CDC: Wuhan flu survived for 17 days on surfaces…

It appears China has gifted us the super virus, via CNBC:

The coronavirus survived for up to 17 days aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship, living far longer on surfaces than previous research has shown, according to new data published Monday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The study examined the Japanese and U.S. government efforts to contain the COVID-19 outbreaks on the Carnival-owned Diamond Princess ship in Japan and the Grand Princess ship in California. Passengers and crew on both ships were quarantined on board after previous guests, who didn’t  have any symptoms while aboard each of the ships, tested positive for COVID-19 after landing ashore.

The virus “was identified on a variety of surfaces in cabins of both symptomatic and asymptomatic infected passengers up to 17 days after cabins were vacated on the Diamond Princess but before disinfection procedures had been conducted,” the researchers wrote, adding that the finding doesn’t necessarily mean the virus spread by surface.

“COVID-19 on cruise ships poses a risk for rapid spread of disease, causing outbreaks in a vulnerable population, and aggressive efforts are required to contain spread,” the CDC wrote, reiterating its guidance to vulnerable populations to avoid cruises during the pandemic.


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  1. And…now we know why Chinese numbers look so dodgy

    how Beijing classifies patients.

    While the World Health Organization and South Korea consider anyone who has tested positive for the virus as a confirmed case, China does not include asymptomatic infections in its final tally.

    So multiply by 5

    Then ask why is it the global death rate (deaths/completed cases) is 14%?

    • Everyone knows the Chinese numbers are dodgy. The thing is, I think all the numbers are dodgy. I suspect there are a ridiculously larger (by many multiples) number of people infected, but asymptomatic, and not even thought about getting tested, than there are people who are showing symptoms.

        • I suspect a lot of folk will be “I had that? Really?”

          I’ve apparently had glandular fever and never knew it. 🙂

          • desmodromicMEMBER

            Yesterday, despite being in isolation for two weeks

            “SA Health has advised me that, despite being asymptomatic, my COVID-19 test has returned positive,” Senator Patrick tweeted on Monday.

        • It would also be interesting to see the actual death numbers. How many people are passing from covid-19 who have not been identified as having it.

      • There were a couple of times when the tencent site showed numbers far, far, far above the official numbers.

        Almost like they were keeping two sets of books and someone accidentally exposed the secret set.

        • a cumputer’s freudian slip?

          Why would they keep 2 sets of data “online” only to show the data “for public use” and risk a leak?
          Not even CCP is stupid like that.
          If there is any cover up…. data would not reach Tencent.

          OTOH… anything goes if one can fit a chosen con to a selected crime.

      • Estimates of aymptomatic cases range from 15-50%.
        So instead of running out of spare ICU bed at 20k infected, we now run out at 40k infected. So we gain all of 3 days grace from the infection having a 50% asymptotic rate, while loosing the ability to control it.

    • two plus twoMEMBER

      If China weren’t counting asymptomatic cases, that would lower the Chinese reporting of total infections. It would also result in China reporting a higher relative CFR (smaller denominator). So that doesn’t explain a higher CFR elsewhere, if that is indeed the case.

      • @ 2+2

        and what importance does the exact dead-count in China has on v1rus spread in Australia?

        Cooking the count-book is as unimportant as it can be (does nothing important) and yet every country (includes Italy) must be cooking the books… why is only one country cook book so important?

    • China has been fudging its numbers for weeks now. They are doing this as eventually they dont want to remain in first place. In a week they will be overtaken by Italy and the US. Italy has already overtaken them in the death toll. In a couple of weeks Spain will be in third place and so on till China drops out of the top 10 countries. China is orchestrating this with dodgey numbers while trying to blame the US for starting this global pandemic. The CCP has no shame with its lies.

    • Old people. Actually lots of people. Never interested me. Too many mass diarrhoea stories put me off.

      • Charles MartinMEMBER

        Same, cannot think of anything worse than being stuck in a petri dish at sea with morons.

    • Speaking of the RSL – drove past my local earlier and thought: what are all those pokies addicts doing with themselves right now? Cold turkey fcken!

      • Yes I’ve been laughing about my old man having to deal with this. He’s a major addict, as in, full pension down the gurgler type. He literally told me this morning, “They Govt should put more interesting things to watch on TV while all this is going on.”
        That attitude… My goodness.

  2. adelaide_economistMEMBER

    I think the cruise industry is finished after this – at least for a generation or two until people forget what happened and maybe technology has somehow progressed (eg sanitising technology in particular). I would have thought, even pre-covid19, that the endless stories of gastro outbreaks and crimes committed in international waters going unpunished were enough to scare people away but apparently not. I do believe this might have done it. Even the craggy woman at work who just a week or two ago was adamant she was still going on her scheduled cruise had switched to talking about getting a refund last time I was in the office.

    • I don’t think that after this there is going to be another BB generation that can afford to go on cruises

      • +1 Between high house prices and losing their jobs I think the current lot of workers won’t ever have the funds to throw away on a cruise.

    • It depends where the cruises are headed. To the Carribibean out of Miami will probably be fine. Bogan cruises out of Sydney less so.

  3. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    they let a cluster fck of sick cruise passengers into Sydney last week, Sydney is going to have to be locked down soon I think

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      C’mon, haven’t all those Tony Robbins books taught us to face life’s little challenges with determination and a smile? We can overcome!

      Actually, forget the smile. I’m too frightened to visit the dentist,

        • I was just thinking that the other day. Do you really want to be sticking your hands into someones gob at the moment? Glad I got my split tooth ripped out the other month. I think now I would rather put up with the pain than risk a bonus covid infection with every tooth extraction!

        • I knew a female dentist (socially) many years ago — very attractive. The main ‘challenge’ she faced doing her job was her male patients getting (ahem) aroused while she was digging around in their mouths. Once she was aware of it, it became a persistent and unpleasant distraction.

          Personally I couldn’t imagine anything less arousing than the whine of a dentist’s drill but it takes all sorts, I guess ..

  4. My guess is that they are using super-sensitive tests to detect viral RNA on these surfaces…a different thing to live infectious virus. To say “live infectious” you’d have to ferret around for something to infect with it (although some researchers will carry these down trousers).

    • Yes, I was wondering that also, like those scare stories the Daily Mail roll out every year eg we find poo on your toothbrush etc

  5. They were telling people a while back it’s impossible to get it opening a package from China (now Italy, EU, USA etc) so maybe it’s possible now!

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        Ha! Straya Post is holding international parcels in some sort of quarantine for three days before handing it on to the fragile breakers.

        Nobody will notice a thing.

    • All shipping containers coming into Aussie ports are now mandatorily quarantined for 14 days before being released to the owners.

      • Italy is already turning the curve
        I expect not more than 15k deaths in Italy at the end. Spain is just a week behind
        situation is Spain is not that bad because virus is not so geographically concentrated

      • Agree with doctorx, the Italian curve has inflected over the last few days, adding a smaller percentage of cases each of the last 5 days. It has gone from 16% to 8%. This is promising, but is mainly due to their lockdown measures.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      If you lockdown, the number of infected will go down. The harder the lockdown, the faster it goes down. Italy is now turning the corner, and we should see it peaks out at about 80k -90k cases. Note that Italy lock down begain at 9th March, and the number only start to slow down 2 weeks later, so there is a lag.

      Australia on the other hand is not even closing our schools in all states. Victoria should see their infection in around 2 weeks, same with SA and WA after closing their border. QLD and NSW on the otherhand will be .. to infinity and beyond.

    • mikef179MEMBER

      Well, on the one hand, Chinese and Iranian data? Really?

      On the other hand, lockdown measures should slow down the growth, if people follow them, but what then? Does that mean once it gets to a certain level everything is fine and we all go back to normal? I’m not sure that that is the case in China.

      As well, he says it’s “not the end of the world”. No reasonable person has ever being saying it was.

      All in all, feels a bit too optimistic, but who knows? We will find out in due course.

      As for the economy, it was a massive bubble looking for a pin which is what many observers either seem to be forgetting or are completely oblivious to.

  6. Although interesting this is a mute point.

    It depends on type of surface, temperature and humidity, this report states none of those key variables.

    There was a great report out last week that showed Sars-Cov-2 could survive on plastic surface’s for three days at 20->23 degrees C.

    Also, the Germans did a study of Sars like corona virus’s (They could not use Sars as it was to dangerous at the time) that showed at three degrees C it could live on a stainless steel surface for up to 30days.

    This just goes to shoe the importance of cleaning all surfaces, including door handles, whole of bathroom and toilets, flushing the toilet with the lid DOWN and washing your hands constantly….

    As it hangs in the air for probably hours (Proven half an hour by the chinese but could be longer) it shows the importance of removing and washing your close as soon as you get home as it will stick to you cloths waiting for you to touch it then your face.

    Stay safe everyone….

  7. this is not something unheard of for viruses
    some viruses can survive for months
    for example, herpes simplex virus (cold sores), one of the most widespread viruses, can survive up to 8 weeks in dry environment and even longer in higher humidity

  8. The Communist clique who control China can’t help themselves. They’re pathological liars. God only knows what the death toll has been in their gulag system…

  9. Love in the time of Corona

    This is just a mad twitter thing, and you’ve probably all already seen it, but somebody is adding up the re-uptake of mobile plans in Wuhan and seeing millions missing.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      People need a job to be able to pay for a mobile phone plan… Nah, they’re all dead!

  10. Ok, I understand the frustrations with housing market due to foreign buyers and increased immigration. But to be bigoted and say China gifted this virus to the world sounds like a very uneducated take or at least someone who is clearly anti-China, its not a good look either way.

    An individual, or a few individuals did this in their own will, which then transferred to other individuals which spread to a group of people enough times that visitors or travelers got hold of it and decided to mingle with others thinking its just a flu or cold.
    China as a country and government did not wrap this virus up from a lab and intentionally gifted it to other countries, if so, then that is biological warfare and thus very dangerous to keep blaming a nation or country as a whole.

    This pandemic is caused by humans, regardless of race and background, humans who disregard the big picture and focus on their own personal agendas as individuals caused this. Just look at the Bondi beach goers… they disregarded signs of “closure” so that they get sun tan… during a period of government enforced self isolation instructions.

    • Appropriate Analogy
      If only the prostitute had practiced safe relations then I wouldn’t have contracted HIV when I paid for unsafe relations.
      As they say in microbiology land, you have 7 opportunities to prevent your Christmas guests from getting turkey related salmonella infections.

    • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

      Your leftist BS died over a month ago. After all, it is how we got in this mess thanks to Labor’s open borders matching LNP’s. It won’t fly any more, no one’s interested. Thank fk.

      You’re going to see extremest parties form to counter the disastrous Labor and Greens. More and more Australians understand we need to change or we’re going to lose our country.

    • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

      “Just look at the Bondi beach goers… they disregarded signs of “closure””

      Have you ever met a human? You speak as if you understand them, but don’t have a clue.

    • Yes, all the problems a society has surfaced, thanks to the coronavirus.

      But rest assured, many will be unable to see them or choose not to, so the business will continue as usual in 18 months.

  11. Totes BeWokeMEMBER

    Can’t believe it. Daniel Andrews performance is far greater than the PM’s.

    We know Morrison’s tenure is finished.