Kouk slammed for celebrating “excellent” border decision

This may capture the Labor attitude to the border opening:

Kouk’s followers are incensed:

And on it reads…

No doubt Labor will kick the Government if the border opening goes ahead and results in infections. Until then expect them to put self-interest ahead of national interest as well.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Goldstandard1MEMBER

    How come we as a nation apparently over react on things that deserve the reaction (this virus, selling our nation for pennies to China etc), and are completely impotent to thing that need some kind of reaction (immigration, property for too much debt, a dead economy)??
    This guy’s reputation should burn publicly for this. Farking treason.

    • Economists believe this will all blow over soon and everything is hunky dory. Epidemiologists believe that a global pandemic is near certain.
      Can we get some input from Malcolm Roberts or Barnaby Joyce to clear up the confusion.

        • We must let Scrotovirus , and Greg hunt and Albo know thet we disagree with their opening of our borders to carriers of the Virus
          Here are their phone contacts.
          Morrison parliament office; 02 62777700
          Electoral Office.; 02 95230339
          Greg Hunt ; Parliament Off; 02 62777220
          Electoral Office; 03 59779082
          Albanese ; Parliament Office; 02 62774022
          Electoral Office. ; 02 95643588

    • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

      That word “Nation” it is not relevant when discussing an economic zone.

      Just individual actors going about their business in the global economy – how dare anyone stand in the way of that.

  2. We had a bedpan economy. Soon we will have diversified to a bedpan, Medicare and undertaker economy. Nice!

    • Our hospitals don’t have the resources to handle more than a few cases. Sydney’s only isolation ICU in Westmead has 10 beds. The hospital doesn’t even have that number of respirators – staff have been told to get portable ones from ambulances.

      Plans are in place to re-use one-use equipment like catheters in case of emergency, like they do in Africa.

      • Yeah, but we can build 1,250 bed hospitals – fully kitted out – in a week. Plenty of vacant land within our cities for that. We’ve got the technical knowledge, the manufacturing industry, political willpower, etc. needed to handle any emergency, be it fires, floods or a pandemic.

  3. LNP can do whatever LNP want to do while the Labor party is LNP’s only opposition.

    Fix Australia. Destroy the Labor party.

      • Yes, I agree
        I was all set to blame the actual governing party – just for the avoidance of doubt, that’s the Liberal National Party Rich – for being in charge and allowing this.

        I am glad Rich has set me straight it is all Labor’s fault.

        • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

          Who’s going to vote for Labor when most of their policies are as bad or worse than LNP’s?

          Labor are the problem.

          • At the last election? How about anyone under the age of 30 that doesn’t own a house or have rich parents or happen to work in a coal mine.

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            “How about anyone under the age of 30 that doesn’t own a house or have rich parents or happen to work in a coal mine”

            They’re deluded. Completely missing cause and effect. If both parties are going to have a massive immigration program, they’d be far better off with LNP.

          • Is the dementia starting to kick in boomer?

            Please keep telling us what we are better off with like we’re as feeble minded as you lot, that will make taking every single thing you have that much more satisfying.

    • solution is not to destroy labor party but to change our quasi-democratic two party preferential majority voting system
      in a semi-democratic voting system like proportional systems in Europe LNPs and Labor would have less than half of lower house seats combined

      • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

        The only thing wrong with our democracy is LNP and Labor are exactly the same.

        There is no solution other than getting rid of the party betraying their voter base.

        • they are the same because they know they have monopoly and no other party can endanger their privileged positions.
          greens get 10% of votes and 1 seat in house of reps, nationals get 9% and 15 seats
          and that’s after people being discouraged to vote for third party knowing their vote will be wasted

          in a ordinary continental European proportional single district elections, LNP and Labor combined would be minority in house of reps and smaller parties would have much more chance to get elected into the parliament

        • hey totes,
          have you noticed the government and opposition in all the westminster representative democracies are virtually the same, and all have only 2 parties that are ever in a position to rule. The problem isn’t the labor party, it’s the entire system.
          It was designed to be this way from the start, give the illusion of a voice to the masses while retaining elite control of everything important.
          Destroying labor achieves nothing. How have the greens gone since destroying the democrats?
          You need to change tho whole system for anything to change.

    • LNP are the ones committing treason. Labor may suck but coronavirus wasn’t an election issue. This is 100% their fault and all blood is on their hands.

        • whataboutism!

          Sorry, this is a right here-right now question. It’s a commercial/game of mates decision/calculus.

          And for that, sole responsibility is with Scrotomo, whatever angst we all have for the Labor [sic[ Party

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            LNP can only do what they’re doing (for the benefit of the elites) while Labor are this bad.

            No whataboutism. This is all Labor’s fault.

        • Narapoia451MEMBER

          What you are doing is literally the definition of whataboutism. If you can’t see it then you don’t understand what it is.

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            I don’t agree.

            Labor are the party for the plebs and are acting anything but.

            LNP are the elites party and doing exactly as you’d expect.

            Essentially “whataboutism” translates to blaming a lion for eating bambi.

            What’s happening to pleb Australians is entirely Labor’s fault.

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            You want LNP to lower house prices, immigration, increase wages?

            Why would they do that?

            Loyal Labor voters are wrecking our country.

            The party needs destroying.

  4. The Kouk will welcome the first 1000 back at the airport with the traditional lip kissing once reserved for those troops that hid inside the Wooden Horse at the sacking of Troy.

  5. Comments like this are a no-lose situation.
    If Corvid19 comes to nothing substantially different to season flu, here there or anywhere, then he’ll be able to say “See! I told you ignorant lot so”
    And if it does turn into a pandemic, recalling his comments will be the last thing on our minds.
    Scott Morrison, however, will be in no such position. For him, it’s a lose-lose one.

  6. Mining BoganMEMBER

    Does he want the government to bail out the owners of the cracking and inflammable highrises by buying and converting them into quarantine housing?

  7. He must be confident in his physical capabilities to see this thing through should he get it. To me he looks like an overgrown sack of sh1t who needs to be careful.

    If I were him I’d be ringing Boomy and booking in three months of daily shred sessions.

    • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

      3D1K likes the Xi Corona virus wig graphic too…. I have to say that that one appeals to me too – the Xi China virus searching for some protein surface to bind onto. Plenty of opportunities within the Liberal and Labor party.

  8. Mining BoganMEMBER

    Lovey told me this morning of a job advertising for a nanny. Two weeks. Live in. Three kids. $15k.

    I thought Wuhan Flu self-isolation straight up. Someone else got another explanation?

  9. The Kouk is listening,

    He just blocked me for liking 6 or 7 responses to his stupid tweet. What a whanker.