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Leith van Onselen


    • So whats your take?

      The Iranians havent shot down a Ukrainian airliner?
      They havent shot it down using a Russian system?
      They fired two shots at it?

      or just the video is dubious?

      • My take is that taking takes before final take of all the evidence then cherry-picking the convenient take – is the worst possible take.
        To put it simple, any “theory” that even implies any reasons for this plane fate, at this stage, is speculative propaganda as it is too early to have enough evidence.
        Particularly if search for evidence comes from the premise of a chosen con that must fit the crime.

        As with MH17, truth is the first victim.

          • boomengineeringMEMBER

            Why is the West making excuses for them, is it to not spook the plebs. Probably something more sinister

        • as with MH 17?

          who said anything about MH17?

          That was just a straight out case of some Russian backed separatists blowing an innocent airliner out of the sky and quickly getting the missile system back over the border wasnt it?

          You dont think the Russians did this do you? I reckon Putin’s smarter than that. Hed send some boys around with novichok or polonium or whatever it is they use

          • If you’re genuinely interested in the MH17 saga you may want to dig a bit deeper than simply swallowing some lazy ‘journalism’ from some peanut who thinks they know who did it. There’s an interesting clip on YouTube of Malaysian PM Mahatir bin Mohammad being interviewed by the media on various issues, one of which was the final ‘findings’ of the MH17 investigation. He dismissed the findings saying that the investigation team had not only prevented the Malaysians being involved in the main investigation (despite it being their plane) but they were also denied access to the black box and other key evidence. His take on things was that the conclusion of the investigation was effectively pre-determined.

            Only for those who care about the truth, of course. For the rest, Putin did it!

          • GunnamattaMEMBER

            Always good to see Mahatir Mohamed utilised as a reference source, and when it’s dusted off as a cover, for the possibility the blowing out of the sky of an unarmed civilian aircraft flying over a Russian provided and Russian backed missile emplacement with a track record in shooting aircraft in a location which was a warzone involving (rightful or not depending on ones view) was anything other than a Russian backed and provided missile fired by someone or something Russian back and funded – which even tweeted in Russian something to the effect of ‘we got it’ – then Dr Mahatir is starting to become ‘really good stuff’ …..

            It couldnt possibly be another trigger happy missile emplacement at the end of another command structure of psychopaths blowing another civilian aircraft out of the sky….

          • GunnamattaMEMBER

            I’m really in the mood for another half baked piece of specious denialism hoped to distract from the possibility that something somewhere involving something Russian has gone off. I hope it doesnt rate with your past embarrassing support for the Syrian regime (and allies) lobbing chemicals on their own people.

            We can all hardly wait….

          • My posts are redacted once more… enjoy the monologue as I cannot reply

            gone… will not be published.
            Inconvenient, I guess

        • Oh well, can put the Ukrainian airlines conspiracy theories to bed. The Iranians have admitted they shot it down.

      • My take is that’s it’s about time that we the public had some say in the stealth techniques being used by drone makers to decrease their chances of being shot down.
        When it comes to maximizing a drones chances of survival in an active theater of war there are two proven approaches
        1) Use very expensive extremely low radar signature materials and specific angles that minimize the Drone’s radar signature (usually at a cost to the drones aerodynamic characteristics)
        2) try to make the drone’s radar signature look like something else, which the opposing side wouldn’t want to shot down (such as a commercial jet, or one of their own fighter planes)
        From what I’ve heard for slow moving low flying drones the second approach is the preferred method.
        It’s a huge bonus that the side which shoots down a commercial airliner is viewed on the world stage as an incompetent a55wipe, Whatever moral high ground Iran might have had is lost with this one event.
        But wait a minute who takes responsible for intentionally making a drone with a radar signature that’s very similar to that of a 737?
        One action was somewhat accidental (basically an operator error) the other action is deliberate with obvious and predictable follow-on consequences, Maybe the blame for this unfortunate event is not so clear after all.

        • “It’s a huge bonus that the side which shoots down a commercial airliner is viewed on the world stage as an incompetent a55wipe, Whatever moral high ground Iran might have had is lost with this one event.”

          What if the plane that is shot down emits unequivocally a civilian squawks identifier and is a scheduled airliner on a known commercial and published path and timeline?
          Now throw in the fact that those that shot the plane got awards and medals in the aftermath…

          3. July 1988.

          • Yeah I was thinking about that case.
            I can’t talk about it but there’s a lot more to this story so naturally you cover it up and reward everyone involved.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            There’s no moral high ground here, just degrees to which they’re rolling around in sh!t.

          • @ fisho

            one cannot know with smallest degree of certainty the reasons the Ukraina plane came down at this stage.
            Drawing conclusions from premise that Iranians must have downed it – before the evidence of it – will not get you to a place where truth is, other than inadvertently by a perchance.

          • GunnamattaMEMBER

            Drawing conclusions from premise that Iranians must have downed it – before the evidence of it – will not get you to a place where truth is, other than inadvertently by a perchance.

            Though given…..

            The plane had taken off from Iran’s major civil airport not ten minutes beforehand
            The plane was well within Iranian airspace, and a long way away from anyone elses airspace
            The Iranians had (possibly quite rightly) gone ape after the Americans had whacked one of their generals in drone attack in Iraq
            Iran lobbed some missiles in the general direction of some nearby US bases to let everyone know they werent happy with the whacking of said general within a day or so
            Iran had presumably upped the trigger finger of its missile defences with a view to making sure they didnt get a whacking inside Iran from a deranged US President

            Iran would be plausibly a pretty good place to start when it came to premises.

            No doubt Djenka – our resident pro Kremlin anti US troll – will point to something along the lines of …….

            The US has hated Iran since the late 70s
            The US whacked an Iranian passenger jet in the late 80s (which they did) and rewarded whackers with medals etc
            The US had whacked an Iranian general in Baghdad a few days earlier and seemed enthused about what they had done

            …as just leaving the door ajar for the possibility that the US whacked a Ukrainian jet full of civilians – a large number of whom seem to have been Canadians – maybe deliberately, or maybe as an accident or error in some way while planning another ostensibly nutty attack on the peaceful, freedom loving, Iranians.

            While you may well scout the latter of the two, if you were looking for premises to start, the former would seem to offer the balance of probabilities in a more substantive way

          • LOL at being shot down … at this time its pure conjecture, albeit one can observe the ideological wildlife in social and MSM, its there that one should and can observe the various perspectives and the agendas being pushed with Bernays methodology.

            So regardless of the planes demise one can still see how, pre facts, peoples minds are being screwed on for them by those with agendas.

          • @djenka
            can’t talk about why there’s zero doubt in my mind, but there’s zero doubt in my mind.
            I guess that leaves me to stumble inadvertently in the dark until someone shows me the path to truth.

          • @ G

            I am flattered that you chose to chase me for a response. I gave you response, ask your mates to “unredact it”.
            The same has happened last time when we discussed the Douma chlorine “lobbing” as a false flag (which was indicated as such recently).
            It is a compliment to be labelled in supposedly derogatory ideological colours…

            You worked well all the possibilities from the perspective of converging a chosen con and a convenient crime. Unfortunately, as much as it is very well possible that Iranians did down this plane (accidentally or deliberately) this is not the extent of all the possibilities. Far from it.
            Discounting majority of other plausible explanations and cherry-picking one, in the absence of the evidence to anything, can only be ideological.

            Is it difficult to draw conclusions only *after* the evidence?

          • @ fisho

            Nothing wrong with having preset mind, everyone has it (inclusive of me)…. as long as the mind is open to new colourless evidence.

          • GunnamattaMEMBER

            But it wasnt really the Iranians, and it wasnt the ‘real’ Iranians, and there are still so many possibilities for us all to wade through….

            It could easily have been a mutant star goat from planet frrnw#987 who is now pretending to be the Iranians, and pretending to have used a Russian missile system in order to make it look like the Americans
            The shadows in the photos clearly suggest that Scorpio was in Neptune which would point to something vaguely worth spending more time investigating
            The Ukrainians have already conceded it was one of their jets and they have a track record in have jets brought down on what was plausibly their territory – leaving bodies, kids toys, and seats in an otherwise pristine field, and we shouldnt discount the possibility that in order to buttress their case for not having committed that atrocity it wouldnt be beyond them to commit a ‘black flag’ to deflect blame.
            And there were of course numerous foreign nationals on the plane any one of whom may have been concealing a bomb, or, tragically may have been carrying any one of an array of ordinary everyday chemicals which may well have detonated when the plane was in the air…..

            …and then theres ‘white helmets’ who are funded by Soros, or the CIA, or maybe even both – who were only a thousand kilometres away

            And then we need to consider that the Syrians didnt chemically attack their own people in one of their own towns – there are just so many possibilities it all becomes confusing and ‘muddied’ ……

            And if it was the Syrians, the same as if it was the Iranians, it is their country and their airspace, and their missile defence systems and their chemicals

            Cucumber sandwiches anyone? Crusts off, of course!

          • GunnamattaMEMBER

            In actual fact, I think – despite the tragedy – that the Iranians should be thanked, and applauded for coming out with the statement, when obviously there would have been immense pressure to try and snowjob the universe about what had happened.

            No matter what we think of the Iranian regime, in the world in which we live for a nation (particularly one which has just had one of its [admittedly fairly odious] generals knocked off in a drone attack by the Americans in what could easily be seen as miles outside international law) to come out and acknowledge that its weapons, its command structures, and its civil aviation processes, have come to this, is worth respecting.

          • @ fisho

            My mind was open to this as a possibility (see above reply to Big “G”) and here we are.

          • @ G

            now that’s a far better comment than the frothing one before (I have it saved, if you lost your copy). I admire your late but not too late 180° change of heart.

        • For those that understand a little about modern anti-aircraft systems there’s another even less appealing possibility.
          Maybe the Radar signature files for the Missile control radar were intentionally corrupted, or swapped.
          What would happen if the Radar signature for a 737 was simply swapped with that of a Drone….instant shoot down.
          But how could this happen and how could such a corruption of the system go unnoticed…this is where it all gets interesting.
          Unlike Civilian air traffic control radars most Military radars are only used intermittently because the defensive capability of the Radar is best maintained if the opposing side has only limited opportunities to study the Radar’s operating frequencies, spreading codes, chirps etc.
          With respect to a Missile Target acquisition Radar they’re almost never turned on unless there are very good reasons to expect enemy aircraft in the region. There are three reasons that you don’t turn these radars on
          – Once you use it that location is burned, the enemy will have recorded that as a known location for Missile radar and will have developed plans to eliminate the risk this site poses usually by attacking these locations in the first wave of strikes
          – In an active war case this location has a maximum transmit time of something like 1 hour before it is permanently shut down using HARM missiles.
          – Reduce the chances of Active radar jamming and other electronic counter-measures (especially important for non spread radar.)

          So here’s the problem: How do you know that your Radar signature files are “good” if you hardly ever get to turn the Radar on?
          If someone simply swaps out the known-good radar signature file for a less good file, say maybe one where 737’s look like Drones than when does the Radar operator ever get the opportunity to find this error? But you may well ask what is the advantage of making such a swap? Maybe it’s just to make the Radar operators second guess themselves, that minute indecision is all it takes for the drone to get close and fire off a Harm. or maybe it’s to get the military commanders to completely rethink their defense strategy moments before you attack…both are good outcomes for the attacker.

          • I know a lot about modern anti aircraft systems, and Non Cooperative Target Recognition (Google NCTR), while out there, really isn’t a part of the game at this time for search and fire control radars so I don’t think your hypothesis is plausible.

          • From my limited experience in this area (mainly connecting the dots between what’s said and not said by those who do know what they’re talking about) there’s a world of difference between the way advanced command and control systems are used in developed countries and less developed countries.
            In the Developed world the operators are usually very skilled and undergo on-going training so that neither they nor their systems are easily faked, the same cannot be said for operators in less developed countries. the operators are often poorly trained and tend to rely on what the “system” tells them.
            It’s all a bit above my pay grade but I thought that others might be interested in the games that get played and the reasons why targets get falsely identified especially in these high stress operations. It’s not as simple as saying the Iranians are trigger happy.

      • GunnamattaMEMBER

        Heres the link with MH17

        Iran should pay attention to claims of Ukraine Airlines PS752 missile attack, with lesson to be learned from MH17 disaster

        The Guardian seems to have twigged too

        Brinkmanship, nerves and 176 civilian deaths: the Iran air disaster

        while you cant rely on the Guardian to get basic facts right all the time it appears they have made some effort here

        The plane would have appeared on the radar screen of Iran’s Mehrabad air traffic control centre, which cleared the crew to ascend to 26,000ft. Staff should have identified the Boeing 737-800 plane as a regular civilian jet.

        Also tracking the skies over Tehran were American satellites. If further missiles were hurled at US targets in Iraq the US’s Space-Based Infrared System would immediately detect them.

        At 6.15am the system picked up something ominous: the unmistakable heat signature of missiles freshly launched.

        An Iranian garrison on the ground, due west of the airport, appears to have mistaken the plane for a hostile American object. According to US officials, an Iranian anti-aircraft battery unleashed two Russian-made missiles. The US satellites recorded an infrared blip: an explosion.

        The results were immediate and catastrophic.

        Mobile phone footage captures the moment of impact: a white flash, flaring across the inky heavens. Twenty four seconds later the sound arrives – a boom and martial roar. Down on earth a dog barks. Further footage shot from a different standpoint shows the stricken plane hitting the ground, a burst of orange.

        The missiles would have exploded adjacent to the plane, sending a deadly hail of shrapnel into the fuselage. The pilots made a doomed attempt to turn back, judging from the position of wreckage strewn across Tehran’s outskirts. Take-off to crash landing was five minutes. The journey’s last moments must have been ones of terror.

        As dawn broke, rescuers found an awful scene. Bodies, personal belongings, parts of the wing, oxygen masks were scattered over farmland. The dead were put into plastic sacks. As Washington, Ottawa, Kyiv and London demanded answers, and relatives began to grieve, the Iranian authorities said the incident was a tragic case of mechanical mishap.

        There were early hints, however, that this version of events might not be quite true. Ukrainian investigators and western journalists reported seeing men in uniform remove fragments of the plane. A bulldozer began to clear the site. Iran said it would not hand over the black box to foreign experts. This was damaged but intact.

        Meanwhile, photographs circulated on social media showing what looked like a missile head – with cone and fins – lying in a nearby drainage ditch. A compelling clue or fake news? Initially, Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, said the plane had crashed as a result of an accident. Within hours, his government deleted this statement.

        The link between MH17 and this tragedy is that its basically about how to throw up as many denials, bellingcat references and factoids of disinformation as you can while trying to get the narrative away from the possibility someone has made an epic blunder killing lots of terrified people in a plane with a missile. Once again most of the occupants were alive all the way down, just to die in a ball of flames.

        Its a pretty reasonable link to make

        • Ronin8317MEMBER

          The real lesson is people need to discard the fantasy that civilians are safe in a conflict. Whether by intention or not, innocence civilians will die when countries goes to war.

        • The Traveling Wilbur

          Pleasing to see “factoid” getting a run under its proper usage (if somewhat redundantly, given the next two words).

        • You are still miles off on the Syrian chemical weapons farce though. Multiple OPCW whistleblowers have now come out with information showing the report released for Douma was intentionally misleading and there was no chance that the Syrian government used chemical weapons in that incident. Since the douma incident was the only one where the OPCW managed to get their own inspectors on the ground soon after the attacks it puts alot of doubt on the ones the white helmets staged, and western propaganda agencies gormlessly repeated.

  1. boomengineeringMEMBER

    Am 2 feeling childish, hey, where did that snake in the grass come from, stealing the thunder. Now I know what Harrold feels like eating humble pie. Need to put away those childish toys.

  2. US employment numbers look very poor. Gold already jumping.. going to bed with a smile on my face.

    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      Wealth goes from the impatient to the patient or the fiat to the hard which is physically soft for its kind.

      • @boom ….

        All national currency is fiat* – by sovereign law, regardless of its form, hence it matters not its inanimate state because its the law that gives it value by the rights imbued upon it by the laws affiliated with it E.g. what ever inanimate state it’s represented in does not give it rights to its bearer by some intrinsic quality.

        This is no different than markets are a secondary outcome of government laws and not government being a outcome of markets – civilization aka the state is the direct outcome of laws.

        As such, in this case, no inanimate object gives rights to its possessor, would have thought that history would have made that painfully clear.

        So its quite interesting to watch the psychology in play as some think a inanimate object can protect a persons rights or their perceived reality around them, by dint of its ability to grant rights. Especially since gold has always favored Capital over everyone else E.g. Capital will always have more of it, it always ends up flowing too Capital, and the old saw about he who owns it writes the laws is applicable.

        In case my point is unclear … Government proceeds everything, hence owning gold does not fix, provide safety, insure ones future, it ones Government is the source of the problems at onset.

        • boomengineeringMEMBER

          I suppose then that the best way to own gold is under the gov’t radar via necklaces, bangles etc without law having to be adhered to when trading incognito. Thousands of years have given it its intrinsic value adittingly has its fluctuations, so the perceived value would bear fruit when all else fails.

          • You need to inform yourself about how gold actually trades in a barter like scenario, you’ll find out it does not hold its “value” to the owner as promised.

            My point is the problems are redressed at the state level, there is no work around it.

          • boomengineeringMEMBER

            Doesn’t hold its value( fluctuations as above) but some value is better than no value. OK maybe I shouldn’t be envisioning the Armageddon worst case scenario as example.

          • @ boom

            The most important difference is that gold has universal acceptance across time and cultures.
            It is for a reason that unconnected cultures have held similar views over one particular metal exchangeability retention.
            As much as we could say another metal (e.g. platinum) could be as rare and impossible to inflate in real terms (cannot replicate it at free will), extracting and purifying gold did/does not always require high tech (relative to its time) and made it more accessible-acceptable.
            Because humans will always trade hope (that fruits of today labour can be exchanged at a later stage), gold as the longest, highest, strongest and most durable vessel of hope-peddling will remain inseparable from mankind and probably the last fiat money standing.

          • @Djenka …

            Then some are befuddled about how mythology works, not that one can extend a graph so long it – seems – too vindicate it.

            Just the fact that people sell gold to others at the suggestion of a broad economic down turn does not support the argument. More so the very same people by back the same gold when its price crashes, many times below what price they originally payed for it before sell it on, nor does hording gold increase economic activity, just the opposite – again a self fulfill prophecy due to psychological feed back loops.

            The punch line is all the unwashed that think their going to buy everything on the cheap, with the unproductive increase in price associated with self induced scarcity [not to be confused with rarity (not that is an automatic precursor to price or value] as everyone dog piles in.

            On a selfish individual level the drama is timing, most hold too long and are worse off than before buying the stuff for its mythological special powers.

        • Well, yes. State currencies are imposed ‘by fiat’ on the citizens but not all currencies are ‘fiat’.

          ‘Irrespective of form’ is nonsense. Bitcoin and all cryptos are a free-market construct and the people the use them do so of their own free will. It is not Govt sanctioned. Gold is not a fiat currency either – it’s a medium that is very much a creature of the free market. So much so that it has been used entirely voluntarily in virtually every corner of the globe as a medium of exchange and store of value at some or other point in time.

          While the market is perfectly capable of determining which medium of exchange is appropriate at any given time, the State prefers to impose a medium of exchange on its citizens as, by doing this, it is able to exercise greater control of its citizens and its own fiscal agenda. Market-based money is deadly for the State as it strips the sitting government of the power it desires.

          • Government could end all crypto in a blink of an eye by law.

            Bar tabs, reward points, and coupons are all forms of money, all and sundry are free to use or trade them but you still have to convert to sovereign currency to pay your taxes and taxes are what drives the use of sovereign currency issued as a tax credit.

          • What govt can do is irrelevant. It doesn’t change the definition or description of each. Govt certainly can’t get rid of gold or any other metal. A black market would develop and they’d have no control at all.

          • Come on Dominic …

            In this day and age with surveillance how effective do you think that would workout. I mean how did it workout for the dark market, became a honeypot to track all kinds of illicit activities.

            I think you would be served by removing your cognitive processes from the rather dated dusty Austrian world view, I mean your not dealing with some noble that is spending hard currency on sprucing up his pad – at the cost of the national economy.

            Have you even done a deconstruction of your school origins – proto and post, and how that might skew observations due to historical factors. Look I would no more ascribe MMT to a hard money historical observation than I would ascribe hard money to a MMT historical observation – their not pushing gold through those undersea cables.

          • Let me just translate what you’ve just written:
            Technology has repealed the laws of economics.

            What next, technology turns the laws of nature on their head? We may no longer live in caves but some laws are immutable and no matter how ‘smart’ we think we are, no amount of smarts will subvert these laws. The fiat system is living on borrowed time and the barbarous relic is almost certainly going to play a role in a future monetary system no matter how much ideological opposition there is to the idea. Let me tell you that I won’t be the one crying when that day happens.

          • I’ll stop you at the “Laws of Economics” bit, no such thing Dominic, rules of thumb would be a better description.

            I would not apply cookie cutter optics across humanity from hunter gather to the advent of Ag anymore than I would say works like the ‘Great Transformation’ or Marx’s critique of early industrialism, followed by de-industrialization, and lastly digital friction-less Capitalism.

            I also think you would be aware that I don’t agree with your camps basic beliefs on the human condition at onset E.g. rubbish in rubbish out. That’s even before getting into your camps funding sources in the past and its employers, caveat before that AET actually engaged in economics, before it became an ideologically driven agenda.

            I really don’t know how broad or deep your knowledge base is Dominic, let alone experience in its applications. All I can do is suggest you familiarize yourself, too that I suggest an old blog of an associate in the past from LSE, post Keynesian sort.


            Please do avail yourself to the archives.

            PS. I would also add Lars Syll’s blog.

            PSS. you may not be aware but your use of “laws of economics” is a form of Scientism.

    • Continuing claims are still drifting up, working week dropped, pay increases dropped…….on the other hand the Census jobs kick in soon and I believe the 500,000 jobs benchmark revision has to happen soon……it will be confusing !

    • Trade shocks have a bad habit of doing that, only question is whether its self inflicted or induced or a mix. Secondary factor is how this is viewed by investors and their collective behavior [strong indoctrination factors] wrt to currency with a an eye to said currency’s global status in conducting trade E.g. in this case the USD has a strong dollar policy dating back decades.

      All of this is compounded by some dubious econometrics used to evaluate future outcomes.

      Gold is a default fear trade which is the most responsive due to being such a narrow market, same propensity to go up in price due to emotions is juxtaposed by its it fall. As such its more indicative of group behavior than anything else. Would have thought the dot.com experience would have sorted that all out.

      • just to be clear, I play with gold as it suits my trading strategy and I reserved few shares from couple of companies to keep for long term.
        Once I see big global (or at least EU) fiscal wave is about to be unleashed I am going into Nickel, Copper and possibly zinc and aluminum. I already hold small copper positions.
        Also, I am about to take small position in a potash company and if their shares fall another 5% in fish farming company.

        • I get that and remember your trading strategy over the years E.g. its not a gold bug thingy.

          My point is that nothing is a magical store of price or value in the long run – see Cambridge capital controversy.

    • Blottridesagain

      Nah!!! This little burst and bust for Gold has just proven that nothing can go wrong – ever!!!!

  3. Labour Aide: Mass Migration, Our Secret Motive (despite potential impact on Working Class voters): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jf0GXDkB8DI

    It has always been about humiliating enemies for the left. All their virtue signalling is just about gaining power, but being cowards they don’t have the balls to openly go for what they want.

    • They and their families should be dragged into the streets from their multiple houses, stripped of their citizenship and all their assets

      Then let’s see it happen with Australia’s Labor MPs too.

      • You do understand the historical parallels to your suggestion, I hope, not to mention any group fat fingered is just a means to whitewash past political events which led up to this action, by the people doing the fat fingering.

        • People are getting very very angry about where Australia is heading. Don’t be surprised how that ends up looking.

          • Apt first comment

            “I’m tired of premeditated ethnic cleansing being referred to as migration”

          • Are you suggesting the immigrants forced the government to push these policies as informed by mainstream economics – over the period in question. Were they even here in the decades previously which laid the foundations, of which has acerbated CC events, think your confusing a near term event with long lead time actions.

            I also find your use of the royal – We – a massive assumption.

      • Whose worse; Labor being open about their support for pro-immigration or the LNP’s deceit when cutting permanent immigration numbers while increasing the immigration intake through the use of other visa classes?

    • Mark Latham has repeatedly accused Australia’s Labor Party of immigrant branch-stacking. i.e. knowing full well an immigrant is more likely to vote Labor they want more migrants into their electorate so that they sign up to the Labor party and vote for pro-immigrant candidates.

      It is a watered down version of Hillary Clinton’s grand idea of destroying the Republicans by opening up the borders and giving immigrants immediate voting rights.

  4. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    I watched the Blues Brothers movie with my 11 year old daughter tonight.
    A highlight for her was when the band played their first gig in the country and western redneck bar, Bob’s Country Bunker.
    She found it particularly hilarious the way the patrons relentlessly kept throwing glass bottles at the band in both protest AND approval of the song selections.
    It’s one of my favourite scenes to.
    I didn’t tell her tonight was probably the only time Ive ever watched this movie, in the dozen odd times I’ve seen it, not Stoned.

    • I had a whole room full of my nieces and friends (for their birthday) sitting and watching Xanadu (film of about same vintage as Blues Brothers with Olivia Newton John). I rocked up ripped off my nipples because one of our apprentices shared a humungous joint after we’d finished a timing chain on a VE Commodore. I was just dropping off a present, but they wanted uncle to watch with them.. I was on my best behaviour and found myself enjoying the film and singing along.

      Now every time I go around, they want to watch Xanadu with Uncle Mick. And thats depressing if you arent ripped.

    • I watched “Joker” at the request of my daughter last night. Under sufferance – I’ve never been a superhero movie aficionado. But, golly!
      Talk about a film of its time – the oppressed and downtrodden only taking it for so long; the misled and lied to refusing to take any more; the ultimate ‘Stuff it! ‘ moment when those with nothing left have nothing left to lose and go-for-it etc etc….
      That was my take, but Harriet liked the ‘little guy who couldn’t reach the safety chain’ ( “Who would no doubt become Penguin in later movies; and his neighbour Catwoman” I said as someone who doesn’t watch such stuff?!)
      Oscar for that one; and Best Actor – but both will probably go to Tarantino – after all, it’s his turn.

      • She was a good sport to do that role wasn’t she? You’d have to think a lot of actresses would avoid a character like that, particularly 40 years ago. Probably laid the foundation for the Cameron Diaz role in Something About Mary.

  5. Let’s Rethink What Counts as Paid Work

    writes chief economics commentator Greg Ip

    The key to making this happen is “universal basic income,”

    Advocates on the left see it as the solution to intensifying income inequality

    Critics say UBI is anti-work since it makes it easier for recipients to quit their jobs. In an interview Mr. Yang counters that it’s pro-work once you “broaden what we think of as a job. My wife is at home with our two boys, one of whom is autistic. She works incredibly hard


    • That’s what you get with GDP, so you might consider that a UBI does nothing to change the fundamental economic drivers and why Chicago school thinkers were pro UBI.

      • Chicago School! Chicago School! Do you ever shut your chunting piehole? FFS, we really need an ignore feature for the weekends. Between Skippy, Djenta and a few others, it really ruins the place. Cue nonsensical rant…

        • Is that what you consider an argument based on historical observations kodiak, I mean just the lopsided Noble awards should indicate what kinda of economic thinking has driven events since the 70s – alone. Suggesting outcomes are attributed to any other group is akin to ascribing ownership to those without any agency.

          I gave a link to dominc that should articulate the divergence between those like myself and yours and why. If you could provide me with the same level of argument we might have a reasonable conversation.

        • What is cracked, how do you arrive at that opinion and why do some think making statements that can’t be evaluated have some sort of special powers in compelling anyone to believe them.

          Firstly its an emotive special plea with personal connotations. Secondly it has more personal identifiers with the person making them – than those they are talking about. Thirdly those that pop up and can only suggest agreement through juvenile dogpiling don’t increase the factual status of it, anymore than smokos mobs M.O.

          Lastly being unwilling or unable to deliberate on the finer points of socioeconomic theory whilst resorting to rhetorical gamesmanship, in lieu of, for what some consider cheap point scoring is again the very thing many wobble on about the political class.

          Seems some around here would seamlessly make that transition.

          • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

            I kinda thought Harry was sticking up for you Skip by saying Kodiak is a bit mental but I could be wrong.
            Harry’s a bit mental himself.

            I come here, to the pages of MB, mostly for the goofy anecdotes, crude jokes and sexual innuendo, others it seems are only hear to lament increasing house prices, high immigrant numbers or fiat currency.
            But there are some, only a few of yous really, that have genuinely got a grasp of the “Big Picture” and have something to teach everyone.
            I put commentors like you and Gunna in that category Skip.
            You do seem to possess an ability to grate people in away that Gunna does not.
            Maybe that’s because your a bit of an odd ball.
            That doesn’t bother me,…O like odd balls.

            Fvck Kodiak and his stupid ignore/mute button!

          • Zingers and one liners can be meretricious, especially when some are confronted with information that screws with their belief systems and the best they can do put their emotions on display – like ….

            Michael Lind:”What we might call “woke capitalism” represents a fusion of the three elites at the commanding heights of the economy, the culture and politics; they increasingly constitute a single conformist caste.
            This newly consolidated ruling class is best described as “liberaltarian,” combining moderately libertarian views in economics with cultural progressivism in values. From its citadels in a few big cities, this oligarchy periodically notifies the working-class majority what values and opinions about sex, immigration and other topics it must immediately adopt without debate, on pain of being blacklisted by the private sector, prosecuted by the government or censored or erased by the media.”

            What I have found is with in that paradigm is scrap between puritans arguing all defects or negative outcomes are the result of lack of purity, yet all are compliant on the larger framework for debate. None are game to step outside that framework because they fear [tm] it would be like shutting off gravity and they would all spin off into space. All largely driven by some innocuous concept about getting your own personal happiness in the “market place” … because its the only thing that dispenses it and if your not – go look in the mirror ….

        • …Djenta and a few others, it really ruins the place. Cue nonsensical rant…

          I guess you meant of me but challenged with spelling…

          Tnx, you’re flattering…

  6. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-01-10/house-cracks-widen-as-unprecedented-drought-dries-soil/11854734?section=business

    good news is that these old $2m dollar mouldy windowless poor workers terraces may finally be mould free for some period of time. Even better news is that if drought continues house may collapse and provide them an opportunity to finally built a decent waterproof house on the same block … without a house the price of the block would probably go up by 20%
    what Australians want for $2m, a nice livable house less than 10km from CBD; with windows and a backyard … nah …

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      It wasn’t just because it was so fken hot yesterday that I didn’t Finnish my local dig up and have to go back there today.
      The section of sewer pipe I’m replacing, roughly a meter down, has been broken, it appears, by the drying out of the heavy Clay soil.
      I’ve had to bar out every bloody shovel load of tons of much harder than usual clay!,….I wish I had noted the deep cracks on the surface when I quoted this one.
      I would have put another grand on it.

      At least the southerly wind and overcast light rain of today is much better digging weather.
      I’m gunna get a bit muddy though.


    • This type of cracking in Summer is typical of what happens every year in Dallas Texas.
      In North Dallas you have lots of Black expansive clay and when it dries everything cracks. Walls crack, pipes crack, foundations crack…everything cracks.
      Fortunately there’s an easy solution, it’s simple you regularly water your foundations…pity Sydney is in a drought.
      Honestly that’s the only solution. If you don’t water the foundations than the main slab cracks and once that happens the house is more or less worthless, you can try to repair the slab, you can try to get the sub-surface stress caused by the drying all normalized and than drill holes for post tensioning the concrete but it all quickly becomes an expensive patch job, walls are no longer straight and doors don’t open and close properly.

      I wonder how long it will take before Sydneysiders say F the drought and start watering their foundations?

      • GunnamattaMEMBER

        The guy who built the place I am in (I bought from him) has the split level place on 3 slabs, all on 6ft deep footings – and in Geelong (notorious for reactive soils) I have no cracks in my walls. But I have noticed the posts for my verandah (2 sides of the house) are a tad skew whiff, and my next door neighbours place (2 story, uphill from me) has a grand canyon down one corner of the place. I have also noticed one of my plastic water tanks has developed a lean.

        The gent told me to keep the plants watered, and keep ground covers around the house to minimise soil movement.

      • Old wogs have been watering concrete for years. My Grandmother used to it every week while watering her roses.

    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      Observations since 1980. Not very scientific. What about observations since 1780 or 1880 or BC even. Climate cycles have been with us since time immemorial. Man made may be speeding it up but why lose credibility by avoiding discussion of the natural cycles.
      Depopulating the earth would be a good start, WW3 anyone?

      • 40 years is more than enough to see that those extreme events are more frequent and more severe
        causation cannot be derived from weather observation and they are completely separate issues

        • boomengineeringMEMBER

          Akin to saying house prices never go down when the graph starts in 1995. 1880 comes to mind.
          Agree with you insofar as man has sped things up but our climate has been more severe in the very long distant past .

          • Because boom its happening everywhere at a speed that has no historical precedent outside a meteor or similar natural event aka no human agency. Furthermore there are aspects wrt non natural occurring compounds or non natural increase in natural compounds being distributed across the entire planet.

          • boomengineeringMEMBER

            Skip, I’m not disagreeing with you. Pointing out that why tarnish the info by cherry picking a tiny section of history as reference.

          • Because of the machination by those that would lose power in government have a sordid track record in deploying propaganda, especially the kind that diminishes royal science, because they can find and fund people with degrees or establish their own degree mills to advance their ideological propaganda.

            Then some are befuddled why academia was privatized.

      • The chant “the climate is always changing” is equivalent to the religious claiming that science has not explained X, therefore god did X and we have no hope of understanding god’s motives or actions. Yes, it’s the god of the gaps argument.
        If science has a good explanation for a global cooling event several centuries ago (such as a large volcanic eruption), then I think that our knowledge of climate extends well back beyond the temperature record. Hell the Chinese were keeping records of sun spots centuries ago so we have a record of the fluctuation of the suns output over a long period of time (well before the industrial revolution). Scientists are able to use the records of the levels of water flowing down certain rivers in South America to verify other records of sun spot activity. Scientists can use multiple, overlapping (and therefore calibrated) proxies for temperature (tree rings, coral growth rings, ice cores, etc.) to construct a record going back hundreds of thousands of years. While the resolution and accuracy may not be as good as direct measurements of weather, it does provide enough resolution to show the tight correlation between carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and temperature. Milankovitch cycles are well understood and we have very accurate measurements of these orbital parameters to know that they’re not currently changing.
        Also, it’s not like we cannot perform experiments to show that carbon dioxide absorbs infrared radiation:
        As the saying goes, climate scientists have forgotten more things about climate science than any of the skeptics will ever learn.

        • I remember a couple of years ago some muppet here claimed that temperature increases lead carbon dioxide increases in the historical record, and by implication this is therefore what is probably happening now. Completely ignoring the fact that we have a pretty good explanation for the increase of C02 in the atmosphere over the last 200 years, and the fact that carbon dioxide traps infrared radiation as demonstrated in the experiment I linked to just now. An obvious attempt to muddy the waters and a complete failure of logic.

          • You understand, I hope,Stalin held every opponent as “water muddying”?
            (also had them drowned in mud to silence them)

            “…Earth’s magnetic field is changing. Our magnetic field has always been in flux, and over the past few years it’s become clear that the invisible bubble that protects our planet from the harsh conditions of outer space has been getting weaker and weaker.
            According to scientists’ best estimates, the field is now weakening around 10 times faster than initially thought, losing approximately 5 percent of its strength every decade. But they don’t really know why, or what that means for our planet.”


            Magnetic field has been weakening for about the same period as the noted temperature increases attributed to climate change and yet it remains the area of next to no research of correlation/causation.

          • Yeah mate, I’m Stalin just like the scientists. Out there, doing everything to grab political power so that I can crush the people. Whereas the FF industry are doing if for the good of humanity… Good one.
            Great, I see you’ve got a new talking point. Did you look at that YouTube video I linked to. Are you claiming the basic science is rubbish and my eyes are lying to me. Maybe they faked that video just like NASA faked the moon landing.
            Edit: I’m not discounting activity in the magnetic field as having an influence. But the basic science pointing to GHGs as a major contributing factor is fairly well established.

          • David, that is strawman galore.

            Implying that there’s nothing more to discover and that search for climate change culprits in direction other than chosen path is “muddying the water” is akin to ideology, not science.
            If a scientist is not open to possibility that ‘impossible’ is changeable, science would never advance or we would not depart from flat earth (which was a valid science point at one time)
            Having a point not-in-your-camp does not put one in your ideologically opposite camp. The climate science is not bifurcated.

            But the basic science pointing to GHGs as a major contributing factor is fairly well established.
            …and science stops when something is “fairly well established”

          • But the basic science pointing to GHGs as a major contributing factor is fairly well established.
            …and science stops when something is “fairly well established”

            This is, of course, why nobody put any further research into Gravity after Newton.

          • Yeah Dr Smithy. Those climate scientists should stop it right now. They’re just grant chasing and money grubbing… Yes?

          • Drsmithy:

            But the basic science pointing to GHGs as a major contributing factor is fairly well established.
            …and science stops when something is “fairly well established”

            This is, of course, why nobody put any further research into Gravity after Newton.

            this is an excellent extension of my sarcasm… well put

          • Reference is perfect towards perspective of eco-stalinism

            Oh look I can think up a hyperbolic word that links climate activism with Stalinism. There, my tenuous association is proven.

          • David,

            a confusion seems to be between climate-activism and points you made above.
            There is a big rift between the two.

          • Lmmao at the deployment of the Stalin meme – trope … hint royal science does not function from a human rights perspective, that’s the purvey of the ideologue where rigidity is variable E.g. the core axioms can be re-decanted to give the illusion of accepting new information without having to actually admit their failures.

            All this anguish over determinism, yet some fail to see it in their own views or beliefs [tm] of all things … its like going to court and using the matrix defense.

          • its like going to court and using the matrix defense

            Generally I have a hard time understanding what you’re trying to say, but that was good. I had a bit of a chuckle.

          • The question is Djenka, do you think we should reduce our use of fossil fuels or not? Doesn’t the Precautionary Principle apply? Or do you think we should wait until all other current hypotheses are tested first, no matter how long that takes?
            And that study you linked to (2016)… have any further studies been done? I would have thought money would be flowing into this particular area of research by the truck load given how much it will upset the current thoughts on the science. Certain industries would be falling over themselves to fund such important science.
            Not a trick question. Take your time.

          • some muppet here claimed…
            we have a pretty good explanation….
            attempt to muddy the waters…

            …I would have thought money would be flowing into this particular area of research by the truck load given how much it will upset the current thoughts on the science.

            i know you would’ve thought and this is what makes me want more proof that ACC is at the level represented.

            If the truck load money is put into proving the ACC and the results are not creating 99.99% consensus among scientists, how could I know better if we should reduce our use of fossil fuels or not

            Can you leave without the AC?
            I don’t need CO2 to see that further pollution and usurping of nature has only one final outcome… soon

          • Djenka …

            There is study on increased temp and magnetic field movement, it has to do with movement in the mantle and core relative to each other.

          • I only know a little bit about science. The the occasional reading of scientific articles and stuff on the internet. But the weakness in the magnetic field is thought be be a sign that the poles are about to switch. This happens fairly regularly in terms of geological time. One would have thought that if climate change was a result of such events it would show up in the temperature record. Does anyone know if this is indicated?

          • Djenka, you still seem to be saying that the science isn’t basically settled. It’s almost like your hoping that some other scientific research will show that in fact the science is not settled… bit of a bias maybe?

          • …now there are some people who say oh I believe it’s something else. It’s changes in the Earth’s orbit. I wrote a book on the changes of the Earth’s orbit, a technical book meant for graduate-level study on the so-called Milankovitch cycles. It doesn’t match those. Some people say well there’s something else going on, and I say what’s the prediction you make? Oh I don’t know, it’s random. Now that’s not what we call a scientific theory. If you say well it’s something else and I don’t know what it is my answer is “something else that just happens by accident to perfectly match the carbon dioxide increase. Are you serious?”

            Now who should I believe? A professor and his team, including a Nobel prize winner, who were skeptics, or some random guys on the internet, who every time an alternative hypothesis is shown to be false, quickly latch on to another one.

          • ^ ^ ^
            Believe whom you want mate… free country to believe anything you like.

            ” It’s almost like your hoping that …”

            I hope nothing wrt ACC
            Hope is for alarmists and denialists, those whom need skepticalscience or wattsupwiththat (or similar) to form their emotional view and how to cope with data that clashes with their assumed position and cognitive bias. Both are actually identical in their fatalistic approach, at the opposite ends of one same spectrum.

            Perhaps if you understood that any scientific consensus is not a strict math formula X+Y=Z and it also is (and always was) heavily subjected to social, power and financial vectors… that consensus is also a tool to deal with discomforting level of uncertainty in a field of research…

          • Straw man massacre !

            I guess we have to ask what the approved “unemotional” narrative looks like and where it comes from.

          • Ha, ha. You guys are t0o funny. You say you accept climate science, just not the science of the climate scientists… good one.

          • Sorry didn’t read it all. Please provide me with links to these dissenting scientists so that I can read some of their work.

        • Blottridesagain

          FFS! That is totally conclusive that all the disasters, any temp increases (even if FAKE), anything that goes wrong is due to the increase in CO2 in the atmosphere. The experiment is anti-science. The fact, that anyone doesn’t see what’s wrong with this, is just evidence that the conclusions being drawn are based on emotion not facts.

          • Hyperbole much? The last time I checked the scientists weren’t claiming that climate change was causing earth quakes.

      • Observations since 1980. Not very scientific. What about observations since 1780 or 1880 or BC even. Climate cycles have been with us since time immemorial. Man made may be speeding it up but why lose credibility by avoiding discussion of the natural cycles.

        Nobody “avoids” the discussion, the science says the discussion isn’t relevant.


        • Nobody “avoids” the discussion, the Skepticalscience says the discussion isn’t relevant.
          must have been the auto-correct…

    • Here an opportunity for some to deny climate is warming as some in the scientific community rushed with this term before they corrected to climate change. No one can deny that carbon is bad for us but linking to warming will give some like the pr1ck from PHON to argue that is not.
      Carbon might be contributing to the warming planet but on planetary timeline it may take much longer time and we may experience periods of cooling in between. Enough for corrupt politicians to manipulate the masses..
      Below is a presentation by Professor Valentina Zharkova who is putting forward very convincing data that we may experience a cooling period starting 2020. It is bit long and very technical but most will get the idea of what she is talking about. If I did rest of you will for sure.
      What I liked best is she is not taking any sides or selling a narrative but simply claims what her and her team discovered. It is based on Sun’s behavior – they focused on Sun’s core or interior.


  7. reusachtigeMEMBER

    I would have loved to have gone to one of those lame climate change sucker rallies yesterday and held up a sign “profits before people” or “coal – our competitive advantage”. Haha. Yeah.

    • desmodromicMEMBER

      Reus, I’m sure that would have won you many friends–leading to more relations parties.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      I would have loved to see you doing that Reusa.
      I’ll even pick you up and take you and your banner to the next CC rally.
      Just don’t expect me to be walking around next to you.
      I’ll be having fun watching from a safe distance.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        The thing about nearly all protesters, CC included, is its always someone else that has to do it whatever their perceived remedy.
        Didn’t see those city CC protesters signing up to fight the fires or helping in some way, just hopping on the bandwagon while others suffer.

        • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

          Even with your ability to cycle up a hill faster than your 20 year old mate, your disdain for all protesters in general is exposing your elderly status Boom.

          • boomengineeringMEMBER

            Probably bitter and twisted hangover from 30yrs ago when the greenies in the Manly Council gave me hell. They also used to complain that someone else, not themselves had to do something about their own sanitation sht, whilst driving past in Kombies spewing smoke.
            No faction is beyond reproach but just pointing out that lip service is easy but the hard yards count. You should know, someone has to do the dirty work. That sewer isn’t going to be fixed by only protesting about it.

        • That’s because the left are dishonest.

          CC is very real and they’re very angry, but will they talk about the devastating environmental impact of immigration into the West, wealth distribution into the 3rd world and globalisation?

          Will they even discuss global population as an environmental issue?

          Absolutely not.

          The left are poorly informed, and or liars.

          • And the hard Right are liars and are not interested in scientific information (worn as a badge of “honour”).

          • ITAg

            True. If no one is telling the truth what fking hope have we got?

            The left changing to being globalists has wrecked the West, and I hope they’re made to pay for it.

          • There is no left[.] … its an ID dog whistle to whitewash the failings of the pro free market ideologues.

            Please show me any leftish economic schools or their members being represented in mainstream economics since the 70s, let alone get freedom and liberty or Noble medals. Everything except orthodox was purged from academia long ago.

          • Environmentalists are neither scientific nor objective. In fact, they may not even be scientifically literate.




            Looks pretty clear that nuclear is the solution. The 4th generation (Generation IV) uranium powered reactors would be a good start, followed by thorium powered reactors and then, maybe, fusion reactors.

          • Disagree …

            Nuclear is premised on the same supply side economic that got us here in the first place, not to mention the long lead times in planing and building, supply chains for fuel, still haven’t figured out decommission, and lastly in an increasingly challenging environment transmission infrastructure is always going to be the weak link.

          • Will they even discuss global population as an environmental issue?

            Sure they will.

            They just won’t support genocide and/or enforced birth control, which are the only ways to affect population on a meaningful time scale.

          • Environmentalists are neither scientific nor objective. In fact, they may not even be scientifically literate.

            Well put.
            Possibly because environmentalists are likely to be driven by ideology that draws from sampled science.

          • Roflol Smithy ….

            Considering Trumps new venture into TV evangelicalism the whole population thingy is going to be a wonder to watch unfold – video link I provided recently clearly makes abortion a high priority item with death or murder by War Inc being a cost of doing business.

            @Djenka …

            Could you provide an example please.

          • Considering Trumps new venture into TV evangelicalism the whole population thingy is going to be a wonder to watch unfold – video link I provided recently clearly makes abortion a high priority item with death or murder by War Inc being a cost of doing business.


            Richie’s usual response is that “the left” should be encouraging contraception.

            a) They do.
            b) It ignores that more children are required to survive absent a modern, rich, welfare state
            c) it would take generations to have any impact even if (b) weren’t relevant (and probably about a century to have any meaningful impact)
            d) whenever the right are in power they either directly attack the contraceptive aspects of foreign aid, or make other aspects of foreign aid (food, medicine) contingent on de-emphasising contraception (outside of abstinence).

          • drsmithy

            Number one solution is stop immigration into areas that have a stable population.

            That is, the West.

            Why would the left solve a population problem by letting it grow into regions that have stable populations?

            Seems really really fking stupid to me.

            Not you?

          • The fact that James Hansen had had hard time obtaining his research support proves that the government funding for scientific research is not based on merit but based on ideology.

            Those who advocate big governments really need to look hard in the mirror and contemplate what has gone wrong.

          • Rich$ …

            That might be better advanced if developed country’s didn’t try to make undeveloped country’s such sh!tholes for fun and profit.

          • If your issue is with big government I suggest you reconcile the issues around democracy of money in a neoliberal setting, hint its not big in social undertakings, its big in corporate largess.

          • As for the global population, we don’t have to worry about it. For the first time in human history, the majority of people now live in cities and the trend of urbanization will continue for foreseeable future. And the great benefit of urbanization is that the population explosion stops as people move to cities.


            Cities are green. Nuclear power is green. GM foods are green.

        • Blottridesagain

          “No faction is beyond reproach but just pointing out that lip service is easy but the hard yards count. You should know, someone has to do the dirty work. That sewer isn’t going to be fixed by only protesting about it.”
          You’re a true ELDER boom!

  8. Mining BoganMEMBER

    Whoever is running the Fassifern Guardian probably needs some protection from the gubmint. They’ve had a couple of good articles about Scummo’s volunteer payment con.


    So which one will create more anger, volunteer payment con or Centrelink emergency payment failures?


    LOL! This is what we’re dealing with.


  9. Mining BoganMEMBER

    More retail carnage. The old Australian Geographic stores are closing down over the next couple of weeks, 62 of them. They had rebadged as Curious Planet only a couple of months ago but now they’re done. Must have been a tough Xmas for them.

    I’m sad about this one. I really liked their stores. Not seen anything in the news about it though. Can’t spook the cattle I suppose.

    • Flammable Cladding

      I wonder if Jaycar is a culprit here in taking the purchases of the high markup tech gadgets, leaving this chain to the lower margin print and inanimate trinket segment.

  10. Mining BoganMEMBER

    Can’t read the story. What they be saying?


    Anyhow, who or what is this designed to take the heat off? Climate change, Angus, bushfires, Scummo, protests, Peteywise himself for being absent during the fires? Probably all of the above.

    There’s also a nasty little piece mentioned about creating a national register for blackfellas. Just WTF is that!?

    • RupNews/Potatohead running a diversionary activity.

      Too bad RupNews cannot write about the 77 refugee status requests granted, each day, from scammers flying in on Tourist visas. Remind me, how many came on the boats?

      When will someone get around to addressing the Homeland Department lies and incompetence?

    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      National register, probably a good idea after that Aboriginal activist turned out to have no native blood in him at all, faked it.

        • Blottridesagain

          So we just ignore ALL the advice that has been coming from people on the ground trying to deal with fire risk. Queensland is a classic example and something I KNOW about. For decades the rural fires advisory committee has been imploring the government to allow backburning, and strategic clearing for hazard reduction. However, in Queensland, as in NSW and Victoria particularly, the politicians and inner city people know so much better than anyone actually living in the country and having to deal with fire.
          The idiocy, of blaming ‘climate change’ as the sole or major cause of the intensity of the fires, just ignores all facts surrounding the issue. The pathological need to blame it all on ‘Scummo’ as the evil monster is quite sick and mentally retarded – even if you believe that taking all the extreme possible outcomes of BS IPCC models are true.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        Moderation. Was it darkies?

        No, must be the political party mentioned.

        Here it is again

        They will, and then it will all be about the National Register of Darkies. 1 Nation has always wanted such a register so I’m guessing this is one of the deals the gubmint has done for Poorleen’s vote. Now is just a perfect time to toss it out as a distraction.

        • Australia’s on everyone’s sh1t list at the moment, might as well add this to the roll call of shame.

  11. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    For those that follow my occasional comments in reference to Bitcoin and by way of that name I mean the crypto currency by the ticker code BSV.

    Apparently in the ongoing court battle between Craig Wright and the brother of Dave Klienman via his estate (who collaborated with Satoshi), Craig lodged some additional court documents that only became available to him on the 6th of January:


    For those unfamiliar with the implications, Craig Wright has long claimed to be Satoshi and to have placed the “Keys” to the Satoshi coins in an encrypted Trust that he requested Dave Klienman to up – access to this Trust was meant to have been Governed by “Shamir’s secret sharing algorithm”. This meant that it was impossible to unlock and access the encrypted files unless a minimum number of passwords had been entered into it – these passwords were distributed to a number of people. If a minimum number of passwords were not entered, then it could not be unlocked. In turn the passwords to this trust were meant to have been delivered or returned to Craig on or after the 1st of January 2020 by bonded courier. Satoshi is meant to have mined upto 1.1 million of the original coins.

    Interestingly, Craig has been fairly quite for the past three months – he abandoned Twitter and most scuttle but comes via some closed group social media app that I’ve forgotten the name of. Anyhow a thread popped up the other day (curiously on the 6th of January) on some Hacker forum where Craig went off at Greg Maxwell, who is one of the lead developers for BTC and a catspaw for Blockstream (you can take the ownership and influence of Blockstream as far back as you want to, but that is a whole other post).

    It is more just a slagging match than anything too interesting, so probably only for those interested in the personality reveals in the little outbursts:


    I haven’t read through all the terms and implications of the newly revealed Third Tulip Trust – skeptics and conspiracy theorists will no doubt suggest that this is just another ploy by Craig to forestall revealing the coins, which they don’t believe he has, and that he’s just concocted as a part of his ever growing and more elaborate set of lies.

    Disclaimer, I hold bsv.

  12. Flammable Cladding

    Don’t worry about the fire bans, start the New Year properly by torching your hard earned cash!!!


    For those just getting started on the road to building their business empire, here’s a variety of businesses from around the country that won’t break the bank.

    Look I have no objection to people wanting to sell their businesses, but

    1. Why is this news?
    2. Of all the businesses for sale right now why these i.e. was the writer of this piece advertisement paid for doing this?
    3. Buying any business, especially a franchise, in 2020 on the cusp of recession is a virtually guaranteed loss making move. What responsibility does the author take if it ends in tears for some punter who read this and ploughed their money into one of these?

    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      Anytime would be a good time to buy start a business providing it had no overheads and initial costs could be recouped in a depression.

    • To be honest I’ve been looking for a little while, probably more for a little biz as a ‘side gig’. Got to looking at the books of a few, but no further. Recent house purchase has probably put plans on hold for a while. Still have a goal this year to earn $1 from doing something for myself. See what happens ay.
      Having said that, wouldn’t touch any of these with reus’s member.

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      Sounds like the perfect opportunity to stay indoors and demonstrate the modern wonders of high spec computer console gaming to the Mrs in 4K.

      • No Xbox today, still angling for Modern Warfare. Just had a couple of tins outdoors with the neighbour enjoying the beautiful Canberra air.

      • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

        or do what many a baby boomer parent has done and combine both: use a high-spec gaming computer with wide-screen, 200MHz refresh rate monitor and play solitaire or similar.

        • Or combine it with the other main use for computers and create “Words with Friends with Benefits” app.

        • Curse Atari and their bringing the family together commercials, which is proceeded only by the warm glow of electrons from the TV penetrating the families synoptics as they huddle around its radiance. Available in every language you can think of and with the added bonus of being framed as a solid middle class must have – We Don’t Need A Baby Sitter Tonight (Atari 2600) – Retro Video Game Commercial / Ad:


          Hence the inclusion of what is considered admissible as advertising in the recent NC post I offered with references to Michał Kalecki – private credit is not a productive anything, especially when used for fast fashion consumption.

          Calgon, Take Me Away!” (1978) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yjGPgs0_S0

          • The device has no agency, that would be the humans selling it and how the marketing is presented, that is where the neoliberalism presents itself. This is not new in itself and can be traced back to early supply side economic theory and the application of Bernays methodology in advancing it.

            Same could be said about “Smart” phones and how they increase the freedoms and liberties of its users.

          • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

            I used to love all those time wasting games but now I only play World of tanks Blitz on my phone and iPad.
            Started playing it around the time I discovered Macrobusiness.com.au
            Recon I could have learnt 2 foreign languages in the time I’ve spent on them!

          • The Traveling Wilbur

            Well, in that time you’ve learned all about macroeconomics and how to make real money in Australia. That should definitely count as at least two (distinctly different) language substitutes?

            You can thank reusa and Peachy later.

            And the correct answer was….

            An atari is what people who couldn’t handle a C64 bought. 😁

          • “An atari is what people who couldn’t handle a C64 bought.”

            Are you suggesting either has the ability to quantify how smart the user is?

          • E.T on Atari crashed the whole video game industry. 😁 Nintendo revived it in the mid 80s with the NES.

        • I’ve always liked NetHack on one of those fancy gaming computers. There’s nothing quite like those beautifully rendered ascii character monsters to really get the adrenaline flowing…
          Solitare is way too graphical for my liking…

    • I used to make a line of equestrian gear – joddy’s and stuff, but by the time I’d paid for the fabric, it was cheaper for a retailer to buy direct from China; labelled; packaged and promoted than it cost me for just the fabric! So I gave up.
      But it’s what part of what I’ve always done; started making jeans at the Amco factory in Whangarei donkey’s years ago, and stayed in the business ( Swanndri, in Timaru etc) until it died about 15 years back. Now? Just for fun and family!

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      So not making skin suits out of industrialists then. Right ho.

      Edited. Right spot. Too slow.

    • You don’t even need a ban or sanctions imposed by government, pure market and consumer driven. Then whom will they blame … lefties?????

      • Yeah, it’s not like Scotty boy can take consumers in other countries to international courts can he.

        • LOL. Are they going to boycott skinny lattes and realestate? There’s nothing else made in Oz

    • Why are we the only Coal exporter being singled out for a heckling? And why aren’t Coal Importers being heckled? As Skip refers to, it’s commercial (& like most of “our” resource companies they’re probably > ~80% OS Owned) if we stop others will just ramp up to fill the gap…… Is this all on Smoko’s high profile bumbling effort? What am I missing?

      Edit:- Virtue Signal – I’m no Coal fan either.

      • Probably because those countries that import coal aren’t in the process of being reduced to a pile of ashes.

        • The Traveling Wilbur


          Aren’t run by muppets with the political acumen of a police riot squad who constantly put themselves in front of cameras only to jabber out the most inane and illogical gibberish to all and sundry expecting to get away with it every time because a) Rupert and b) neutered ABC.

          Except some places aren’t run by Rupert and it’s not just Australia that has an ABC.

          Now if that nice BBC lady can fix Doctor Who everything will be sorted again.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Colin I would be a fan of coal if they found a way to make it cleaner than even the Japs have because Aust would be in the box seat. Although it is yesteryear’s energy technology and we should be looking ahead instead.

      • I think we are the only democracy that exports the levels of coal that we do.

        This all could have been avoided if our government was intelligent enough to pretend to care about climate change. I don’t think we’ll see boycotts of Canada — maybe Alberta, but not Canada as a whole. But they’re so fvcking dumb that they need to be out and proud about coal at all times when they could just pretend to care and do the same thing and get away with it.

      • my take on this is because we are considered developed country and our stand on climate change is – do nothing and blame others with look at them policy. As developed country we should have started moving away from coal – using coal not exporting that is.
        We would not attracted any criticism and we possibly would have been recognised for our efforts if:
        1. Aus transitioned or in the process of transitioning to gas, solar, wind etc ( combination of techs) and shut or started shutting down all coal power pants.
        2. Aus continues to export coal but encourages developing countries to transition to cleaner technologies.
        3. Aus recognises damage carbon gasses do to human health and the environment.
        4. Aus takes serious action about illegal bush clearing.
        5. Aus takes serious action on illegal water pumping.

        When a first world country behaves as if they are rotten 3rd world country then such country deserves lot more than just criticism and EU may just do that. I am not going to be surprised if some form of tariffs are put on us or major consumer boycott of Aus products is initiated from EU and even US.

        • Thanks Nik, all that sounds fair enough, although I wouldn’t be giving the third worlders any free passes if it were me running the joint – we’re all in this together &, if it is such an emergency our contribution is small beer compared to others – not an excuse for not reducing ours as agreed. We set examples with lowering Tariffs from the 80’s on & we’ve been holding our ankles ever since, as others found smart arse ways to take advantage & still get their cut (just didn’t call them Tarriff’s), so I’d be a bit wary of setting too much of an “example” again. China is having trouble letting go of their developing world status (WTO) & is using everything in their playbook to cheat the world on that one & maintain the advantage they’ve been given for far too long…… But again, we should hold to agreements absolutely – Scott seems to think we are, but it seems even that’s murky & open to interpretation?
          Agree with Boom too. Hopefully when Liddell is shut down they move to supporting renewables & Gas Peakers (should already be) until we can mature enough to have a closer look at what the Chinese are doing with Thorium (assuming there’s anything left here that needs good baseload). We’ll be learning from this so called third world soon.

          A not insignificant ~38% of global Coal exports are from Oz – http://www.worldstopexports.com/coal-exports-country/
          Japan, India, China are the biggest importers – http://www.worldstopexports.com/coal-imports-by-country/

          I’ll go out on a limb & guess that even the cleanest coal burners aren’t within cooee of Gas as a stepping stone…… & again, we’ve just bent over & given it away…….

      • From memory, coal still accounts for nearly 40 percent of Germany’s power generation.

        The Germans only recently demolished villages in North Rhine-Westphalia to make way for new coalfields.

        Poland is also still heavily into coal.

        • I don’t know what %age we derive from Coal, but perhaps they doth protest too much & are using us for their deflection if they’re ramping up? Greta’s scorn sure is a handy vehicle to run cover…… & we’re sure an easy target with the current glib incompetent at the helm.

    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      Is that you laying face down in the second pic.
      At least you’re working (paid), Still haven’t wound myself up and now the missus is putting up jobs on the whiteboard, Fixed the fence this morn, now put up blinds then re[lace cleats for the bike.($32 in the shop $15 on eBay) and replace water filter.
      btw lucky the job didn’t blow out. Quoting is always hit or miss.

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        Giggled. Well played.

        Though when the surgeon’s repair work starts leaking, the punter usually gets much more upset.

    • This is what is referred to as – crapification – in the neoliberal economic matrix E.g. every[one] [tm] is incentivized to pass on the screw job to the next person in the food chain. You can see this playing out in real time with Boeing.

      I’m putting up some new fence before the doggies get back from boarding – training camp and the ground is just right for digging, recent rain and I always maintain the yard to hold moisture by keeping it cut high during the summer – less watering and more dense. Watering is only required when sufficient drying occurs in the top soil and not a scheduled event.

        • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

          I hope your not suggesting we start calling Harry “Boots”
          When I was an apprentice we had this young leading hand on a Job I was on that everyone called Boots.
          Why does everyone call Dave “Boots” I asked several people on the Job.
          Because someone answered, Dave is so far up Micks arse (the Foreman),….all you can see is his Boots!
          Came across a lot of people called Boots after that,….its not just a cats name.

  13. Finally, a genuine assessment of the most deficient human to occupy the office of Prime Minister.

    “Morrison has proven he is not up to the task of being PM”

    When you look at the seriousness that Fraser, Hawke, Keating and Howard brought to the prime ministerial task, Morrison does not cut it. He is just a grab-bag of slogans and PR mush, happy to employ any tactic to win an instant cheap point against his opponents or justify the unjustifiable. He got away with it in May. It was not a miracle – it was just that Australians were not paying enough attention to see through the PR charlatan.


  14. boomengineeringMEMBER

    Should beat my mate easily tomorrow as he picked up a Bull Arab × from Gunnedah (pound) with his missus & 3 boys this morn . Didn’t beat him by much last time neck ,& neck.

  15. roylefamilyMEMBER

    Hello All,
    Just back from a 1 hour intermediate session at the inland surf park at Tullamarine next door to the airport. So, the findings are.
    Being profoundly unfit is as bad there as at the real surf.
    You will find no promo videos of the take off zone. It is in a crowded claustrophobic concrete V.
    A full 9′ long board is a complete liability, not enough space, take a fish.
    The pack forms an orderly queue with no hassling.
    The take off is very steep and sharp with no “feel” to it like real surf. Plenty of people having trouble and falling off. However a bit of practice would solve it.
    The wave is good. When on it they vary quite a lot. Not really mechanical at all. The promo videos are a fair representation.
    My session was a gasping unfit debacle but plenty of others getting there waves.

    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      Much appreciated for the feedback. Hope its a wake up call for you to start looking after your health a bit more.
      Pick a fun thing you like doing, don’t scrimp on equipment and go for it.

      • roylefamilyMEMBER

        I have actually been surfing for 25 years. My rule of thumb as a Melbourne surfer was swimming a kilometer at the pool with ease, as I used to, pretty much made you safe and effective on a surf break like Woolamai or Gunnamatta. The likes of 10′ Johanna was something else.

        My surfing downfall came when the classic vehicle club rego scheme changed and getting my 1979 Triumph T140D and the 76 T160 on the road became very affordable. I am in the shed every weekend rebuilding motorcycles.

        Getting back to URBNSURF. It is odd that they made the thing for a north easterly offshore. The prevailing wind here is the opposite. The take off is sheltered but not so the rest of the wave.

        It has made me resolved to get back in the pool.

    • roylefamilyMEMBER

      And for any surfer on a mulit-hour layover at Melbourne Airport it’s a no brainer. You can hire everything.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      My surfing fitness isn’t what it used to be.
      I wont even go out if its overhead anymore.
      My beloved Mal, a 9’6 Jackson Ive had since I was 30, is 19 years old now dinged up, waterlogged and going brown underneath. I still rides OK though.
      Ive done 70 to 80 percent of all my surfing on it since getting it.
      My mate Mick also 30 at the time said in contempt, “you got a Mal!?,…Pffft!,…I might get one of them when Im Fken 50!
      After about a dozen surfs together over the following couple of months my mate got one!,…because he was getting the shytes that he was only getting one wave for every 4 or 5 I was getting on me Mal,…Ha Ha!

      He still surfs regularly these days, goes OS every year to surf and mostly rides a Fish now.
      Wanting to get back into the water more frequently and get my surf skills and fitness back to a more respectable level im thinking of getting this 10 footer! as my new regular ride,


      Nice YouTube clip of her in action

    • It sounds a lot like south bay L.A. surf, hence why we used quad skags, short and light [one hand air dry] boards with heavy rails and 6 channels. Oz style twin and tri skags were useless on steep fast take offs when making your first turn into the wave – like driving a old 911 turbo and stomping on the gas in the middle of the corner.

      I could use my old original Dewey Weber 9.6 long board because it had a huge L shaped skag on it and take off deeper than everyone else, always a good time when bringing the aircraft carrier around in the face of all the short board grommets …. skittles …. good times …

      The story behind the discovery of the board is as epic as it was in the surf, sigh every time I’m at Noosa and imagine taking it out.

    • I’ll be watching with anticipation, kind of like waiting for Y2K to play out, hahaha! I never, ever believed that was a thing, BTW.

    • The thing to watch is how aggressive and mercenary shorts play out, destroys capital beyond finding a realistic price floor and that’s not forgetting Trumps 2017 threat that if you don’t vote for him and his your 401K gets it ….

      • How does that differ to central banks pumping up asset prices and destroying purchasing power of cash? Central banks have killed off all the Hedge Funds anyway. There will be no massive short.

        Regarding election. Market Huddle podcast discussed mathematical analysis of next election based on odds of Dems vs Republicans, and stock market positioning. The estimate is stock market will crash by ~30% if Dems win, and rise by ~10% if Republicans win.

        • Ehh on your central bank assumption QTM was sorted back in rayguns and thatchers day empirically, not to mention any umbrage at central banks should be leveled at the quasi monetarists running it, not to mention an ideological captured political system and not some monolithic notion of central banks.

          I also think its a disservice to over simplify a complex problem spanning some decades down to money alone, lots of market participants learned to game IR a long time ago, such can happen when you can bet three ways et al. But to your question – CBs have not force market participants to focus on financial paper and financialization over job creating works, that’s a long trend in labour arb which is rewarded by the market and investors for short term yield.

          • I am talking about CBs manipulating asset prices post-GFC.

            “CBs have not force market participants to focus on financial paper and financialization over job creating works”

            I am going to presume that is a typo and that you know fully well that lower interest rates has diverted lending from productive businesses to asset speculation, and that many stock market listed companies are now borrowing money to push up their share prices via buybacks rather than investing in productivity.

          • Again CBs did not, as you imply, manipulate asset prices, enough things to hold CBs to account for without compounding error, but then again I have much more fundamental issues with mainstream economics which supersede currant CB administration.

            Not a typo, its a long term trend in markets with finger prints from the shareholder value meme, what do you think the whole sharing gig economy is about, offshoring of jobs to reduce exposure to legacy costs of labour, increased outgoing for labour since wages and productivity diverged. The largest transfer of wealth upwards in modernity, this is not economics, but a social template being crammed down on everyone not in the top percentile of wealth … you know how the poor and down trodden steal from the rich productive sorts … chortle …

            I repeat the suggestion to look at the link and how that reflects on this conversation, you want to talk about a very narrow set of actions that happened during the aftermath, decades in the making, of mainstream economics and its handling of it post facto. Where as I go back to the fundamentals that enabled it all E.g. perspectives about humans and how that translates to policies both social and market based.

            I have been quite clear about having a reformation on the topic and have supplied links in the past that provide an in depth reason for it.

    • Did turning your glass upside down really cause offence in those days…why?
      I’ve been in country pubs where you signify the end of your session by putting the glass down sideways on the bar (not to be done lightly).

      • Not sure about today but growing up in Darwin during the 70’s and 80’s, turning your glass upside down on the bar was an invitation to start a fight.

          • You could call it an invitation to treat. It was a gentleman’s way of inviting some for a bit of biffo. Those who wished to partake did while those who were happy getting on the sauce continued. The old school style gave way to morons who just belted the joker next to them and eventually such brave confrontational actions like the coward punch.

      • TailorTrashMEMBER

        This raises another good question …..how did a city like Melbourne founded by British and Irish ( who love a pint ) end up with those silly little pots ?

        • desmodromicMEMBER

          Pubs once served 7oz ‘ponies’. Can you still buy beer in a pony glass? Presumably so that the patron’s beer was always cold.

          • Mining BoganMEMBER

            5oz glass is a ‘pony’. Popular at bowls clubs because having a pot at each end will have you asleep in the gutter before the sun goes down.

            A 7oz glass is simply a ‘seven’. There were the tall and the short ‘seven’. Finding a pub with tall sevens was like finding a treat. There was something about them. You don’t see them anymore but I loved a quick tall seven or two.

          • Also in country Victoria, serious regular pub clients used to drink ponies both to keep the beer cooler and also so they did not look like serious drinkers 🙁

        • Then there’s South Australia who should be cut away from the rest of the country for producing West End and Southwark but were saved by wine and Coppers. That said, they have a fvcked up system where a schooner is called a pint, and charged accordingly, and a middy is a schooner. Not sure what they call a true pint. Caught out a few times.

      • Only drink German these days EP, more inclined for a top shelf rum cocktail or vintage red in moderation.

        Pops are related to labels that most don’t understand and applied with a snarl.

      • Flammable Cladding

        Persons likely to be offended by that statement wouldn’t be in a pub drinking alcohol???

      • The Traveling Wilbur


        Which is roughly the value of bonds I reckon that the RBA will have bought before QE stops.

        • Blottridesagain

          So, what’s your reckoning on what a decent house will be worth in A$ at that stage- presuming we can continue with rampant insane levels of immigration?

      • QE is the Taylor rule to offset IS-LM psychological depression because it can’t find the natural rate of interest [tm].

        That there is a natural rate of interest and that if the money-rate of interest (the central bank rate, basically) diverges from this inflation and deflation will result. Well, that’s basically the mainstream theory today used by most central banks who use a New Keynesian model with a Taylor Rule attached that essentially contains an implicit idea of a natural rate. The central banks then try to line their target rate of interest up with the so-called natural rate.

        Emphasis on the vernacular use of – Natural [tm] – not unlike “Real” or misapplication of the term “Science of” all of which is not unlike Trump pushing the bias buttons of his audience and then saying … but you knew that …

  16. Has TRUMPS TWEETS today given the US sharemarket the “ KISS OF DEATH”
    We are at the TOP now in the DOW

      • I was in Aldi a little while ago, and they have 1.5kg frozen turduckens for $30.

        Anyone know if they are any good? Looked at it for a while but did not purchase in the end. Not sure if I regret the decision at the moment.

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        It is such a small world… was out for a run yesterday… and got to watch in somewhat slow motion a bush turkey creeping up on a camel toe.

        I really didn’t know which was going to blink first.
        So to speak.
        Wasn’t me… except for wipping sweat and tears from my eyes as I ran past.

          • The Traveling Wilbur

            Yes, well, true dat. Excellent advice.

            However the actual location kind of adds to the animal related humour now that you mention it: the lawns on the top of Kangaroo Point.

  17. https://www.theage.com.au/politics/federal/scott-morrison-vows-to-go-even-further-on-emissions-in-response-to-fires-20200112-p53qqd.html

    Is this radical Greenie extremist planning to plant a tree?

    “Asked why he had not announced he would be out of the country on that holiday, Mr Morrison said: “I’d texted Anthony Albanese on my way out the door so I wasn’t being secretive (about the trip).”

    Wow — a friendship for the ages. Maybe one day Australia will be included for a menage a trois.

  18. Lasted about 30 seconds into Trumps speech of the Empire lives forever, flanked by his Generalissimos … wow ….

      • I am sure Harry lasts longer in presence of Linda Lovelace or, to be inclusive, in presence of Eric Stryker or Mike Horner (to include metrosexuals)

        • Linda Lovelace!? Sheesh, mate, your age is showing! She’s so old, they named the unit for suckage after her: the Ll – the Lovelace. Which, like the Bell, is a logarithmic scale.

          • That’s an interesting fact, to name the name after a nun.
            Her age is timeless in numerous recorded love stories. Hairy for Harry too…
            Characters were adjusted for the perceived age of the recipient, you know, “the first love of every man”.

    • When your immigration rate is so high that it affects currency movements — it is way too high.

  19. A very recent interview with Andy Yang.

    His focus on current issues problems is refreshing. Also refreshing is the interview itself. The interviewers asked questions and let him answer them. They also weren’t trying to look clever, throw in pot shots, or gotchas. It’s a model that someone in Australia should pick up.

  20. my latest audit of my Shopping Centre:
    9 closed shops – 8 proper shops and one stand (the cake franchise that no buys from).
    2 shops closing down – Harris Scarf and Curious Planet.
    This is new record.
    jobs, jobs, jobs.

    • Had to go into the Brisbane Airport DFO today and it was chockas. Took me nearly 5 minutes to find a park.

      That said we were in the Jindalee one a couple of weeks back and it was like a cemetary.

    • To be replaced by a nail salon. massage parlor, or maybe a mobile phone repair store?

      Jobs, jobs, jobs for the family of the Business Visa holder.

      • nail saloon – already 3
        massage p – already 4
        mobile phone repair – only 2 so there is bit of a growth opportunity here for a savy investor.

  21. Flammable Cladding

    Rent seeking knows no bounds …


    The federal government has been urged to restrict the number of registered marriage celebrants, with industry representatives warning there is an “oversupply” leading to “rusty” officials who cannot get enough work.

    Maybe Scummo should make it mandatory for vibrants to marry in Australia to boost the work for these hard done by celebrants who – unlike the parasites in the FIRE sector – have not been able to capitalise on the wave of never ending mass immigration.

    Oh wait, here’s why that won’t work:


    The biggest problem, however, seems to be a matter of culture. Although culturally and legally Australia rejects child marriage, so like just about every other developed, culturally-Christian Western nation, Australian authorities are reluctant to inject their attitudes of right and wrong into a foreign culture.

    • At least Home Affairs’ Skilled Occupation List doesn’t have ‘celebrant’ included.

      But it does have Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Health Worker – not sure how that works?

  22. TailorTrashMEMBER

    In these uncertain times it’s reassuring to know that in 2020 Australia’s ambassador to Washington will be Afrur dodgy Sinodinas ……..Sino ..,,,,dinas …,,,hope not

  23. So after Morrison addressed the nation through the ABC this morning to set the record straight about his Governments inept repose to the fires and pretty much anything else, it’s clear the most deficient human to occupy the office of Prime Minister made an absolute hash of thatl. Subsequently his office was out this afternoon clarifying all sort of snake oil bullsh1t you come to expect of Scotty from Marketing. And now, the media are starting to call bullsh1t.

    “Scott Morrison looks for wriggle room on climate as he detects the whiff of backlash”


    Even David Speers is a tad suspect:

    “Analysis: Scott Morrison’s ‘historic change’ is not the one his critics wanted”


    Over at 9Fax, David Crowe did nothing more than a summary piece and the Editorial called for further action on climate change. News Corp, they can burn in hell.

  24. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Went to Sydney airport this morning to pick up one of my children ..,,,..to watch the stream of humanity flow through the entry point to Australia…,wearing thongs and pushing lumbering trolleys loaded with heaped suitcases and stacks of cardboard boxes (containing the foundations of their new business one assumes ) one has to concede that straya is well on the way to bapak Keatings vision …..and how lovely it will be …….