Open the borders! Only 1.8m beds needed…

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More than 1.8 million hospital beds could be needed to treat people in an Australian coronavirus outbreak, with the country’s ageing population meaning the virus could hit harder here than it has overseas.

In a worst-case scenario, at least 650,000 beds would need to be in the intensive care units of hospitals, according to Professor Raina MacIntyre, head of the Biosecurity Program at UNSW’s Kirby Institute.

Professor MacIntyre warned the impact on Australia of a coronavirus outbreak could be worse than it had been in China because there are more older people – who are more susceptible to the virus.

In China, about 9 per cent of the population are over the age of 65, compared with Australia where it is about 16 per cent.

Come now, throw open the borders. All of those dead elderly will lift the budget surplus before the next election:

The more cases, the more deaths, the better the budget.

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  1. and that’s the plan. Liberal donors and Lib politicians stakes in those companies (hidden in Cayman Is) will be getting those contracts to deliver those beds, quarantine ICUs, etc.. Make most of it and escape OS when your game’s up so can’t be prosecuted.

  2. Locus of ControlMEMBER

    Where’s Dr d-numbers gone? Used to post in the comments about their experiences in the NSW medical system. I’d really like to hear their views right now…

  3. I doubt it. Western people are healthier and have access to better medical facilities than poor Chinese peasants. Thus most will shake it off. Which is why no one from the Princess Dream virus infestation has died yet – despite it being almost 100% stocked with elderly people who have picked up the virus like its free drinks at bingo night.

    • Don’t be so sure. When the numbers of sick needing treatment to stay alive swamp the available hospital beds then the death rate goes up to Wuhan or even Iranian levels.

      • Fox and the Hound

        How good is Australia? We can easily beat Wuhan and Iranian numbers. Boomers better get ready to liquidate their nest eggs! Slain by the very government they elected!

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            Fox and the Hound

            Nah mate. Blame Labor for becoming LNP but worse. No one’s blaming Labor for losing. Blame them for betraying Australia and giving us no way out of the LNP path.

            Perfectly sound logic.

        • Most of the problems that you blame on baby boomers are due to bipartisan government policies. I have been putting the major party #$%^& last on the ballot paper for decades. They remain in power because they have millions of dollars for advertising and because they and their rich mates control the mass media. They can thus shape the narrative and mould public opinion, persuading most people to vote for them, whether they are 18 or 80. Ordinary people don’t benefit much or at all from the various rorts and are unlikely to have much of a nest egg. What you are saying is that baby boomers can be blamed for voting for the LNP or Labor, but not younger people. I am an equal opportunity blamer.

    • You don’t quite get it that the lower Western fatality rates only hold true when there are enough ICU beds for critical patients.

      There are less than 3000 ICU beds in total of which many already taken during winter.


      You obviously don’t live in regional or rural Australia.
      Rural Areas have a higher number of elderly and limited access to health services.
      We live in a town of 12000 and
      If you get anything remotely serious out here and they drive you to the next major centre or fly you to the coast.
      Might buy and excavator of a furnace in preparation
      Could be a good chance to buy a farm or 3

  4. First country coronavirus cases on 25 February:

    – Algeria reported its first case, an Italian man who arrived on 17 February.

    – Austria reported its first two cases, two Italians living in Tyrol tested positive for the coronavirus.

    – Croatia announced its first case of the virus, with a patient hospitalised in the capital, Zagreb, who had travelled to Italy and stayed in Milan.

    – Switzerland’s government announced the first infection in the country.

    – The Ministry of Health of Brazil confirmed the first case of coronavirus in the country. A 61-year-old man, who arrived on 21 February from the Lombardy region in Italy, on the first case of the disease in South America.

  5. PalimpsestMEMBER

    Well we haven’t blocked anyone from Italy or neighbours of Iran. We can create beds but not ventilators. Yes we can handle a few.cases.with low.mortality, but not a flood. DOH plan published today notes that first line responders get I’ll or have to look after family members. Should release though. Particularly older.freestanding homes.

  6. Will Australian doctors and nurse’s, ambos etc put up with treating sick foreigners or do they treat Australians that have paid tax their whole life first?

    • Wouldn’t be relying on private hospital beds to fill any gaps in services. The government might decide to pay the bed fees for a private hospital, but they won’t be paying the private doctor who has to admit and treat the Covid19 patient. After all, already self-funded patients gets a lower medicare rebate and I can’t see the government agreeing to make up the gap.

      As private contractors there’s no obligation for a private doctor to accept every referral, and it’s not uncommon to decline any that will potentially expose themselves to risk.

      • I’m pretty sure all bets are off when there is a crisis. All those pesky medicare/private health rules will be put on hold and the money will flow to avoid mass unrest against the government. It won’t take many “My grandmother is dying and the government won’t do anything” livestreams on Facebook before the govt throws in the towel and starts writing cheques.

        • When there is a million people live streaming the same story it won’t matter, and at that point the government will be finished. Expect enough members of parliament to die so the ScoMo don’t have a majority, but no election can be held due to quarantine lock down measures…

          • “so the ScoMo don’t have a majority” A majority? I didn’t think that was a requirement for governing anymore, more of a stretch goal. I think if you have the support of the MSM you don’t need the support of the people.

    • This has opened up a major money-making opportunity for the 1.4 million Chinese students studying in Australia

      Yikes, they’re multiplying …. 1.4m. That’s 5% of the fkn population.

    • There is one of these at waterford shopping centre near curtin uni. Has baby formula, skin care and vitamins. A huge pile of boxes next to the register. The students come in, buy the goods, the store packages it and sends it off.
      This is getting fvcking ridiculous. Sick of this country selling it’s fvcking soul to these parasitic cvnts.

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