Qantas warns, slashes flights

More virus fallout:

David Llewellyn-Smith


    • Bar humbug!! Qantas will rotate into heavy profits come April when they start using solar winds to power their flights!

      • Reuse
        I said last June on here and consistently that global economy was going to crash very hard into April 2020

      • Swampy
        You have to make your decision based on available info
        I’m really going opposite to a lot of very experienced people
        Reusa, The joyemeister, domain, many RE agents

        • Decision already made, was on market Oct – Jan through the endless smoke, fires and drought
          Now super green, lush and clear.
          Giving it a 4 week rest then back on at auction

          Moving to town, happy to rent 6 months with cash in bank for right place to be flushed out

      • Yeah, nah. While the wokesters are always keen that ‘something must be done’ … it must be done with ‘other people’s money’.

        Same as it ever was.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      Yep. Uni VCs, airline CEOs and tourism industry CEOs – we really to have feel for them all and the tough times they may have to face. Solution: just put workers on “part-time” arrangements, and skim the savings in to the big bosses’s pay packets?

    • Looking around it seems that the property market and FMG profits seem to be the only things doing well. So, Twiggy earns nearly $700 million and we go all out on the debt smorgasbord?

      Australia is totally bonkers, I give up.

      • darklydrawlMEMBER

        Yeah, I hear you. Hear a conversation the other day were numerous folks thought it was perfectly sensible (and desirable) to leverage $100K savings into a $1M dollar home and carry a $900 K mortgage – doubly so as the bank was prepared to lend them that much “so we must be able to afford it”. Holy moly people.

        • It is now totally safe to borrow larger amounts and rely on interest rates staying low. A mortgage broker explained to me why this is the case:
          Since Australians now have so much more debt than in the past, a small rise in interest rates now will slow the economy as much as a large rise would have in the past.
          A large rise in interest rates would bankrupt many borrowers and “crash” the economy. For this reason the RBA would never do it. Therefore it is impossible and won’t happen and you are safe to borrow larger amounts and rely on interest rates staying low.

          • Atta boi… the plebs are now the too big to fail category. Take that big corporations! * fist pumps*

          • That mortgage broker with his two day course is probably making even more sense than the RBA with their room full of PhDs and millions of dollars to research and write papers that are only good for wiping one’s posterior.

        • When the Wife and I bought our first home (Brisbane, early 2012) our mortgage was just over half of our borrowing capacity. People were surprised, because apparently pushing as close to your limit for the best house possible was a great idea as the larger the value of the home the greater the amount of equity you end up with to then upgrade to an even better place.

          This all works as long as the double incomes keep coming in, prices keep going up and your pay rises end up helping to pay off the whopping great principal. Anyone spot the missing ingredient in this plan? Dunno, maybe we should ask the brains trust at the RBA.

        • It always makes me shudder that the world’s top hedge funds are only able to leverage their capital 4 to 5 times, while the average sh*t-for-brains citizen can leverage themselves up to 20 times (5% down) in the housing market. The world is bat-soup crazy!