Angry China siphons medical supplies then shuts border

If you want to be the sub-alterns of Great Southern Canton then expect to be treated like it. Via Domain:

A second Chinese property company based in Sydney flew more than 80 tonnes of medical supplies on a corporate jet to Wuhan in late February, at the time coronavirus was devastating the regional city.

“The chartered plane with 90 tons (82 tonnes) of medical supplies, including 100,000 most needed protective coveralls and 900,000 pairs of medical gloves, has successfully departed from Sydney and arrived in Wuhan on 24 Feb,” Risland Australia posted on its LinkedIn page.

…The Herald has previously reported another major Chinese developer was doing the same thing. Employees of Greenland Australia, a subsidiary of the Chinese government-backed global property giant Greenland Group, were instructed to put their normal work on hold and source bulk supplies of essential medical items to ship back to China.

A whistleblower from the company has told the Herald it was a worldwide Greenland effort – and the Sydney office was no different, sourcing bulk supplies of surgical masks, thermometers, antibacterial wipes, hand sanitisers, gloves and Panadol for shipping.

“Basically all employees, the majority of whom are Chinese, were asked to source whatever medical supplies they could,” one company insider told the Herald. This went on for weeks through January and February, he said.

The humanitarian efforts of Chinese companies to help their desperate compatriots back home may have contributed to shortages of products in Australia.

By late January medical experts were worried about the lack of available masks. “The thing we need most as GPs is some masks,” said Dr Harry Nespolon, president of the Royal Australian College of GPs. “They are not readily available.”

Professor Raina MacIntyre, a global biosecurity expert at Kirby Institute in Sydney, also expressed concerns about the shortage.

That’s only two developers of dozens, probably hundreds. What were local authorities doing just then? Also Domain:

The Andrews government will lead a trade delegation of 100 Victorian businesses to China as soon as it is safe to travel there, in a display of support for Chinese communities hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak.

Landmarks across Melbourne – such as the Arts Centre, Flinders Street Station and Melbourne Town Hall – will also be lit in the red and gold colours of the Chinese flag this Friday as part of a campaign to show solidarity with Chinese Victorians.

What was the CCP doing just then? Why, demanding that the border remain open of course. At The Australian was Deputy Head of Mission Wang Xining:

China has blasted Australia’s treatment of Chinese students caught up in the coronavirus travel ban and suggested the Morrison government succumbed to “panic and over-action” in stopping flights to China.

And today? As Australia heads into its Wuhan flu reckoning with shortages of medical supplies? At the ABC:

As China records fewer new cases of coronavirus, it’s temporarily shutting itself to all foreigners from Saturday to halt further spread of the virus.

Well played, sir!

A few points for the future then:

  • when push comes to shove there is no separation between the CCP and its globetrotting firms so it’s unwise to allow Chinese takeovers;
  • the mass immigration economic model is in a spot of bother when this kind of national security risk plays out, and
  • if you want to be treated with respect then start doing as China does, not as China says, and look after number one.
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  1. That was in Feb. No pandemic yet, not even global emergency (thanks to WHO). Two weeks ago both Scummo & Albo were endorsing the start of NRL & AFL.I guess this was seen as another great “export” transaction. Blame the Chinese for being more responsible?

      • Edward scissorhands

        And what do they say now?
        Professor Neil Ferguson (Epidemiologist) who recommended UK shutdown now admits estimates were wrong.
        “We based our recommendation on early data from China saying 20% of those infected would end up in critical care”
        The Oxford Study showed than one in a thousand would require hospitalization. They actually used the data rather than guessing.

        I look forward to the continued fascist censorship on this site. Can’t let anyone tell the truth lest it ruin your investment strategy.

        • Are you butthurt due to your investment strategy being wrong? Or are you on a quixotic quest for quintessential quackery-free truth?

        • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

          thanks for the link. About 15 minutes into it and he has admitted that they were wrong. He admitted that their predictions on ICU demand were “optimistic” and actual ICU demand has been greater than they anticipated.

        • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

          at the 10:40min mark, Professor Neil Ferguson (Epidemiologist) completely discards the University of Oxford (Gupta et all) study.
          “It’s not consistent with the observed data” , (after comparing actual data from Italty) “we are no where near the numbers from Gupta et all”

          you seem to be confused, perhaps deliberately so. But that is to be expected from our resident China shill.

      • Look, his kids were just sick, that’s why they weren’t at school for weeks.

        Can we get back to doing as they say now?

    • What is fairly obvious is that China realised they would have to protect their own internal stocks of medical equipment across the rest of the country. Mind boggling because you would think these stocks would dwarf what was sent from Australia. Therefore a priority decision was was made to ransack other countries using companies tied (literally) to the CCP. This was done in other countries including Canada and Turkey (
      The fact that this occurred in such volume should have sent off alarm bells. Australia allowed (enabled?) this to occur because we don’t have any strategy in place for anything really.
      China continues to teach the world a number of hard lessons about China. eg no longer will countries put so much of their supply chains there and there needs to be alarm systems for critical components/medical supplies. Unfortunately Australia needs a lot more lessons for this to sink in.

      • I would say what you are missing is just how small the Global inventory for medical supplies actually is.
        The actual manufacture of these products is really no different to any other manufacture in that it is a low margin high throughput business. With such an operations model nobody (and in mean absolutely nobody) in the entire supply chain is motivated to stockpile product. Profits are directly related to “Turns of Capital” which is itself maximized by ensuring JIT (Just In Time) delivery. Trust me on this everyone in the supply chain runs the same production model.
        There used to be guys that produced and stockpiled and considered it their responsibility to have 6 months inventory available but they all went broke.

        • kanban model applied to incorrect industry to maximise profits.

          i cannot agree more.

          it ieasy to blame china for what is essentially tardy govt and corporate greed (imagine the joy suppliers had when they sold tons of low margin product that alow pace here).

          • It’s not just Kanban because at the financial level any company with significant Inventory stockpiles is a candidate for a takeover or management restructure. Look at what Inventory reduction does to the corporate bottom line and the confused message that it sends to the investing public. Inventory reduction and Kanban supply model changes are a one off event, yet profits soar and every management metric goes through the roof and naturally stock-price follows suit .
            As you say it’s really just completely the wrong solution for this industry but that didn’t stop it from happening.

        • What a load of garbage…. all of a sudden Jack Ma and other China kow tows are suddenly donating crap tins of masks etc overseas..They just turned up the production easy… And “Trust me on this” LOL

          • What’s your point?
            Is Australia ramping up production to meet demand?
            Or is it China that is ramping up production?
            And what does their ability to ramp production have to do with the depth of existing inventory in the supply / warehousing channels?
            Precisely what is it that I have said that you so eloquently label “a load of Garbage”?

    • In late February the 🇨🇳ChinaVirus🦠 bio weapon had already spread into Australia.
      Health officials in Australia were already planning for the outbreak here.

      We have 1.4 million Chinese mainland born communists in Australia.
      Only 264,000 are Australian citizens. 1.1 million are not – PR sucking up our welfare & Medicare, or TR or NZ SCV visa racket.
      1.1 million mainland born communist Chinese sole China passport holders.

      Foreign Nationals.
      Loyal to China. Told by China in what to do in Australia.
      Their colony here under China control.
      Not Australian.
      No intention of being Australian.

      The fact is the Chinese in Australia (the vast majority being Chinese mainland born communist China sole passport holder non citizens) did this covertly and with no Australian public or Australian government communication.
      This is the Chinese way.
      Be highly racist and anti west anti foreigner as per the later text in the article.

      And the irony is those 1.4 million Chinese in Australia if whom 1.1 million are non Australian sole China passport holders on the PR or TR or Nz SCV rackets… they will be the first to be lining up for Australian taxpayers funded welfare & Medicare (PR) or presenting to our Public hospitals for emergency health care.
      All the Chinese PR, TR & Chinese mainland born NZ SCV need to have their PR & TR / SCV visas cancelled be rounded up & deported back to China or NZ
      Non Australians
      Foreign Nationals.
      Not Australia’s problem.

      • somehow i am sure the same perspective was not held and projected when we had “AmericanVirus bioweapon” (H1N1) or the “MexicanVirus bioweapon” (Swine flu).pandemic

        • It’s a Chinese bio warfare weapon.
          It’s not an influenza that quite normally mutates and evolves to be named after the location of its outbreak or where it jumped across species.

          This is the common cold corona virus / with SARS & perhaps HIV deliberately spliced in.

          => Man made in China.

          The Chinese covered it up for 3 months.
          The Chinese harassed & blocked their own doctors and medical people from reporting the truth.
          The Chinese government and the Chinese people then knowingly and deliberately spread it globally.

          Wuhan had 15 million people including 7 million Hukou low life internal illegals or non resident pass holders.
          (The category of Chinese we allow in).

          Over 6 million fled Wuhan.
          Over 4 million then fled China including these Wuhan infected.

          Australia then let in over 250,000 Chinese in a 2 month period because the Chinese lied about the severity, human to human transmission, the real number of infected and the death rate.

          The Chinese government lied.

          The Chinese themselves lied, doing transit stops so their origin from China was hidden, taking drugs to hide the fever symptoms, not isolating, breaking every rule they could to get into Australia.

          The Chinese are both collective and individually liars.
          They collectively and individually knew they would spread their contagion globally.
          And so they did.
          XImatosis or 🇨🇳ChinaVirus🦠

          Sure that was all aided & abetted by a naive gullible trusting and plain stupid Australian government & the totally corrupted foreign student industry and the other pretext visa traffickers.
          But root cause, and root source of this 🇨🇳ChinaVirus🦠 is the Chinese communist party and the 1.3 billion Chinese.

    • Absolutely agree. In fact i recall numerous MSM and such offering support to China and there seemed to be this generally ooooh lets all help them in need (read libtards) now the narrative changes. same libtrads changing it. It is and was Fed and State Govts fault! if they had acted then with foresight those shipments would have been stopped and quarantined and now confiscated for emergency goods. good thing our pollies all so busy patting themselves on the back and not looking out for our country and people

      • If we were smart we’d let em buy the lot, then declare a state of emergency and nationalise all chinese owned stuff in australia.
        I can dream i guess…

        • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

          Best not to bait a paranoid, nuclear armed military dictatorship with a Nationalistic strong sence of Racial superiority and loyalty to its1.3 billion citizens.

          Lets just quietly and relentlessly decrease our reliance on their mananactured goods, resource purchasing and capital.

          China is increasing looking like 1938 Germany.

          Her actions regarding the Uyghurs, Hong Kong, the south China sea and Taiwan will be very telling over the next year.

          The sale of distressed assets in this country should be banned to all foreign interests.
          For those that disagree I say lets put it to the Australian people, just like we for the comparatively irrelevant Gay Marriage.

          • but wait…. the ban…. would it include ban of sale to other milkman of australian cow?
            you know likw US, UK or….
            making a meth head clean forever is probably easier than remocal of reliance on cheap chinese product.
            rewind back to 80s and average aussie “hero” Dick Smith had pioneered what will be prevalent 40 years later….
            the only way we can remove reliance on Chinese inexpensive manufacture is if the labour cost becomes competitive to China and/or if there is a reset of globalism Mad Max 2 and 3 style…

          • 2026 china war with the west? i dont like the chances of the west winning
            and remember that Xi and Putin have both said bad times are coming
            Putin has made factories in russia get war ready
            We know what china has done but Xi has also been saying show no mercy to your enemies (he has said this a few times) and that do not fear death if bad times come (he has said it a few times to soldiers)

          • Oh God, for starters you can accuse a large slab of the core commentators here of feeling racially superior.

            Re 1938 Germany and HK, you do know the history of HK, don’t you?? You know the history of the opium wars that lead to HK being “given” to the Brits on a 99 yr lease (except HK Island, which the Brits somehow had title to)??. So, they wouldn’t renew the lease, so the Brits had to give it all back as HK Island wasn’t doable by itself. And No, I don’t think the Chinese have handled the return well.

            It’s amazing, the west has gone around the globe taking as it sees fit, but how dare anyone else mimic their behaviour.

          • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

            “but wait…. the ban…. would it include ban of sale to other milkman of australian cow?
            you know likw US, UK or….”

            Of course it should!,…I said ALL!
            Those yanks and pommies bastards set up the sellout of this country post war style, through the virtual Parliament of global capital flows!
            Whitlam had us, for the first time, tacking the path of a proper independent, democratic sovereign state,…then the knights of Global plutocracy/capital said no.
            China is just the next imperialist to want to do the same.
            Do you suggest we dont resist this Djenka?

            @Dennis “The West” is not one entity like the CCP controlled military dictatorship of China.
            Your lament is a bit chicken or the egg.
            If your opposed to Militaristic, Imperialistic and Colonial behaviors of other Nation states why would you Justify that behavior in another?
            Just fken weird?
            Are you basing some difference in justification on eye shape or skin color?

          • EP,

            i am yet to see you address one critic towards the bugest leaches on the Aus soil… the one ‘s that have sucked our economy freely particularly past 1945.
            your critic above has a very narrow and sharp focus towards one leach only…. not the rest.
            i am saying that it is a zero sum game for leaches. For us, the least effective leaches are better

      • when chinese are the only bidders on distressed assets…. yeah…. that’ll be the day….
        First rule of capitalism is that everything is merchandise.

      • Correct. When this subsides vast wealth will have been transferred from public to corporation, business and industry will resume looking to outsource labour to the cheapest geographical location and manufacturing will still be done offshore. Immigration will return to its normal turbo charged limits.
        The 0.01% have no interest in the common weal and neither does this government. And Labor think we are all racists.

        • ‘And Labor think we are all racists.’ – that is not entirely true.

          They need something to look down on us. Because that is how you sell out someone without cognitive dissonance. You convince yourself that ‘they’ are bad.

          It takes a very special kind of person to do bad things with the full knowledge they are doing bad things. Normal people (labour) need to make up excuses to paint us as bad, so they can sell us out with a clean conscience.


  2. Goldstandard1MEMBER

    Stop it, I’m genuinely getting angry and by default it seems, racist.

    We sold this country out to the point of literally giving up our health for theirs. Surely they’ll return the favour now that we need? LOL

    • It’s not racist to hate the leadership of a country. It’s not your fault they choose to maintain an ethnic monoculture.

      That very blurred-line feeling is a weapon they use to stem critique.

    • Perhaps the main favour China could do for us and the rest of the world, being the largest holder of gold, is put a a large price on gold, large enough to extinguish world government debt, get rid of fiat currencies and socialistic inflationism and get us back to sound money.

    • We were a bit flattered when it was Bottles of Blackmores and actually a bit excited when the action moved on to Infant Formula but now that we’ve been flipped over I’m not sure we’re enjoying the thrill like in the beginning.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Well don’t waste that anger!
      We have two political parties that rule in this country and will most likely continue to do so.
      The best way you can rabble-rouse, annoy and hold them to account is by joining one of their parties and relentlessly demand the subject/cause of your anger be addressed.
      Its the easiest way to remove these traitors from our parliaments, from within their own party.
      No other act you can do will put more fear into them (other than armed revolution of cource,…but they got a monopoly on all the heavy weaponry)

      Just because you Join them doesn’t mean you have to vote for them,…well your supposed to,….but they are supposed to always represent Australian citizens interests.
      So,…who you vote for in the privacy of the voting booth is your business.

      Only a few hundred thousand people could kick out all the traitors,… From within.

      • do not mean to insult…. this had me giggle for good quarter of an hour:

        “Its the easiest way to remove these traitors from our parliaments, from within their own party.”

        thwre is a better chance CCP will give up power all of a sudden and for no paericular reason than for duopoly to change its substance (surface has 1000 layers of changes available)

        • After all, there is hardly ever a change of leader other than at an election……..

          • leader…. an interesting way to spell sockpuppet.
            i kinda like it.
            kim Young, Putin, Castro, Gadaffi, Assad, Chavez, Mandela, … these are the leaders (bad or good).
            A 100% encumbered elected sockpuppet is not a leader.

        • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

          You clearly have no Idea how much the Leadership tries to avoid having a large and active rank and file.
          I’ve witnessed it for years now. Brought it up with some quite high and connected individuals.
          The leadership would absolute shyte themselves if only 50,000 people suddenly joined up.
          The democratic structures within the party are certainly manipulated by self serving apparatchiks and careerist leadership of the party. but they are flat out dealing with all the factional shyte in a party of only 55,000 members half of which would be happy to see a radically overhauled more democratic party.
          Party policy already goes through a democratic approval process, its just a little corrupted and the generation of policy proposals from the rank and file a little “guided” and suppressed but this Can be Changed if you Have the Numbers within the party.
          50,000 people to take over a Party that gets a guaranteed 4 to 5 million votes,…Minimum,…EVERY election.
          A party that not only claims a tradition Duty to common working people but a party that still claims to be owned by them.
          Easier than you think DJ
          I suppose the funniest impediment in the way of my hopes is the way the Vast majority of Australians Just dont Give a Fk about politics.
          The coming depression is going to change that.

          • I clearly dont have idea…. I agree.
            But I am not interested to get the idea.

            My perspective is that the system that uses duopoly is essentially corrupt and it corrupts the parties which have near 0 solid ideologies and can morph into anything. In my view it is designed to maintain a broad smokescreen of democracy for masses but real power behind the curtain is never challenged.

            Nope, my view is that al political parties cannot be decleansed. Encumbrance run deep and it is systemic. Only a fresh party can have untainted substance…
            Thus, challenging the leadership of any party is a mute point in my view

    • they already gave to Italy when EU members gave Italy the midlle finger on “EU Solodaruty”

  3. Ropes and lampposts or someone with a Barrett M82 taking out a few pollies in the national interest should get them on the straight and narrow again.

  4. happy valleyMEMBER

    Nothing to see here – move on. They were just shipping stuff back to Straya’s “head office”, as Straya has let itself become China’s great southern colony?


      Would have needed ‘permission’ to outbound the medical gear in those volumes.
      And it was granted without question.
      We’re just a distribution center now inside a much larger Asian economic zone

  5. Colour me shocked. Pollies would sell their own mothers if there was a buck to be made.

  6. Will traitor Dan he also lead a trade delegation to Italy, Spain. USA, Indonesia etc which seem to be hit harder going from the predicted falls in GDP. Will the town hall be bathed in the Italian flag etc or maybe there is no money or retirement job in that for him. He’s been the best at taking actual measures of all the prems, but these plans undo all that

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      If the Chinese is smart, they will send some ventilators to Victoria and Dan will be hailed as a national hero…

    • if our Gov allows that after what happened and people don’t hit the streets then we deserve to be shafted. Australia should ban any Chinese company buying any asset in Australia. Can and Australian company buy 100% of anything in China?

    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      Yes The FIRB will be down on all fours head buried deep in the pillow and fully braced ……..and will be just as effectual as they have been at stopping the nations childrens houses being sold from under them ………getitintaya straya !

    • Pauline Hanson is demanding FIRB prevent predatory asset raids by the Chinese. Credit to her. Nobody else in Canberra is taking about it.

      • Damn. Should have read the article properly. Credit to Andrew Hastie and Tim Wilson for also talking about this publicly. However, they need to pressure their useless colleagues into actually DOING SOMETHING about this.

        FIRB has been an ineffective toothless tiger for a long time.

  7. surflessMEMBER

    This government and others free trade agreements have left Australia with pants down and bent over when it comes to manufacturing of basic medical supplies and equipment. And we did not learn from the locust plagues on supermarket shelves of baby formula. Shame on us!

      • because your finger did not point to a chosen con for a chosen crime.
        it’s become prevalent in tbis pond

    • Shame on our “leadership” & them!

      To teach a Dog not to piss in your house you rub their nose in it & put them outside to think about it – only needs to be done once or twice as they learn fast! Our leadership has shown No limits or expectations on acceptable behaviour, & our arrogant/ignorant/entitled guests haven’t cared enough to even inquire whether what they’re doing is acceptable, so no wonder they think they own us & can do what they like.

      Situation reversed & I’m sure they’d be expectant & telling us what’s acceptable in their house…..?

    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      Haven’t seen a story from Bang Xhaio for a while on the ABC ……..they should get her on to this it’s a good ethnic story ……..

  8. okradovicMEMBER

    Clive Hamilton deserves order of Australia for his work on Silent Invasion. Maybe people will finally start paying attention. Nah, this is Straya.

      • okradovicMEMBER

        I suspect you are right. On the bright side, I am sure that at least Dastyari read it: one recent morning walking to the office in Melbourne CBD I spotted Shanghai Sam himself walking right towards me with a colleague. I just got off the train where I happened to have been reading the Silent Invasion, so I still had the book in my hand. It all happened so fast before I had time to think, so I instinctively waved at him to get his attention and flashed the book in his face. Thankfully the title on the front is quite large and given the glare he gave me as I passed him I am pretty sure he knew exactly what the book is and what it’s about. I just regret not having the presence of mind to have shouted something like “traitor” out at him. Thinking about his background, what would have happened to him in his native Iran had he done something similar (referring to Xiangmo affair)? He would have got a lengthy jail term at least or perhaps even a death sentence. In good old Straya? He gets to walk the streets a free man. How good’s Australya?

  9. also, where was media outrage while this was happening so public pressure could build up and prevent it? Ok I’m being naive here.. first the media mogul would have been profiting out of this trade in some way and then public outrage lol.. As businesses were closing and sending people home, masses of unemployed hit the beaches and mingled 30cm from each other.
    Now people will be angry but that is way too late.. the ship sailed already. Will be funny if we end up paying 10x the price we sold those very same products. Tarded nation we are – always few months behind rest of the planet.
    And good proof is the covid19 where we had all the time in the world to learn from, China, Japan, S Korea, Singapore, Italy.. but we decided to to ask Trump how to handle this – it seems.

  10. Ronin8317MEMBER

    We can’t piss off China since Australia don’t have any industrial base left. Who do you think will sell us ventilators when we need them? It won’t be the US or Europe. Also, where do you think the face masks sent back to China were made?

    • We cant keep kowtowing either – the balance has to change to a more agreeable relationship & a lot of that’s on us to do!

  11. This might be a silly question but,
    Would we be complaining about these sales of Medical supplies to China if we produced and regularly exported Medical supplies?
    Wouldn’t we be celebrating the massive sale that we just notched up?
    Wouldn’t we be running our production lines night and day to ensure that we were ready for our own demand spike?
    Wouldn’t we be staffing up (as in employing people) and finding safe ways to keep them employed despite the virus spreading locally?
    I’m juts a factory worker and no where near as smart as you guys but it does seem to me that the real problem is with our inability to produce (to replace locally, using local materials) that which we sold (as in returned) to China.

    • Yes.

      But, see, all this manufacturing stuff is hard and you get a crappy 8% return for all that hard work. Much easier to close the factory, build 40 apartments on the site, pocket the 600% profit and retire.

      Once we’ve retired with our land banking profits, Hopefully the invisible hand will deliver is everything we need. Recently it’s delivered a sh!ttonne of invisible ventilators, invisible toilet paper and invisible face masks. Another shipment coming tomorrow. So don’t fret.

      • Thanks Peachy, it does help to have the full picture, while I knew about the Invisible Ventilators, I must admit I surprised by the sheer volume of Invisible Face masks, we’ll be sweet as soon as we find the Invisible warehouse they’re all stored in.

        By the way, I did hear the other day that Goldman has launched a new product calls CVS (Corona Virus Swaps) It’s a really novel product that allows the discerning investor to swap real medical supplies for a virtual equivalent product. The stated advantage is that unlike real product, the virtual product can be made available anywhere, anytime, at a moments notice. So naturally it’s a premium product, the kind of thing that smart Australians should invest in.

  12. robert2013MEMBER

    I’m interested to know if the Chinese in Australia were primarily looking to make a fast buck or whether they were directed to do this by the CCP. I wonder if anyone in government is asking this question?

      • Ok I just read it again. Keep in mind, this was blind fury.

        Hi John,

        You can understand how furious I am after learning today that CCP has closed its borders to the rest of the world after just a month ago pressuring Aus to keep the borders open.

        Is the safety of Chinese lives now suddenly more important than Australian lives?

        Also, what is FIRB doing about stopping all foreign investment into Australian assets including, water resources, factories that manufacture critical medical equipment, farming land? The devaluation on our stock market brought on by the CCP is now making all of Australia easy targets for takeovers for CCP.

        And before we get into “it’s not the CCP”, lets review what has happened:
        1. CCP could not regulate and maintain hygiene standards in a wet market. That has caused ALL of this. Let’s stop blaming bats and cultural eating habits. It is the CCP that was responsible to ensure the safety of their markets. They failed.

        2. Companies in Australia acted to assist CCP by shipping medical supplies back while CCP was encouraging us to catch the disease.

        Meanwhile with months of prep time afforded to a country with a natural moat, all we get is waffle from this blubbering idiot:

        This is disgusting.
        If your government cannot now grow a spine, you need to step aside. The states were managing better on their own just like they did during the fires. Your surplus is gone.

        What on earth do we need your governmemt for other than collecting taxes and handing it straight back out quite inefficiently via queues at centrelink????

        All you exist for is to corrupt the whole country and the country is actually better off without you.

        Now the entire country is in ruins being low hanging fruit for the CCP to buy it out from under us.

        Once this crisis is over, you need to go. I will be marching in every protest against the federal govt for the useless leeches you all are.

        • I’d add that CCP mumbled something about stopping their wet markets after SARS, but clearly it was all talk. I don’t know the reasons, but Taiwan did it in the 90’s!

          • But if they stopped all the wet markets where would they find all these new and awesome viruses from?

        • mikef179MEMBER

          Unfortunately, spines are impossible to grow. You either have one or you don’t. No point telling someone to grow one.

        • ….and there will be autoresponse thanking you for the eamil describing how it will be carefully read and thoughts invested

          i reality, automated spam detector will record the sender email and put it on the list and email will be routed to a folder with too many flag words.

          The world moves on…

          • Yeah, but discussed with husband. I’ll be marching in protests from now on in CBR…
            Husband’s view – make sure if you get infected, you lick every doorknob when you’re there.

  13. If it was Gerry Harvey who’d been selling them he would be on TV crowing about his profits and telling everyone not to worry because it’s all a big beat-up anyway.

  14. What a scummy but not surprising move, is the world finally waking up to the communist monster we’ve created?

  15. So Australia is a colony of China and thus the treatment it’s getting. This is old news. Our elites have been selling us out for a very long time. Welcome to the developing world Straya. It’s only down from here on.

  16. How is it organisations like this with ownership by the china are not being monitored by our security services. This should have sent up a huge flag. How government both political parties are too busy profiteering from thier links to the china to care. Enough is enough. This is an organised syndicate profiteering during a time of crisis. All employees in those two companies need to be arrested and deported. All assets of those employees and the directors and owners and the company need to be confiscated used to purchase more medical supplies. The sheer outrage of this makes me want to punch someone.

  17. The Chinese flag represents the evil, ghastly communist rule of China, which continues to this day.

    This is the equivalent of bathing Melbourne with the flag of the Germany and the National Socialist German Workers Party in 1937.

  18. The Chinese flag represents the evil, ghastly communist rule of China, which continues to this day.

    This is the equivalent of bathing Melbourne with the flag of the Germany and the National Socialist German Workers Party in 1937.

  19. TailorTrashMEMBER

    It is noted how government in Australia loves to run up the flag of the PRC at any opportunity ….yet many of the Chinese in Australia are not from China …they are ethicnically Chinese but come from all corners of the globe . The PRC flag does not represent them . By running it up the pole and batheing our government buildings in it we are just following the CCP propaganda that all Chinese belong to China . This is an insult to many ethnic Chinese and a danger to Australia .
    I would like to see more use of the HongKong Flag , the Taiwanese flag , the Malaysian flag …….not to mention the PnG ,Indonesian and Solamen islands flags
    …….and many others to reflect the source of many of our ethnic Chinese Australians…and true multiculturalism……..not this sucking up to an aggressive over bearing state with eyes on subjugating not only our Chinese Australians but all of us .

    • Trash,
      you need an update on international policy of Australia and the world, particularly on recognised Chinese sovereignty.

      • TailorTrashMEMBER

        I know …. I’ll be one of the first to the re-education camp
        when this plays out as it most likely will …..but I’ll salute
        the flag of Taiwan as I face the firing squad …fcuk em !

        • to deny sovereignty based on political discord… an age old tool of the british crown and predatory capital..
          Question is why those with no vested interest support it?
          (no, rhetorical question)

  20. Niko too true.

    The problem isn’t the Chinese, they’re just looking after their own interests like they ought to. The problem is us, we’ve been taught to sell each other and the country out for own personal benefit and we elect the worst possible scum as a result. A country like that is heading towards a very nasty future, even extinction. A few will make out like the bandits they really are. The vast majority will go down with the ship.

  21. But it was a fair trade. They got a bunch of critical medical supplies, and we got a bunch of infected students.