Morrison Government mired in corruption

A little summary from Crikey makes the point today:

Attorney-General Christian Porter will lead a review into the community sports grants scandal despite the program netting his own electorate nearly one million dollars.

Porter’s announcement follows revelations by the ABC that Scott Morrison’s local soccer club boasted about essential funding for a project weeks before the grants were announced. Morrison, whose office was involved in the rort itself, continues to stand by Bridget McKenzie.

Elsewhere, Energy Minister Angus Taylor’s office has largely refused an FOI over the City of Sydney scandal; Brendan Nelson has been appointed president of Boeing Australia, just weeks after making headlines for stepping down as controversial Australian War Memorial director; and George Christensen has paid back $2,100 after an audit found he misused travel expenses on trips to the Philippines. Peter Slipper is yet to comment.

Liberal democracy has morphed from a rules based system to one which you do whatever you can get away with.

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  1. Liberal democracy has morphed from a rules based system to one which you do whatever you can get away with.


    Autocracy here we come! (Or theocracy?)

    • The rules would apply to you or me. We’d be fired or go to jail for this sorta corruption/theft.

      In our new democracy, the rules don’t apply to those who make the rules.

      • John Howards Bowling Coach

        They never did, why do you think so many lawyers long to become part of the parliament…

      • Proving that we have a fully functioning 3rd world political and economic structure. I see a future along the lines of some latin American countries.

    • buttzilla thirteen

      democracy never achieved. only plutocracy. the Greek model of aristocracy was closest to genuine meritocracy, quickly overrun by oligarchy and becoming plutocratic then fail.

  2. Excerpt from the Angus Taylor story:

    “The unnamed third party, who was required to be consulted, put forward a “detailed case” arguing their correspondence with Mr Taylor’s office should not be made public.”

    I wonder if that detailed case went something like this:

    “You know we fabricated everything, and if you dump us in the poo, we are going to make sure you’re there with us”.

  3. John Howards Bowling Coach

    OK, so how is the government going to give a negative response from their review into their own actions? That is a complete farce!

    • They evaluate their own FOI requests and adjudicate themselves on whether they should release information which might publically compromise or embarrass them.
      So they are quite capable of reviewing themselves and reaching a finding everything is in order.

  4. Morrison’s office (and prob Morrison himself) are balls deep in the whole sports rorts scandal. Porter will protect the boss by finding that the Minister did infact have the powers to unilaterally award the grants (despite what the Sports Act says), coz who is going to challenge it in the high court?

    • or she is gunna get thrown under the ScoMos bus.

      Toot toot!

      Porter sees a chance to put the knife to Scomo and does so….strengthening hsi position to move on the PM position….

      • Wrong, he chucks her under the bus and she might spill the beans about his involvement. He will protect her to protect himself.

    • And yet Morrison, Cash, McKenzie etc perpetrate the lie that the ANAO didn’t find anything untoward. Bull. Sh1t. Recommendation 11 from the ANAO report: Funding decisions for each of the three rounds were not informed by clear advice and were not consistent with the program guidelines. The approach adopted for each round differed.

      The Great Disappointment should be all over this.

  5. old good corruption

    this is not an issue of democracy or communism … but corruption, any system can get and eventually gets corrupted
    – there is a strong negative correctional between likelihood of rolling heads and corruption among ruling elite

    • Greed and the lust to gain and hold power are universal. What differs with the current government is how blatant they are about it. I don’t know there has been a federal government that has been this carefree in their corruption and pork barreling. At the state level I can only think of Sir Joh’s lot. It’s as if a regional council has somehow taken over Canberra.

    • Mate according to our Deputy PM Joh Junior Australians don’t want Public Servants making decisions about how money is spent, they want the people they voted for to make those decisions. That way Australians will always keep voting them in so they can keep making decisions for the good of those people.

      See? It’s not corruption it’s democracy in action. Now take your socialist nonsense elsewhere and don’t you worry about that!

    • After a hard day’s work wondering around the city looking in shop windows and feeding the pigeons old man albo has gone home. It’s 5.30pm time for a nanna nap before bed. At 7.30 he’ll get up put out the cat put on his Jim jams lock all the doors and windows and tuck into bed looking forward to his well deserved 11 hours of sleep secure in the knowledge that all is right with the world.

    • Jumping jack flash

      Albo? Oh he’s going all “weirdly passive-aggressive” with voters and talking in code. If you squint hard enough you can read three-levels-deep between the lines of what he says.

      The next thing he’ll say is “cucumber”.
      And that’s going to mean something like “you get what you deserve, voter scum. Now watch the planet burrrrn under the Libs that you voted for!”

      • On par with Corbyn. The punters want nice simple pre digested answers,:shouted loud and repeated over and over, not in depth policy detail.

  6. No ‘journalist’ has framed a question like this:

    If you think you have done nothing wrong, will you be distributing the fire relief money using the same Ministerial discretion rather than on a needs basis?

  7. With all due respect if we want to get serious here – we should put a broom through the entire public service including the public service defined benefits scheme which is over $200 billion dollars and counting. There was never an election where the politicians went to an election saying they were going to pay themselves a golden handshake.

    • The CSS and PSS defined benefit super schemes for public servants have been closed to new members for 30 and 15 years respectively. At the moment there is a unfunded liability of $233Bil and the future fund is circa $160Bil. Give it another 10 years and the future fund will meet all of the unfunded liabilities for the the super.

      • Lenny Hayes for PMMEMBER

        Beneficiaries of the scheme are now also starting to fall off the perch, so within the next 15 years it will be a non-issue.

  8. You gotta love George “Jabba” Christensen though, Member for Manila, married to a filipina adult escort, who used to dance at the adult bar “Pony Tails” in Manila (available for private meetings later … for a fee), and holder of the firm belief that climate change is a conspiracy between the United Nations and most of the world’s scientists to “make money out of the world wide carbon trade”.

    Vibrant character who makes Parliament interesting!

  9. The banks et al seem to think same same – they likewise seem to have a complete disdain and disregard for the law and rules (and it would seem morality) …

    • I never understood the point of Twitter until the bushfires.

      And #CrimeMinister is just to perfect.

  10. It was disputed that Murdoch does not influence political debate by some on Macro.
    The only reason the LNP do as they please with impunity is they have Murdoch and Stokes on board. Also the ABC is shit scared to report without bias as they are shut down by the LNP at will.
    channel 7(Stokes). channel 9, sky news, Fox…. 58% newspapers, Almost all non ABC talk back radio (Murdoch).
    Everyone reading Macro despite how well balanced and intelligent you think you are can easily be corrupted by media. Even myself. Hard to admit our weakness.

  11. Jumping jack flash

    Politicians with nothing to do, and far too much time and money. What else are they going to do?
    None of them need to have any real skills, or know anything about the portfolios they’re supposedly in charge of.

    After privatisation, their vast amounts of new free time is spent on the “important tasks”: Fighting among themselves about nothing in particular. Social issues that are just so important and take literally years to discover the obvious solutions to. Planning their lives after politics – these are getting better and more lucrative all the time, which is testament to the amount of time they have to plan them now. Travel to 3rd world countries to choose/rescue damsels in distress and make them their wives. Public infrastructure projects that are shaped to benefit themselves or their mates in some way.

    Myriad other things.