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    • Seriously its like the world markets are coked out of their minds. Full of confidence nothing can stop it falling at this rate. But it’s all BS.. makes me think the big crash is around the corner now.

  1. Last year, UNSW professor Jeremy Moss pointed out the extent of BHP’s emissions.

    “BHP’s emissions from its global fossil fuel operations alone were more than the whole of Australia’s domestic emissions (534Mt CO₂-e) for 2018,” he wrote.

    “If BHP were a country, the products it produces would cause emissions greater than those emitted by 25 million Australians.”

    Who gets the bill again – ????

  2. (WSJ) – Brazilian state prosecutors charged Vale SA’s former CEO Fabio Schvartsman and 10 others from the mining company with homicide Tuesday in an effort to hold it to account for last year’s dam collapse that killed 270 people.

    Prosecutors for the state of Minas Gerais also leveled homicide charges at five individuals at Germany’s TÜV SÜD, the auditing company that certified the mine-waste dam as safe only months before it gave way. All 16 individuals, as well as both companies as entities, were also charged with environmental crimes, according to a statement released Tuesday.

    After a yearlong investigation into the breach on Jan. 25, 2019, in southeastern Brazil, prosecutors said it was clear that the dam had presented a critical structural risk since at least 2017. Vale and TÜV SÜD were both “fully aware” of the dam’s safety problems

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      If either of them is to win the presidency they must first announce their ambiguous pronouns so that we are all clear

      • In political compass speak, he means “libertarian” not “left”.

        “T” is a Reactionary. His political position is somewhere around the middle at the top.

    • Dafuq is wrong with you lot? Is this the skippy school of thought, where no one is left unless it benefits your retarded points of view?

      Leftists – if they didn’t have double standards, they would have none. Don’t you people have any shame? Next you’ll be telling me that Obama was actually a secret right winger and don’t I realise that *true* socialism has never been tried?

      f’ing morons…

      • Sanders is a Roosevelt Democrat E.g. social democrat and not a democratic socialist – anything, Hillary and Obama are Corporatist blue dog DINOs [sat on the board of Walmart, those cattle futures thingy and a cornucopia of corruption], Warren is a classic moderate Republican that only wants to end mercenary – predatory free market buyer beware thingy ….

        So T whats your pal Gary North up to these days – ????? – bringing in all those west coast IT liberals – progressives LOL ….

          • Gary Kilgore North (born February 1942), is an American paleolibertarian writer, Austrian School economic historian, and leading figure in the Christian reconstructionist movement. North has authored or coauthored over fifty books on topics including Reformed Protestant theology, economics, and history.He is an Associated Scholar of the Ludwig von Mises Institute.

            Economics with Dr. Gary North of the Ron Paul Curriculum

            Learn about the Economics homeschooling course of the Ron Paul Curriculum taught by Dr. Gary North. Students will learn how to argue for the free market and have more confidence in the free market. This course is taught from the perspective of the freedom philosophy.

            Your funnie T