Morrison steps back from suicidal border opening…for a week

Via the AFR:

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has moved to get ahead of the coronavirus outbreak being declared a global pandemic and has activated the government’s emergency response plan.

The declaration triggered goverment preparations for a more severe virus outbreak and planning to shore up medical stockpiles, supply chains and health resources.

The health crisis was generating “very significant economic implications” and the government was also working on stimulus measures that would be “targeted, modest and scaleable”.

…While the decision was made to keep the China travel ban in place for at least another week, it was deemed impractical to impose travel bans on other places, including Europe.

The other bans should be put in place immediately for Korea, Italy and Iran, practical or not.

At least the 4m or so 70+ Australians that the good PM was contemplating putting at risk of death can look forward to another week of life.

The Government should immediately extend the China ban for a month to give these and other Australians peace of mind, as well as shove out the vested interests.

David Llewellyn-Smith


    • I’m kind of hoping the QLD/NSW border will be closed to interstate migration. Unless people wish to leave, of course.

      I suggest a human cannon stationed in Coolangatta that can launch peeps all the way to Port Macquarie (but I’ll take Byron if that’s all that’s manageable)

      • The Quarantine Hospital was at Wallangarra for the Spanish Flu……remember dad having to open the boot here when we were kids. Wonder who will get the job of nailing shut the doors of all the 12 to a unit student accommodation in Melbourne ?

  1. Goldstandard1MEMBER

    I saw the press conference. He said he wanted to assure us that this was “a health concern, not an economic concern”.

    Watch the actions, not the mouth. Economic possible Armageddon in an already weak economy. MacroB called it

      • In that case I don’t understand why the WHO wouldn’t want these triggered – then they won’t have to pay back the proceeds at maturity?

        • i assume they are making an assumption that there is some corruption going on and people at the WHO can benefit personally from it maturing

        • Hi Kensz0,
          I think Asura below above has the gist of it. Depends on who the secret bondholders are.

          • They could also be reluctant to call it as any future bond raising would require significantly higher premiums once a default president has been set, meaning they’d not be able to fund their own careers.

      • wow. After accusing many commentators of profiteering with “lies”, it is actually WHO that had the financial motivation to suppress the truth. Orwellian.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        Reading up on these Bonds IMHO was just corporate welfare for connected financial insiders. Larry Summers described pandemic bonds as “financial goofiness” and an “embarrassing mistake”.

        WHO’s Dr Ghebreyesus stated:

        “We should not be too eager to declare a pandemic without a careful and clear-minded analysis of the facts. The WHO has already declared a public health emergency of international concern – our highest level of alarm. Using the word pandemic carelessly has no tangible benefit, but it does have significant risk in terms of amplifying unnecessary and unjustified fear and stigma, and paralysing systems.”

        But it gets better – other agencies are working to legitimise both WHO’s position and spreading the narrative that the biggest concern isn’t you or your parents dying of the virus, but instead xenophobia. The European Union Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides told reporters:

        “This is a situation of concern but we must not give in to panic. We must also be vigilant when it comes to misinformation and disinformation as well as xenophobic statements, which are misleading citizens and putting in question the work of public authorities.”

        Which the SMH was fine to run with because, well it’s the SMH and virtue signalling and obsessing over rac!sm is its thing.

        But the issue is, as noted in the original Zero Hedge article, just who holds the 425million in Pandemic Bonds :

        Bloomberg spoke with several investors who own the bonds. The unidentified people said the bonds aren’t quoted on public exchanges.

        But not that it appears to even mater much, as according to France24 the Pandemic Bonds are next to useless anyhow

        The devil was in the detail – the 386 pages of documentation setting out how the bonds work and, above all, the conditions to be fulfilled for a pandemic to cause money to be transferred to the World Bank’s special fund. In order to be triggered, the first type of bond requires 12 weeks to have passed since the start of the outbreak (a point which will be reached on March 23 for the coronavirus), 250 people to have died in the country where it began, and 200 deaths in a second country.

        In this context, the second Ebola outbreak illustrated the limitations of pandemic bonds. Still ongoing after it started in 2018, this health crisis has already killed more than 2,200 people, almost entirely in DR Congo. But not a single penny has been transferred from the portfolio of pandemic bondholders to the World Bank fund, as 20 people have not yet died from the outbreak in another country.

        “The terms are too stringent; it shows how useless this instrument is,” Bodo Ellmers, director of the Global Policy Forum’s sustainable development finance programme, told the Financial Times.

        Which basically confirms to me that they were probably nothing more than Supranational welfare for the supernational elite.


    Well if we have postponed the walking dead for another week maybe scummo can turn his attention to this.

    Tried 7 pharmacies in total masks all sold out and now hand sanitizer is on restricted sale. Wanna bet local china are buying out all the stock to flog to remote china for huge markups. Looked on line. Cheapest I could find was $15 per disposable mask. Seriously.

        • The Traveling Wilbur

          May I suggest a brown paper bag then?

          And perhaps something to stop you from touching your face also? 😘

        • Breeding ground with the added bonus that there is no seal on the mask – hence false sense of security leading to bad behavioral risk factors. All these sort of masks are used short term to mitigate exhaling or inhalation of particulate.

          Some should read up on NBC military SOP.

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      They were almost no masks available 3 weeks ago.

      You can’t by an 3m respirator anywhere in Oz.

      • A few of us were warning around 4 weeks ago to buy now

        Were laughed at

        Like I said / rather be looking at it than for it

        Chemist warehouse today stocked up on supply of Panamax ibuprofen and kids Panadol and neurogenic

        Plus ventolin and prescription meds

        I’m heading to bunnings tomorrow – will see if I can track down a bulk pack of p2s and let any MBers know

        Anyone want any?

    • Local pharmacist said that face masks are going the way of baby formula, all theirs were bought out by a series of people who were buying for obvious sale elsewhere…

  3. Scummo decided the politics wouldn’t allow it.
    Enough Chinese students are coming through third countries now anyway.
    Area around USYD/UTS is back to being 80% Chinese.

  4. We are on track for a “Children of Men” style world except replace the threat of infertility to humanity with bio-warfare by incompetence/negligence. That film is set in 2027. We aren’t even halfway through 2020.

    Never been a more exciting time to be Australian.

  5. Correction: “Morrison steps back from ‘politically’ suicidal border opening…for a week”

    In the interim our universities are dumping Chinese students in Thailand as part of a “quarantine” agenda in order to transfer the health hazard to a developing country.

    This comes as virus incubation periods have expanded from two weeks to a month.

    Because who cares if old Thai people die in order to keep the rivers of gold flowing? It’s only on Australian campuses that we are allowed to be Woke. Transferring health risks to poor people of colour is fine so long as it is off-shore.

    You massive hypocrites.

    This is repugnant. Our universities have become a cancerous blight upon our society and Asian societies as well – driven by the very policies of tertiary commodification and neoliberal mindset that Dan Tehan’s mum (Marie) and Phil Honeywood (ex Kennett government ministers) promoted in the 1980s and 1990s. This is the same nest of cockroaches that gave rise to Innes Willox (aka Anus Bollox) and a range of other parasitic organisms that keep running through that revolving door.

    The cost of the ALP becoming the LNP is that all our politicians are singing from the same hymn sheet. The ALP is up to its neck in pumping the poo that is drowning us all.

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      Are they really parking them in Thailand? Which institutions Clive? What a pack of brstards.

      • See above. This just scratches the surface. They have kept it quiet but it seems that Australian universities are involved in large-scale movements of Chinese students by exploiting diplomatic pressure China has placed on regional neighbours (such as Thailand) to keep the borders open. In other words, both China and Australia are undermining self-quarantine. Dan Tehan knows all about it, but as it is not “government policy” has done nothing.

        How’s that for crap!

    • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

      “The cost of the ALP becoming the LNP is that all our politicians are singing from the same hymn sheet”

      Exactly. The only solution is destruction of the Labor party.

        • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

          Because LNP are doing exactly what a whole heap of Australians want.

          Both would be great, but the plebs should have revolted against Labor long long long long ago.

          • The “plebs” revolt against labor by note voting for them

            As has been pointed out as nauseum – a party with policies that represent the interests of citizens equality climate change societal fairness (raising Newstart) lowering immigration etc will win votes

            It’s immaterial who it is

            So to my point, it’s both their faults

            Who are you going to vote for

            Obviously parties like flux, shooters,CA, animal justice etc numbering EVERY SINGLE BOX

  6. Arthur Schopenhauer

    How many weeks before Australia has over 1000 cases?

    Opening bid: three and a half weeks.

  7. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Was in one of the north shore shopping centres today . Must be pension day as cafes full of old Anglo folk ( 70 -80 ) enjoying a nice cuppa and a sticky bun .
    These are Scomo’s rusted on liberals …….it occurred to me that they probably have no idea what he will do to them for his precious economy …..thought for a moment I’d do a stump speech on their possible future ……..but not sure they would have believed me ……..probably think the LNP is still the party of Menzies .

    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      ….and noted the shelves were empty of large bags of rice ….and the toilet rolls very looking depleted …
      …bit of quiet prepping going on

      • Interesting thanks

        Moving my timeline up
        TP rice pasta soy milk flour canned veg passata frozen veg

          • I got about half of our stock up list tonight at Coles. No one was stocking up while I was there but some items were looking a tad run down. Could just be normal though. Will go out again tomorrow morning for the remainder of the list

  8. So I’m I still considered racist if the Chinese person I avoid at the shops actually has the Coronavirus or is meant to be quarantined ?

    Who has seen the rule book ?

  9. At the local supermarket today, lots there around lunch, more than usual… prompted me to buy some rice, oats, long life milk and tinned etc. etc. Going back tomorrow for more. My own immune system bashed by chemo last year so if this starts to escalate, everyone’s going to need some supplies as I don’t think I have enough food for a week, let alone a month or so. I won’t be going out either way, so time for a few cases of wine and beer as well.

    Thanks all for comments and info, been a help

  10. High school down the street went into lockdown yesterday over suspected case. Place has 600 students. Police and ambulances absolutely everywhere. People living within 800m advised to immediately go out and buy 2 weeks of supplies while authorities waited for test results (from teacher who returned from N Italy).

    SO I actually went out and did shopping for the apocalypse yesterday. Armageddon shopping.

    In the end, woman was negative.

    Have 1 month supply of long life milk and BBQ baked beans.

    Very strange feeling. Shocking. Worrisome. Fearful. And kinda angry.

    Never TRULY thought I’d ever do grocery shopping for the end-times.

    Markets are toast. This will collapse capitalism. You should have seen the panic on people’s faces.

  11. No, no. You just did your bit to stimulate the economy. Retail Sales figures this 1/4 will look fabulous with all the unanticipated buying that’s going on!
    Besides. Jamie Oliver will have a recipe for BBQ Baked Beans and Long Life Milk in his upcoming book. “Jamie’s Recipe Book of Last Resorts” or maybe that was more an accounting book for his chain of restaurants.


    Well Australia has effectively called it a pandemic stating it is “moving ahead” of the WHO.

    The rhetoric from USA, UK and Aust (and perhaps others I don’t follow as closely) has ramped up this week, and this pronouncement was inevitable.

    it is a pandemic so may as well call it one.

  13. Lmmao …. just look at the herd getting nervous, albeit with short positions for a big payday – if they survive and rise to rule as the rational [tm] ones …. who needs Netflix for dark comedy … sorta like the post 80s cocaine survivor mentality …

    Anywho I’ll be working and if you all start dropping dead I’ve got my Scotts full face sealed masks with wizbang filters and all my nose and mouth sundstrom masks.

    Will also be instructive to see whom are the Altruistic sorts and the Darwinian, could be a factor moving post event. Personally I think Trumps captain call [good at this sort of thingy] is a Cecil B. DeMille casting pick, Pence’s HIV record and all …

  14. He wasn’t ever going to open the boarders this week.

    He has actually played this as well as he could. He looked as though he had listened to the vested interests, consulted, heard what the public thought, and said No.

    At some stage the borders will be opened. But not yet.

    • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

      BS. I just heard him trying to justify opening. Must have been before he worked out it’d be terminal for LNP.

    • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

      Come election, after thousands of Australians have died via Coronavirus, LNP, Labor and Greens will not be able to defend allowing planes to continue for over 2 weeks, followed by completely inadequate measures along with utterly dodgy trickster measures.

      The mood is changing. Australians are getting very angry and hopefully unleash on LNP, Labor and Greens.

      • To be replaced by what exactly

        Might be a chance for sustainable judean peoples front of don’t call us racist lower immigration sorry not sorry we’re not racist party to muscle up

        Or more likely shooters and fishers