Angry China demands Australia share coronavirus

Yes. You must get ill, barbarian. At The Australian comes Deputy Head of Mission Wang Xining:

China has blasted Australia’s treatment of Chinese students caught up in the coronavirus travel ban and suggested the Morrison government succumbed to “panic and over-action” in stopping flights to China.

Deputy Chinese Ambassador to Australia Wang Xining said China was “not happy” with the detention of Chinese students by Border Force officials at airports in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne on Sunday, and called for compensation for a small number who were forced to fly back to China.

About 70 students who were already on their way to Australia when the travel ban was enacted on Saturday were put in ­detention, had their belongings confiscated and valid visas cancelled.

“We are not happy about the situation because they were not alerted. There was not enough time to be alerted about the restriction,” Mr Wang said.

“We got in touch with relevant authorities and ministries. As far as I know, most of them were finally cleared.

“We hope their rights and interests will be safeguarded including proper extension of visas if the validity is over. And also maybe proper compensation for some of the financial losses during this period.”

So, why then is the CCP doing this? Via Bloomie:

In the last two weeks, China locked down some 50 million people in more than a dozen cities to try and stop the new coronavirus that has sickened thousands in the province of Hubei.

It may take as long as 14 days for the flu-like symptoms of the virus, dubbed 2019-nCov, to appear. Soon, China will find out if the largest mass quarantine in history has worked, or if undiscovered cases have quietly dispersed and seeded a far wider epidemic.

The travel restrictions in Hubei’s 11-million-person capital of Wuhan began on Jan. 23—eventually halting air and rail travel, buses, subways and car services. The lockdown came days before the Lunar New Year, China’s mass national holiday when people visit home or vacation. The aggressive plan aimed to keep the disease mostly in Hubei, slowing a viral diaspora officials feared could be carried invisibly by millions of Chinese travelers.

The evidence is that mobility reduction does help prevent the spread of the virus. Certainly not as much as interrupting transmissability but enough to be worthwhile if you have a moat handy. To wit, at Domain:

The latest Australian case was confirmed on Tuesday night in Queensland, where authorities said an eight-year-old boy had been diagnosed with the virus.

The boy is a Chinese national from Wuhan, and was a member of the tour group travelling with a 44-year-old man and 42-year-old woman also diagnosed with the virus last week. All three are from Hubei province which is at the epicentre of the coronavirus in China.

The boy is in a stable condition in isolation at Gold Coast University Hospital with the man and woman.

We can comfort ourselves that the CCP wants to share the virus with everyone not just Australia:

Beijing is seemingly displeased with Jakarta’s decision to impose a travel ban to and from China amid its efforts to prevent a deadly coronavirus from spreading to the archipelago, with a Chinese envoy saying that such a ban could harm Indonesia’s tourism and economy.

The travel ban, which is to be in effect from 12 a.m. on Wednesday, would prevent people who have stayed more than two weeks in China to visit or transit in the country. Indonesia is to also suspend visa-free and visa-on-arrival provisions for Chinese nationals.

Chinese Ambassador to Indonesia Xiao Qian asked Indonesia to follow the advice of the World Health Organization, which — despite having declared a global emergency over the deadly coronavirus — is not recommending countries restrict travel or trade with China.

And there are locals that want it shared too:

The logical fallacy of false analogy leading to all kinds of trouble.

Finally, a bit of evidence. So far, travel bans, either in China or abroad, appear to have had some impact internationally:

Fully recognising that correlation is not causation and this might only be the slow of Wuhanese travel overseas. In China, where the bans were imposed much later in the outbreak, the jury is still out:

A few draconian measures to limit air travel to aid in the prevention of a wildly destructive global pandemic does not strike me as terrible policy, notwithstanding some hamfistedness at the border.

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  1. love your sense of humor.
    CCP must have hired an Australian to write their foreign policy. Only we can come up with so stupid ideas like implementing internal quarantines while demanding rest of the world to open their borders to us. Scumo’s marketing company must have a contract with these guys.

  2. If a virus ever originates in Australia, China would impose the same restrictions in a flash

  3. It’s not racism. Similar measures have been taken against CCP Chinese by Chinese Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

    There is a reason Mainland Chinese are hated by local Chinese in Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia.

  4. Ronin8317MEMBER

    Sending people back to China because the policy changed while they’ve already left China already is stupid. Detention by Border Force makes it even worse, because the people dealing with them are not wearing protective clothing!! So if the student is infected, it’ll infect Border Force, who will in turn infect everyone coming through the airport..

    It shows nobody in charge is taking nCoV seriously.

    They should have been sent to a quarantine station. (Not Christmas island, which is another level of stupid..)

    • re conversation with @steve yesterday…the Australian government changed its mind very suddenly (why??), and some people and border force were caught out because of it.

  5. ” … with a Chinese envoy saying that such a ban could harm Indonesia’s tourism and economy.”

    The Chinese are ‘worried’ about Indonesia’s tourism industry and economy. Aw, bless! Such thoughtful, selfless people!

  6. My Chinese friends have told me talk in the Sydney Chinese community is that you need to stay well away from suburbs such as Burwood, Strathfield and Rhodes as these areas have the most number of settled Chinese from Wuhan and Hubei Provence.

  7. Judging by the lacklustre response by officials in several SE asian countries including Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar, it is almost certain this will take hold throughout the region. Seemingly China have decided that if they are going down then they’ll bring everyone down with them.

  8. Ever more evidence of overt belligerent pushy overreach – just Fcuk Off & look after your own yard.

  9. OK, that Kouk guy is either incredibly immature or an idiot or in the pocket of China. Has to be 1 of the 3.

    Those two well known China bloggers who ride motorbikes

    The language used by the WHO pretty much convinces me that even if China didn’t write their press release they sure did approve it first. China would seem to have a huge degree of control at the WHO, not surprising given nationality of current head & links between the two nations.

  11. The Kouk’s comments are so retarded. They reveal his true agenda. Next question – how many properties does he own?

  12. We’ll lift our restrictions when you lift your own.
    I dont see the ccp reimbursing people all over the world for their cancelled chinese new year plans to fly to wuhan given they quanrantined there first.

  13. The chooks outside Wuhan have come down with avian flu, there is swine flu that affects humans, plus the Coronavirus and the pigs are being taken down by African swine fever, plus the Fall Moth has been eating the Chinese grain crops. Add the birth of remarkable city size swarms of locusts eating all food all leaves in Africa. We have our drought as always happens with solar minima and the terrible fires and water deficiencies. Not enough for our population.