the economic zone – people are just economic resources or costs within the zone.

        • darklydrawlMEMBER

          EZFKA! (which has a nice rhyme to it if you say like “E.Z. Fah-Kah”. Love your work Stewie. And you’re right. It makes a lot more sense if you think of it like that.

          It does sound like something you can get online from LoveHoney for those ‘lonely nights’ 🙂 🙂

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            +1 I didn’t realise it until you first pointed it out to me a while back. Much easier to remember the theme and recycle it in another rant when you can remember it phonetically like that. 🙂

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      Because our leaders don’t think Society or Culture is important. Some of them don’t even think the concepts exist.

      If you don’t know your neighbors on a first name basis, make a point of getting to know them over the coming week. They are going to need you and you are going to need them over the coming months.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        On no – make no mistake, our leaders DO believe culture is important.

        It is just that they believe that Culture and society, should be separate from Nation – this means that a society can no longer use the economic resources of the nation they may well have built, to assist them in projecting their values of culture forward into the future – because that would be unfair for smaller cultures that may have chosen to migrate to Australia and dwell within it in order to pursue the opportunities to profit.

        In the meritocracy, just like it is the smartest, strongest and most aggressive individual who reaps the most rewards, it is the strongest culture, the ones with the most aggressive cultural values, the most history, the most determination to see their values projected forward into the future, which will be the ones that survive and flourish.

        Namby-pamby European cultures with a secularist view grounded in the slave religion of Christianity of tolerance and understanding are doomed.

        • Arthur Schopenhauer

          Your point on the transnational nature of modern cultures is insightful Stewie.

          History shows the anglo-saxons to have rarely been ‘namby-pamby’. They have been at war more or less continuously, with one or other European state, for the last 1200 years. And when they weren’t united fighting the continent, they were fighting themselves.

          I would argue that in European states, it was the ability to cooperate internally that was their strength. This was facilitated through Christianity, particularly after the reformation.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            They have been at war more or less continuously, with one or other European state, for the last 1200 years.

            Those are facts and attributes that are hardly unique to Anglo-Saxons, with the possible exception of the Innuits of the North, I can’t think of any culture or people in the world for which the same cannot be said.

            The vast majority of all people, Christian or otherwise, are people who would prefer to go quietly about their lives, and for which the religiosity aspects of their lives are but a small and relatively insignificant aspect. If there is anyone to blame for the wars and destruction that the people of the world endure, then it is the fault of the leaders of those nations – and the elites who surround them, advise them and fund them.

            Friedrich Nietzsche despised Christianity as a slave religion, the fundamental teachings of its founder, a poor carpenter (as opposed to Powerful War Lord or son of a Wealthy Merchant) is of Universal Love and Tolerance to all. Followers were taught that through obedience to ‘society’ you will be rewarded with a better life in heaven, combined with the teachings it generally resulted in safe, peaceful and relatively tolerant societies – perfect for ruling over.

            You are correct in regards to your observation of their religion and cooperation facilitated their rise (especially after the Reformation). The Paradox that these ‘peaceful’ societies went on to conquer the world is connected with the fact that peaceful, stable nations, based around common society values rather than extended clans and birthright, are far more stable and consequently far more capable of accumulating sufficient social capital to enable them to build armies to defend themselves, and if improperly ruled, to wage war on others.

          • Arthur Schopenhauer

            In the coming months we are going to need a lot of those ‘common society values’.

            Let’s hope there are enough in reserve.

  4. blindjusticeMEMBER

    I am looking forward to getting to places of mass gathering, particularly if it involves my football team playing, or going to kids’ concerts or doing any of these things. Australians should continue to go about their lives and our normal way and just exercise commonsense. In the same way that you would during a severe winter season where there may have been an outbreak of influenza or something like that. – scomo

    WHO tells us its unchartered territory

    • DominicMEMBER

      Just heard ScoVid on the radio assuring all Australians to continue life as normal. He is “looking forward to going to places of mass gathering like going to see my football team”. No sh*t, he said that.

      • blindjusticeMEMBER

        Amazing isn’t it:
        The Australian PM is now being asked about whether people should be stocking up at supermarkets.
        “I can understand the anxiety out there in the community. That is why it is important to get information from the trusted official sources,” Scott Morrison says.

        Australia’s chief medical officer, Brendan Murphy, is speaking now.
        He says his teams are concentrating on containment, but says there is no evidence of sustained community transmission in Australia, despite two suspected cases on Monday.

        There is no reason for people to stop going to mass gatherings on stop going about their normal business. Our focus is now on return travellers. If you have comeback from one of the countries where coronavirus is particularly a high-risk country.

        Scott Morrison says this is a health crisis with significant economic implications but is different to a financial crisis.

        There is no problem with the banking system. There is no problem, structurally, with the stability of the economy or things of that nature. This is a health crisis which has had serious disruptive impact on the trouble, the movement of people, and of goods around the world.

        He calls on Australians to exercise “common sense”.

        I am looking forward to getting to places of mass gathering, particularly if it involves my football team playing, or going to kids’ concerts or doing any of these things. Australians should continue to go about their lives and our normal way and just exercise commonsense. In the same way that you would during a severe winter season where there may have been an outbreak of influenza or something like that.

        worth lookin up the snippets of what he said here https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2020/mar/03/coronavirus-live-updates-china-latest-news-us-australia-deaths-markets-italy-iran-update-cases-italy-south-korea-japan

        basically its all about the economy

        • blindjusticeMEMBER

          again where are the journalists? anyone on twitter to harass them to start asking proper questions. How about bringing up questions about the universities financing the importation of this disease?

          • When google, YouTube and Twitter treat all mentions of the virus as scaremongering and fake news and hide your content, then you don’t get a lot of mentions.

        • Arthur Schopenhauer

          My fellow Australians,

          Please step in front of this bus.

          The economy thanks you.

    • darklydrawlMEMBER

      If we’re lucky we’ll have a super spreader show up at our own ‘hillsong’ religious cult – Korean Style. Would be ironic if the PM caught the thing whilst asking for a free pass from the sky fairies.

  5. Anyone know what the position is with Enduring Powers of Attorney if you are taken straight off the street to a Fever Hospital and end up helpless on a respirator ? I have been the main source of emergency funding for our extended family since the rot set in here about 15 years ago and would like to know if my Attorney could access my accounts if I am out of it.

  6. I live in the same suburb, and I am pissed off that this loophole has been opened and the worst case scenario has eventuated. If this guy went to Dubai with the support of UQ, then the government needs to step and close the loophole.

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      They won’t, but you could always call the VCs office and express your disappoint at his poor judgement.

    • You could always contact the university’s Community Engagement team and share your displeasure and give them something to do in return for their 17% super.

  7. Trust me if I catch this virus, before I get to sick too move I am doing a coughing tour of the local Uni’s VC’s buildings / offices as well as a trip to Cronulla to #scottyfrommarketing office’s making sure I cough on every door handle / hard surface / person in sight !

  8. Royal Brisbane “and Women’s” Hospital. Really?

    That’s a beautiful feminist precedent in Aussieland. I really think all hospitals should also change their name to be less misogynistic by tacking on “and Women’s”.

  9. ScoMo just announced in presser that 34000 been let in – conservatively means 11-18k running around infected …

  10. Read some documents about 200% increase in demand for ICU services, the principles underlying the rationing of ICU care, plan for this to last 10-12 weeks at least…..

    • well from what i understand you cant get tested in Aus unless you go through emergency (ok not ICU) but not sure if they segregating to ICU units .. most GPs asking you not to come in but go direct to ER at local hospital. Melbourne path labs wont take samples from you direct and require it to come from hospital

  11. This bloke has spent two weeks in Dubai and he has fallen sick after the two weeks incubation period unless he contracted it from Dubai.Just another slap on the face of AMA that the two week self quarantine is insufficient!

  12. You might remember a week or so back I stated that I thought every human entering Australia should be quarantined. That was the only chance Australia had to avoid the virus entering.

    I now believe that chance has been lost and the virus will spread until everyone has caught it, or a cure is found.

    This nonsense about banning people from China but allowing people in who have been elsewhere for two weeks and don’t show symptoms – does not pass basic examination.

    Let’s imagine:

    * The virus shows no symptoms for as long as 14 days, but on the 14th day will ALWAYS show symptoms.
    * the virus was released in China during a lab explosion on Feb 1st. So we know exactly where and when it started.
    * Each day people from China fly to Thailand, get off a plane at the airport, and catch a bus to a resort where they holiday for exactly 14 days.
    * After the 14 days they catch a bus to the airport and fly to Australia.

    On Feb 15 Australia receives its first visitor who could have been infected in China on Feb 1. If this person is not showing symptoms then we can be sure he was not infected in China. However this person is not safe to allow into Australia because he may have been infected in the resort or on the bus to the airport by other people who arrived in Thailand from China more recently.

      • DelraiserMEMBER

        We treat them………and quite often they say “thanks” and then fvck of back from whence they came

        My wife works at a large Sydney hospital and she reckons they get a significant number of “visitors” who show up miraculously with brand new symptoms of what can only be described as chronic conditions. Apparently uncle Sanjeev rocks up on “holiday” and presents with cardiac symptoms. Turns out he has something or other that would or should have been diagnosed a decade earlier but hey, what good fortune to become symptomatic in Australia of all places? As his condition is serious enough to warrant treatment, they do so, insured or not and hope they can recoup costs once he recovers. By that time, he’s back home and long gone with no intention of ever returning.

        The perfect system for exploitation

        • Medical Tourism – was my point exactly – thanks for the details!

          Evidence of private cover should be a pre-requisite for entry into Australia. SIMPLE. Why is it that everything really is so simple, yet so unachievable?

  13. VC Dr Michael Spence is leaving USYD this year. The announcement was made two weeks ago. Is it relevant?