A $25 million example of how private schools can’t offend China

If you want a textbook example of how Australia’s private schools have become beholden to China, look no further than Melbourne’s Caulfield Grammer:

Caulfield Grammar will keep the name of its golden graduate Mack Horton off its newly-opened, $25 million aquatic centre to preserve the school’s commercial interests in China.

A plan to name the state-of-the-art centre after Horton, the school’s first Olympic champion, was quietly ditched late last year in response to the public fall-out from Horton’s refusal to share a medals dais at the FINA World Championships with Sun Yang, one of China’s most-celebrated athletes.

Sources familiar with the matter say that prior to Horton’s decision to snub Sun Yang on the podium, the school intended to name the pool in his honour…

The bad blood between Horton and Sun Yang traces back four years to Rio, where the Australian called his rival a drug cheat ahead of their Olympic showdown in the 400m freestyle…

He was also subjected to a virulent reaction from supporters of Sun Yang, who targeted Horton, his family, his girlfriend and any businesses, sponsors or institutions associated with him with abuse. His family home was vandalised…

Caulfield Grammar was the first Australian school to open a campus in mainland China…

At the school’s secondary campus in Wheelers Hill, a suburb in Melbourne’s east where one in six residents were Chinese at the time of the most recent census, Chinese children make up a large percentage of the student body.

These private schools know where their bread is buttered! Caulfield Grammer should have gone the whole hog and named it the Sun Yang pool.

Just another step along the road of China controlling decisions in every area in Australia.

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    • Strange EconomicsMEMBER

      A 25 million pool just for the school?. No public or state school access.

      That’s middle class welfare subsidy for elite schools at its best.
      Definitiely needs those govt subsidies.

  1. Lol good

    Hate private school boys and athlete-worship

    hope the Chinese ruin him

    who cares about people swimming up and down a line
    Maybe if Australians spent more time worrying about more important things than sports we wouldn’t be in this situation

    Hope the Olympics gets cancelled too

    • ha! I always have a laugh at this as well. For all the left wing justice warriors out there, not a single one has given thought to the CCP’s “welcome to country” care factor.

      It is a distinct probability that Indigenous Australian’s are (sadly) experiencing or at least approaching peak progress right now. As middle class white guilt continues to fade away as a portion of the population, the new migrant ruling class has zero care factor for past colonial indiscretions and quite the public track record for extinguishing their own. Land rights, compensation and expensive socials programs… how about a re-education camp instead?

      Advance Australia Fair!

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Yep,…Whitey isn’t going to look so bad in another 50 to 100 years to Aboriginal Australians.
        The new dominant Demographic wont give 2 Fks about the plight of ANY non-Han people.

        • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

          10000% the Indians and chinamen will have 0 sympathy or respect, mass immigration will destroy the aborigines

        • Even StevenMEMBER

          Very true. I’d add that there was an inevitability to the colonisation of Australia. The 1700s weren’t renowned for their ‘woke-ness’. The only choice there was ever going to be was whether it was the British, Dutch, Portuguese, or French that were first.

          Chinese immigrants won’t give two hoots about our indigenous population. Shouldn’t indigenous Australians be protesting strongly against high immigration? Or is that raycist?

  2. Exemplifies the utter cowardice of this country. In 10 years we are likely to be in armed conflict with the china. Meantime import hordes of the china with no loyalty to this country and its history and the ability to vote in china loving corrupt politicians in voting blocks. We are so screwed it’s not funny.

  3. I wonder how they would have reacted had Sun been British or American & they had schools in those countries.

    • Strange EconomicsMEMBER

      Or even rates. They are a business after all.
      Then the council could afford to build a pool for the public.

      Why don’t they pay tax on overseas students fees?

      • Because the Statute of Elizabeth defined charity as including “education*”. Back in 1600 or so.

        * Free Schools was the term used…. Caulfield grammar is kind of a free school, right?

  4. $25m for private school pool while there are thousands of demountable classrooms across the state

    sounds like a “fair go”

  5. To be fair we are jumping the gun a touch. Sun Yangs case hasnt been finalled yet. Horton could yet look petulant or prescient … it all depends. I am very wary of Australian values being under attack from Chinese cash, but unfortunately we seem to have forgotten the golden rule … that if we want their cash we accept their rules. We need to produce our own cash.