COVID-19 elderly mortality rates much higher than feared

Much higher then we estimated, alas:

More very good reasons for the elderly to turn violently against on Scott Morrison.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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    • It’s not all bad mate, it’s seems to be Chinese men who are dying more than women due to a higher prevalence of smoking.
      More single Chinese women could mean more availability for massages.

  1. > “More very good reasons for the elderly to turn violently against on Scott Morrison.”
    The elderly will not turn on Scott. By the next election they’ll either be dead or still have high house prices.
    Scotty will win because of surviorship bias.

    Labor will have let more infected in than the LNP anyway – just wait till the virus hits India and you’ll see a wave of grannies coming in on family visas for our Medicare.

  2. I doubt the 80+ year olds in Hubei province were very healthy to begin with, this is misleading data that won’t be replicated in countries that have been developed for much longer.

    • We are definitely more prepared but are we really fine with any deaths over keeping this Ponzi economy going?

  3. The Covid-19 pandemic is a godsend to the world’s central bank, the Fed…They understand speculative bubbles always pop, and so the Covid-19 pandemic is just the excuse they needed to let the air out of the current grossly unsustainable bubble….”Buy-the-dip” punters are placing bets on the belief the Fed can’t possibly let the current bubble pop. Oh yes they can and yes they will. All bubbles pop. That leaves the Fed with an unsavoury choice: either be viewed as responsible for the bubble bursting or engineer some fall-guy to take the blame and give the Fed cover for its self-serving incompetence…..

    (CH Smith)

  4. Poor Fellow My Country

    Good thing they all have top hospital cover (subsidised by the rest of us) …
    Cause I’m sure Healthscope and Ramsay will be quite happy to admit all these cases to their private hospitals …

    The CVNTS in this country who have been cheering on and voting for Scummo et all because franking dividends and able to collect pension while owning a $4 million house are going to get a lesson in how badly the public hospital system in ‘Straya has been run down and exactly how many of the scarce hospital beds are perceptually occupied by recently arrived elderly non contributory migrants

    • Yeah!!! Morrison has caused all this in the last 18 months. We need to go back to the days and policies of Howard, Rudd, Gillard, Abbott and Turnbull. We’d have none of these problems with such guardians of Australia.

      • Yep you’d reckon Scotty has had a pretty rough trot? As much as I am not to sure about Scotty from Marketing I’m pretty sure all the in built economic/political/social mechanisms that are basically beginning to fail our society are not all his fault. Pretty sure it is back in time!

  5. this is quite good for BBs since they are going to accelerate their inheritance from elderly (80+) parents

  6. TheRedEconomistMEMBER

    What is to fear… baby boomers love Booms… Double figure returns….for 70+ year olds

    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      This over 70 Booma past a group of 50 cyclists this morn, at this stage not going to wear one of my industrial masks, just hold my breath if near a suspect. Hey CP from Balgowlah were you in the group?

  7. Old pricks voted for Scummo and he decided to let infected “students” in and the virus kills 1 in 10 old pricks.

    Turkeys voting for Christmas.

    Not sure what PM Shorten would have done though.

    • PM Shorten would have let in the students plus 300,000 Indian grannies on “family unification visas”

      • That would have turned into 30,000 respiratory emergency cases that older residents would need to compete with and pay for via their taxes at public hospitals. This crazy policy can now be seen for the idiocy it is. Is any country with a welfare state system able to cover 30,000 more elderly patients in an epidemic emergency without eroding that care given to those who have lived all their lives and paid tax into it? Go to political hell and stay there Bill Shorten. Apart from being a cold fish with dead eyes, this policy betrayed the ALP as the Woke Joke they have become.

        • Poor Fellow My Country

          But who is going to dish out the death stares to the whiteys who dare to venture west of Strathfield if we don’t keep importing Indian grannies??

          Receiving Indian Granny Death Stares and being reminded by the ABC about how racialist I am are my daily bread …

          • I feel that statues are the answer. It would employ many artists to cast the death stares in bronze and also stimulate the metals industry. Such statues could be pulled down in the time honoured historical revisionist way, then employ teams of journalists to communicate the resulting outrage. With any luck this will perpetuate the cycles of toxic identity politics and allow parties to garner a further support base.


    That’s how Scomo intends on doing it
    Kill off the oldies
    Fixes the pension problems, saves his budget, no need to fix retirement home issues, first home buyers have plenty of affordable housing, public housing becomes available, creates jobs ( funerals, gravestones , cremations ) and it frees up a lot of wealth for the people who receive an inheritance to spend.
    Scomo is really looking at the bigger picture

    • It’s all part of The Rapture. Scotty is waiting for God to call him to heaven with all the other good marketing people. Should be any day now. Blessed are the cheesemakers, marketers and bankers.

      You need to watch this. It is seriously what Scotty from marketing believes. Fire, war, disease etc and then the second coming.

  9. Don’t want to sound evil, but can’t help thinking about the possibilities. Corona virus might be a solution instead of a problem. The lesser the number of oldies on aged pension dole, the better it will be for the economy. Plus think of those million+ dollar houses that will be freed. Scomo might even get closer to his surplus

    • #logiccheck
      Will the houses be freed?
      Nope, a lot will be inherited
      Some will be sold.
      And to whom? First home buyers?

      • yeah, 3.6% to 14.8% is tool low a fatality rate. Not high enough to bring too many houses to the market to push the prices down. Would take a stronger virus that affects that affects these old hags more to achieve a price drop.

  10. Not just the elderly. My own spouse is having renal cancer treatment and also has pneumonia, was in rude health. Open the gates for GDP or keep them shut for health? Seriously.

  11. Yes Ginger, can see your issue. Very worrying time. And with all this talk of “oldies” (i.e. BB’s with health issues) forgets that people of all ages for many reasons are extremely vulnerable to such a virus. Hope all goes well for you & spouse through your difficult time.

  12. Holly crap isn’t that the “quiet Australian” demographic?
    If not its the Newscorp and 2GB listener demographic.
    Not sure how much they’ll be missed. They were so quiet we couldn’t discern their contribution….