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      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        Don’t knock the electric mower. It’s….the….best….

        So quiet you can listen to the Sinica Podcast and now the lawn. Fvck yeah! 😎👍

    • PalimpsestMEMBER

      Hydrogen seems a great fuel on the surface. The challenge is – it’s easy to put a small electric charging pole just about anywhere. No big Council issues (there are always Council issues for everything, but charging points are an understood technology). Hydrogen dispensing is more problematic and a higher capital investment. There are almost no outlets in the Country. We’re only just at the point where basic electric charging networks are in place. Without some Government support, this will remain just a wish. Yet, this is a perfect climate to run a significant Hydrogen export business. Provided one generates enough cash to donate generously to political parties.

      • hydrogen for cars is wrong application – cars are more than fine with batteries only
        hydrogen may have his merit as a large utility scale storage solution if price drops down

        • Arthur Schopenhauer

          And for the majority of trips, 5km or less, an electric bike will do the job for a 1/10 of the energy.

    • I can see the winch, rack, kings side awning, bar and tow ball moving across to the EVs.
      The Rivian is self lifting so the lift kit may be on the way out.
      Snorkel and perhaps bash plate are out.

      The Rivian has racks that that clip to the roof and the top of the tray.
      This allows people to put the rooftop camper behind the cab for an improvement in aerodynamics.
      It can also do a slide out kitchen set up and will have a fridge in the frunk.
      It may be a proper tiny house alternative.

      Anyhoo, the question is, what piece of kit says “I’m proper off road.”?
      I’m going to say an over the top solar panel on the roof so that you can charge when away from it all.
      Perhaps even thin solar panels across the bodywork so everything is soaking up the sun.
      There will also be CU in the NT stickers that are solar for true Territorian.

  1. Why is half of Melbourne’s western fringe for sale on Facebook at the moment? Whole estates too, not just drip fed blocks. I thought people camped out for this stuff? Personally i think they’d be better advertising on fvckbook as that’s where the real players hang out.

    • It must be the impending crash, jimbo. Smart money getting out.

      Or credit crunch meaning that nobody can settle in their purchases from a year ago…. remember that was meant to happen too?!

      • That’s it, I’m calling it: peaches is bi! … bi-polar, that is. On her high days it’s a female version of Reusa, on her low days, she’s one of the shut-ins..

    • So there’s about 45000 acknowledged cases and 1100 dead. That’s a mortality rate of 2.5%. If new cases stopped now, say another 1000 die and everybody else recovers. That would be a mortality rate of around 5%, and that’s using dodgy Chinese figures that have no doubt understated total cases and total fatalities. Still, a 1 in 20 chance of dying doesn’t seem very good odds to me, particularly when the fatalities appear to be biased towards older men, which includes me.

      To put it another way, “Harry Jones” should not be believed.

      • I’m not sure the male thing is very significant.
        1. Across a population, males are more likely to be mixing with others (catching mass transit to work, sporting events etc). Given the time lag, it may be that males are simply getting hit earlier rather than harder.
        2. At any given age, males have a slightly shorter life expectancy than females (which is one reason why life insurance is more expensive for males than females of same age). So when a disease comes along, unlikely this will change – males will do slightly worse as they have a little less physiological reserve (all other things being equal)
        3. Males probably higher smokers – so may be lifestyle rather than XY chromosome

        Age? Don’t know. Most resp infections do affect the elderly more. However the Spanish ‘flu seemed to particularly hit the middle aged rather than extremes of age (which s unusual for ‘flu). There seem to be plenty of young people dying from this, but then anecdotal stories of young people dying will always spread further than stories of 80 year olds dying.

        • At around first 100 dead there was an age distribution graph created. Youngest was 36 then 48, around 10 in their 50s, even more in 60s, etc. heavily skewed towards the elderly.