Australians are ready for war. General SloMo won’t give it to them

The war on the virus that is. General SloMo invokes the most sacred Australian spirit:

We gather today at a time of great challenge for our nation, and indeed the world. We are a strong nation and a strong people, but in the months ahead this will put us all to the test like at no time since World War II. But together, Australia, we are up to this challenge.

The coronavirus that is sweeping the world will continue to change the way we live. But we must not allow it to change who we are as Australians. I know, we all know, that Australians are very concerned at this difficult time.

It is the understandable fear of the unknown. And there is much that’s not known about the coronavirus. But we must not let that fear overtake us. We must instead focus on what we do know, what we can control.

We know who we are as people, and the legacy and inspiration that has been given to us from those who have come before us and shown us the way through challenges and tests just like this.

So, we summon the spirit of the Anzacs, of our Great Depression generation, of those who built the Snowy. Of those who won the great peace of World War II and defended Australia. That is our legacy that we draw on at this time. We also know the actions we can take. The care, compassion and respect we must show from one to one another. While some must self-isolate, and we all must keep a healthy distance between us, it is important that we do all we can to ensure in the difficult months ahead that no Australian goes through this alone.

Righto. Let’s come together and fight this war to win.

Or not, at News:

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has angrily hit back at suggestions she has caused confusion among parents after yesterday saying schools would stay open but urging kids to stay home.

“Look, our direction in schools is very clear,” she said.

“Schools stay open. If you need to send your child to school, schools stay open. However, we are recommending at this time that parents keep their children at home. And I said that yesterday, and I say that again today.”

Ms Berejiklian bristled at a reporter’s suggestion that she had caused an “unacceptable” level of confusion on schools.

“I don’t care what criticism I get,” she said.

They are only open becasue General SloMo won’t close them. It appears all building sites are open as well.

The fact is the SloMo Government is still pursuing a “mass murder” policy of spreading the virus with half-arsed lockdowns while the states have moved to better, more draconian measures, but are being inhibited by General SloMo.

It is indeed a war that will intensify coming into Winter. And Australians are ready to fight it.

Sadly, General SloMo is not.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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    • Coup de Whiskey

      SloMo just wants to kill lots of pensioners and boomers. They cost the public too much in terms of pensions and long term medical care.

      If the Corona virus kills 2% of the population they will mostly be the elderly. SloMo can replace that number with young, hard-working healthy migrants in a year or two.

    • billygoatMEMBER

      The vir us that is NOT. Don’t know anyone who has it or anyone that knows anyone who has it or anyone that knows anyone that knows anyone that has it ad nauseum. And I know a lot of elderly as well as old folk. How is that possible in a world with fabled 6 degrees of separation. God bless the wee ones new horns and toddlers alike in day care. Immune. Incredible or is Mr Morrison putting young ones at risk. Vivid discriminatory dis ease …powerful & invisible

  1. adelaide_economistMEMBER

    In some ways the parallels with the ANZACs are uncanny, just no in the way that ScoMo imagines. I’m thinking more in terms of forcing them to run directly into machine gun fire rather than solemn ceremonies using their sacrifice for personal political gain though.

    • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

      Scotty is WW1 Churchill.

      I highly doubt he has any of the necessary characteristics to ever become a fraction of WW2 Churchill

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        Lol. A listener rang the wireless station this morning during a discussion about the abilities of Scummo.

        “Look, I’ve always voted Labor but I must say Scott Morrison has been doing a brilliant job in difficult circumstances. It’s been Churchillian!”

        A short bit of stunned silence dead air.

        Also, one of my regular clients, a lady who very much loves her franking credits, was furious at me when I said Scummo was a dud. But… Yeah nah love, not today. She started yelling about Shorten but yeah nah love, not today. Laid out all the corrupt and hopeless behaviour he’s done since day one of the WuFlu. Stormed off she did.

        Franking credits > human life.

        Straya. Winning.

        • Love in the time of Corona

          It was the same in WWI, that’s what we were meant to never forget. The aristocracy were perfectly content to let teenage boys from the factories, colonies and those darkies die en masse for nothing.

  2. Yep still being sent in to work, I reckon we won’t be allowed to shutdown until someone gets it.

    • adelaide_economistMEMBER

      I work somewhere where you would absolutely expect them to be on top of the risks around this by the very nature of the function, and despite my job being entirely desk-bound and my VPN fully operational, I still had to turn up for several days last week purely because of the internal office politics [being, I couldn’t be seen to start working from home before other teams also sorted themselves out]. So I got to sit there listening to a bunch of highly paid technical noobs stuffing around messaging each other on Teams for three days before I was finally given the OK to stop turning up. Incidentally, the aqium jars were all stolen several days before that, too.

      • Peachy Bagholder

        hope ur payment details aren’t on that VPN, because now a private company owns all your internet history. yes they DO log.

    • I took it into my own hands and just said I was going home, no ifs or buts about it. One of the other girls at work has now made sure her team is working from home. Boss is the “it’s all a big beat-up” type. Upper management can’t think for themselves and all sing from the gospel of the boss.

        • Is that rhetorical? How else did we drive the biggest bubble I’m history without enough numerically illiterate idiots around to help drive prices to the stratosphere. Australia runs on dumb. It’s the fuel that keeps the lights on.

          • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

            “Australia runs on dumb. It’s the fuel that keeps the lights on”

            That… that is perfect. Just perfect. T-Shirt worthy

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      I’m about to quit. Young kids still hit the city and bars over the weekend. Reckon we’re morals to get it.

  3. TailorTrashMEMBER

    “We know who we are as people, and the legacy and inspiration that has been given to us from those who have come before us and shown us the way through challenges and tests just like this.”

    Yeh sure Scomo ……..

    • adelaide_economistMEMBER

      That speech might have had some resonance – at a stretch – into the mid 1990s. Sorry, you can’t deliberately pursue a policy of alienating an entire nation from itself through out of control immigration and policies deliberately designed to encourage balkanisation and then call on a mythos we’ve all been told is ‘too white and too male’ for inspiration. We’ve all seen the ‘new australia’ in the supermarket scrums and I’m just guessing but I don’t think they (or most other Australians, for that matter) care too much about memorials in every town across Australia dedicated to the death and maiming of all their young people.

      • billygoatMEMBER

        Vomited into my mouth when I heard SM speech on radio. Seriously who is he kidding. They have team of people writing words they think folk will swallow. I’d rather dine on a $ hit sandwich that listen to drivel masquerading as ‘leadership’

      • TailorTrashMEMBER

        I was in Kings Park Perth a few years ago and I remember a hoard of Chinese Tourists or “students “climbing all over the war memorial to take selfies
        They seemed greatly put out when I reminded them that what they were doing was disrespectful ……..look of blank non comprehension……..
        Probably citazens by now …….so tell them your ANZAC legend stories Scomo …..I’m sure they will be inspired

        • adelaide_economistMEMBER

          We must remember that it was definitely just a cultural misunderstanding. I’m sure I would be extended the same courtesy if I went to China and climbed all over some statue of Mao. Just a misunderstanding folks, couldn’t possibly be expected to know anything about another culture. After all, it’s not like we’ve all got the internet or indeed, just from a basic sense of manners and how to behave in public. I’ve been physically jostled by enough middle kingdom grannies when trying to get on the tram to have zero patience for this crap anymore. I guess it’s OK though, because bringing in 70 year old migrants is helping with that whole ‘demographic ageing’ problem I hear we were having.

          • …and all those grannies are now getting 1st world health care they never paid for.
            They get pension in Aus + they CCP pension in China.

      • Yeah, but hey, “we’re all in the together”. Strangely though, yesterday, when the profits were being raked in by those exploiting the causes as a new dog-eat-dog “marketplace” – we weren’t.

        Today, we will call “un-Australian” what an entire economic system has been doing for years – not giving a stuff about the consequences of selfishness, ignorance and greed.

        But let’s pull together now so that we can return to a tyranny that has sold our sovereignty, amenity, culture, services and self respect in the past and set up the conditions of global pandemic. That’s the Australian way.

        • Exactly Clive. To appeal to us to uphold Australian values when they have spent the last 20 years destroying them, made me rage a bit. Then I turned off the TV.

        • I could not agree with your comments more.

          I enjoy all your comments BTW.

          We all need to take the opportunity to seize the narrative. To steer this ship away from heading back to business as usual.

          Everyone should not hold back in their social circles for fear of offending the Chinese apologists.

          Way too many doctors all dressed up on tv shows 1 minute of fame

          Bring on the crash kick out the trash

  4. “..General SloMo won’t give it to them” – he’s been giving it to us for while now.

  5. happy valleyMEMBER

    “The fact is the SloMo Government is still pursuing a “mass murder” policy of spreading the virus with half-arsed lockdowns”

    He is pursuing that policy because that is the outcome he wants?

  6. Shut it down already you twats. If you must provide child care for health care workers then fkn provide a child care service. Only use low risk teachers (young and healthy, living alone, etc) that are willing to risk infection. FMD it is not difficult.

    • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

      What’s frightening is western world leaders don’t have the most basic understanding of human nature.

      It’s frightening with regard to corona, even more frightening long term with immigration and globalisation.

      At the end of all this I hope we vote differently and rid our country of LNP and Labor.

  7. I remember reading a story of the Australian 7th and 9th divisions assembled on Morotai ,preceding the Balikpapan and North Borneo campaigns. General Blamey got up in front of the assembled men and gave a pep talk on how they were itching to get back into the fight,get to grips with the Japanese again, make him and Australia proud and all that patriotic BS. And when he finished apparently a lone voice rang out “aren’t you coming with us” with that Blamey was out the gate and gone.

  8. Totes BeWokeMEMBER

    With comments such as …”it’s unAustralian”, and referring to young people going to the beach as a disgrace screams this government are way out of their depth.

    We’ve got the wrong leader at the wrong time. The last thing we need is a sheltered clueless churchie running the place. He has to go as soon as possible.

    The army should step in today with the support of Labor and the rest of Parliament.

    • I don’t think Albodross would be any better, sadly.

      Dutto, now there’s a benevolent dictator I can briefly get behind

      • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

        IMO, Albanese would be multiples worse.

        Borders with Wuhan would still be open while Labor reviewed whether it’s racccceeest or not.

        We’ve only got LNP because they’re the second worst option.

        FFS will someone take charge and first save us from Corona, then from LNP and Labor.

      • I think the Evil Bill Shorten would have been better. But then again this is Labor’s fault I suppose.



        • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

          Labor has not made a single suggestion I know of that would be any better than LNP’s. No surprise given they’re the same thing.

          Pro corporation, pro money, pro immigration, pro neoliberal globalists, anti Australia, anti Australian.

          Australians seem to me to be very slowly waking up to there being a big problem with the way our country is being run. This will not translate to Labor votes. It will mean the end of one or both LNP and Labor.

    • Mark HeydonMEMBER

      “We’ve got the wrong leader at the wrong time.”
      I’m trying to think of when the right time would be for Morrison.
      I got nothing.

  9. Chunt’s a flog. Australia’s a vastly different country than the one that went through WWII. For starters, we didn’t have 2.3m temporary visa holders or hundreds of thousands of foreign students who really don’t give a toss about ‘Australian Values’. Come to think of it, Morrison and his political Ilk have transformed Australian national interest values into self interest values. Why don’t young people heed the warnings? Because Governments and business have for the last thirty years sold the scam that it’s all about “the self”.

    • Spot on. Totally.

      And in the name of honesty can we please re-name those cruise liners? The ‘Gastro Princess’, ‘Coronavirus Star’ ‘Costa Typhoidia’

    • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

      Great comment wing nut.

      Kids also erroneously think it doesn’t affect them.

      Give us 30% foreigners and expect Australianism. Our PM is an idiot.

      • Could start a petition-

        Should the military take over the running of the Australia and those in parliament whom are found to have acted contrary to their charter to be sent to Christmas Island

        • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

          I’m with you. Though I have started quite a few petitions, with the most having about 10k signatures.

          We deserve what we get. That there’s a single LNP, or Labor MP still in government after the last election says it all.

  10. Someone crunched the numbers. It’s like the airline industry. It’s cheaper to just payout when a jet crashes than spen money making them safer. Just like there is someone who did the math on the cost to the economy and the cost to the privileged vs cost of saving lives. Guess who won. it’s obvious from day one they had no intention big stopping it. Just pursue herd immunity some what and too bad for those that die. It’s all in the math.

    • People say you can’t put a value on a human life. BS. Insurance companies make a living doing it. Its on a sliding scale too. Starts with loss of a finger, thumb, hand, arm and so on. Its all ok until you are the one that loses his finger. I will say one thing though, Hope this pandemic gets rid of all those BS people who test phone chargers and fridge power cables etc. Now that is a waste of resources.

  11. The legendary ANZACs were a bunch of young Aussies sent out onto the beaches to die pointlessly and unnecessarily.

    Sounds a bit like Bondi before the lockdown.

    What am I missing here?

  12. Totes BeWokeMEMBER

    As much as dislike the liar J Adern, she’s nailed this. Could have gone harder earlier, but the measures she’s recently imposed should see NZ as the first western nation out of this. If I were a kiwi, I’d be heading home.

    Sydney is headed for total misery. We will not emotionally recover from what’s unfolding for a generation.

    • Cordon Sanitaire coming around Sydney?

      Spoke to a vendor we’re working with in UnZid. All WFH. Their Sydney staff WFH.

      I’m here still not WFH, admittedly not in Sydney.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER


      The way she laid out what would happen at each step while saying she couldn’t say when but it will was very good. People are in no doubt.

      As for our deadsh!t…

  13. But we must not allow it to change who we are as Australians.

    The immigration policies of successive governments have already changed who we are as Australians. I work with a Turkish immigrant who has made disparaging comments on his blog about the ANZAC tradition and Australia in general, even though he chose to live here. Cnut.

    So, we summon the spirit of the Anzacs

    Damn him to hell. He’s a fat gutted softc0ck who would never in his life have considered (or even been capable of) putting on greens or spotties. This bogus appeal to a great national tradition that is utterly unknown to the vast majority of the immigrants he and his verminous ilk have flooded us with does nothing but cover him with shame and disgrace.

    • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

      Let it reflect on what happens to fatass when all this is over. He cannot continue as PM.


      He really has a lotta nerve to fly ‘that’ and I’d bet big the editors were saying bad idea pal, but he persisted.
      Just demonstrates his ineptitude and his hubris; both supremely unbecoming at this point in our history.

  14. Its not confusing. The government says schools will stay open BUT they also say you should take your kids out of school.
    So the schools will be empty which means they should close BUT instead they will remain open because the government will not close them. Got it? Now where are my kids?

    • It’s completely logical.
      State government is responsible for health and thinks all schools should close.
      Federal government is responsible for economy and thinks we shouldn’t close schools.
      Unfortunately fed overrules states so schools stay open while states tell everyone to take their kids ot, which si as close to a closure as they can get.

  15. One the unemployment number estimate. I think that a lot of people who gave up on, or were cut from, centrelink because of its conditions and qualifications will end up appearing. These are the people that the unemployment figures have not been capturing. I would not be surprised if the revised and more accurate figure is north of 3 million.

  16. Steven Roberts

    Australia will rise again, in the same way that Italy will rise again. They have a fighting spirit ( We do too. The spirit of the ANZAC will again lift us. Italian people are dying in their homes in the thousands, but their spirit lives on. Australians too will die in their homes in vast numbers. But our spirit will live on.

    On Sunday afternoon, I thought as a country we could limit this to 10,000 cases. Now, it is clear that the virus will infect 18 million of us and the only coin left to barter is the speed at which it occurs.

    Some countries will succeed and some will fail. Our country has chosen to fail. States and territories that are responsible for public health, are required not to take action.

    The greatest public health emergency in a century is now set to run its course unchecked. Our governments, through the national cabinet, have agreed to do nothing.

    I speak with my kids and prepare them. I tell them that as a family we are now at war. We are at war with a virus and like in world war 2 we will all need to make sacrifices to prevail.

  17. this is not a war because virus attacks only one segment of the population, while it requires sacrifices from the other segment

    a huge moral hazard is on the way, with boomers on the path to win again

    • Steven Roberts

      Some people take the moral view that if you have something I want then its okay for me to attack you and take it.

      Your view is different in what respect?

      • at this moment I’m not questioning what is currently being done (that’s something time will judge and tell us how good or wrong it was),
        I’m questioning what is going to happen after all of this ends … I have no confidence those who make sacrifice will be even recognised at the end (not to mention compensated)

    • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

      There’s plenty of young in ICU all over the world. When the numbers soon overwhelm, there’ll be plenty of young deaths.

      You’ve been consistently wrong about this virus the entire way.

      • I’m not saying nothing should be done to save lives of mostly elderly who at the most risk, but what when the attempt to save them starts hurting others at the alarming rate? What if saving 10000 elderly makes 10000 younger to get sick or commit suicide?
        what if the attempts to save few years of life expectancy among elderly causes life expectancy of younger to drop more than that (thanks to poverty, stress, mental illnesses, …)?
        Studies have shown that some segments of population, like those who just completed or are about to complete uni or trade, suffer long term consequences of recessions (not just financial but health consequences)? How about kids those whose parents will go bankrupt, who will be forced to live in poorer suburbs, go to worse schools, … are their chances being hurt permanently?

        I’m afraid that once all of this is over, we’ll just continue giving welfare payments and tax brakes to elderly (who tend to ne wealthier), increase tax on younger and ignore poorer kids … that’s my problem

        On the issue of younger people also dying from corona and needing ICU:
        what is plenty? Things need to be put in a perspective

        How many younger people are ICUs at the moment? In Australia one in 40s and one in 50s
        on the other side around 13 people in their 40s died in Australia today (not related to coronavirus)
        30 people in their 50s die every day

        at the worst day so far in Italy 800 people died, but normally in Italy almost 2000 people die every day

        The media just goes with these numbers creating panic among people that are completely detached from the fact that we are dying all the time. Yes, some young will die from corona, but they will die in traffic accidents (and we are not banning cars), will die from mental health issues and suicides (and we are not willing to spend 0.01% of budget to prevent that), they die from drugs (and none is doing much to stop that – drug usage is booming and none seem to care), they die from alcohol and it’s still advertised, they die from pollution but old coal power plants are still running …

        • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

          “13 people in their 40s died in Australia today (not related to coronavirus)
          30 people in their 50s die every day”

          I still don’t think you’re appreciating what exponential growth means.

          “at the worst day so far in Italy 800 people died, but normally in Italy almost 2000 people die every day”

          Soon the worst day will be 1600, then 3200, then 6400 etc.

          Absolute carnage is just around the corner unless we lock the entire country down.

          • your exponential function idea is theoretically true only at the very beginning of pandemic and only if nothing is being done to slow down the spread
            even a slightest change in people’s behaviour makes that function much more complicated and “less” exponential

            no carnage will happen, what we saw in Italy is close to the worst we’ll see (in all of developed world only USA may become worse)

            none is disputing that something must be done, but how much is the question, how much we are willing to hurt people to save some
            in the most extreme theoretical case we could kill all people at risk to prevent large number corona-virus deaths

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            I have considered that. If more and more realise the severity of the curve and their own possible mortality, they’d self isolate.

            However, the government needs to be the one to initiate it.

            For example, how can my niece the beautician, close her business if all her competition are staying open?

            The government have put the health of the nation last, and don’t deserve one bit of support.

            I doubt we’ve seen anywhere near the worst in Italy.

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            “how much we are willing to hurt people to save some”

            People have to harden the fk up. The lives of loved one’s are infinitely more important than not being able to fund ridiculous consumption of garbage none of us need.

            The dole has been doubled, there’s help for business’s etc. You think letting a virus run hard is a better idea?

          • I agree with you: “People have to harden the fk up” and accept that they and their loved one’s are mortal and that they are going to die anyway, some very soon even if not infected

            Italy is turning curve, over the next 3 weeks number of new cases will drop to just couple of hundreds a day

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            We’re now in a moral debate.

            I agree with you, as long as it’s no one I love or me.

            People will spend their entire wealth saving their kids/parents/their own lives.

            We’ll put no more than a dollar or two to save the lives of others.

            There’s the dilemma. No one knows who’s going to be hit by this virus. When numbers radically rise in Australia we’ll see a quantum shift in anger and finger pointing.

            My bet is Morrison will not be PM in a few months.

          • yes, this a moral issue now
            it’s common and ok for people to spend everything they have to give their love one’s few more years

            the problem is that now someone used illegitimate political power using other peoples’ money to save someone else’s love ones
            One can count on solidarity to some degree (e.g. providing free health care, …) but this is going well above the mandate any government has. Preventing almost everyone to earn for living to save some, relatively small, number of people is becoming morally questionable. What if, in a month or a year, those people who lose businesses they built for decades need money to save their love one’s

            I’m afraid that at the end, those paying for the sacrifice will not be compensated relative to other in the society …

  18. My mail a few weeks back was that in the west they had pencilled a school shutdown for March 27th, effectively giving a 4 week school holiday.