Iran hits back and attacks US base in Iraq

by Chris Becker

And so it begins. Via AP:

Iranian state TV says Tehran has launched “tens” of surface-to-surface missiles at Iraq’s Ain Assad air base housing U.S. troops in response to the killing of top Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani.

It was not immediately clear whether the purported missile strikes struck the base or whether any damage has been caused. There was no confirmation from the United States or anti-ISIS coalition partners on whether an attack has occurred.

Ain Assad air base is located in Iraq’s western Anbar province. It was first used by American forces after the 2003 U.S.-led invasion that toppled dictator Saddam Hussein. It later saw American troops stationed there amid the fight against the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria.

State TV said the operation’s name was “Marytr Soleimani.” It said the Revolutionary Guard’s aerospace division, which controls Iran’s missile program, launched the attack.

Markets have immediately reacted with S&P and Dow futures dropping sharply while stocks here in Asia are off nearly 1% or so as WTI spikes above $65 USD per barrel and gold hits $1600USD per ounce.

Another pointless war in the Middle East begins.

Happy New Year.

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  1. wiuldn’t put money on that just yet Chris …. let’s see some ‘independent’ (yeh I know) reports …

    • I can’t help but think that if the US allows itself to be sucked into a war with Iran it is going to have implications in our region.

      The calculus for China vis a vie war with Taiwan changes dramatically if US naval and strategic assets are committed to the gulf region.

      China might be a little perturbed by its oil supply being interrupted, but I’m sure overland supply particularly from Russia will be enough that they might be tempted to launch an assault. Only problem for China is their amphibious capability is probably not up to the task… heavy reliance on airborne assets.

      • US has not be sucked into the war – US planned this for a long time
        Trump is barely a puppet when it comes to US strategic policies

      • Trump has wanted war with Iran, spoken of it for decades. Trump needs a big war now because of the looming trillions in debt, this year I think the interest alone will suck the US govts tax income, The massive REPO efforts have tried to keep interest rates down, it will fail.

        The assasination was set up be requesting Iran send Soleimani in his diplomatic role to meet in Baghdad with USA and Saudis to discuss de escalation between them. It has been long planned. IIran is pushed by honour and moral to avenge, money reduced sanctions the USA well knows does not replace a life or the lives taken.

        The decades of war games until the last one wher Iran won fast in the war model, others cost USA trillions, 100,0000 dead and years. In the last Iran won in a flash, o erwhelmingly. Iran keeps agreements, has friends from the Taliban, Iraq Syria, Lebanon, China, Russia, linked with BRICS, the Shanghai co operation group, and Qatar has an honour debt,

        The Red Flag is flying, not flown since the Middle Ages and maybe not since the 700AD murder which split the sunnis and Shia, In a cycle they may unite. Military analysts describe Soleimani as the greatest man of his generation, like Rommel and George Washington, Bottom line Israel is back pedalling fast as it can.

    • yes Chris, reports of an attack is real but what I was referring to is just how ‘serious’ was the attack (vs for eg missiles landing in US Embassy in Bagdad) as a provocation vs ‘face saving’ exercise by the Ayatollah.

      Watching the reports as I write (Fox at 6:45pm local time – CST US) – very measured, rather boring actually, while the commentators repeatedly stress the need to await the damage reports to see what response may be …

      What I was alluding to is that maybe, just maybe, POTUS might get this right – give the Ayatollah a ‘black eye’ while gradually removing bulk of US troops out of the region ….

      • @ Chris – programming has rolled onto Tucker … we have information from government sources which state there have been no American casualties … let’s see what info tells us

        and … POTUS is apparently going to make a statement to the people – let’s see and BTW apparantly most of Washington went home early because of a forecast snow storm which didn’t eventuate – just like Canberra, the swamp looks after itself above all else …

        • update at 7:40pm – no statement from POTUS tonight local time …

          let’s wait and see ….

  2. John Bolton has maintained for years that the only way to end this thing is to level Iran.
    Perhaps he’s right after all?

    • What is “this thing”?
      Level Iran = kill 82 million people?
      Was the decimation of Iraq not enough? How many 100,000’s innocent Iraqi’s were killed?
      How many countless American teenagers are going to die to accomplish this “levelling”?
      Bolton can fuck right off. And any other warmonger who says war with Iran is necessary.

    • John Bolton is a psychopath and a racist zionist so that is what he would say. Saudi Arabia becoming democratic and israel giving up on being the only remaining apartheid state would end it.

      • Vice president Pence came out a few days ago and said Soleimani was involved in 911, so it is only a matter of time until the official story becomes Iran invaded Iraq and stole the WMD which was why the USA couldn’t find them.

  3. I don’t think this is hitting back, I think it’ll take a couple of months planing, then a few more preparation….

  4. The question bow is does Iran posses nukes?
    If Iran’s response is emotions driven then US will destroy them. Full Stop.
    If Iran has nukes in their arsenal then US will not be able to respond. Even if Iran can’t hit US itself. If Iran does have nukes then Iran can burn Saudi Arabia, UAE, Israel and all US military bases in the ME before gets destroyed. That will be Pyrrhic victory.

    • I’d like to think that no nation short of that run by an absolute and malevolent dictator would embark on a nuclear attack, and even in that situation I suspect their own military may take them down rather than see their own ends via nuclear fire. But then the stupidity of our species never ceases to amaze me and hope is hollow without effective action. And when was the last time we tried that?

      • Iranian elite needs this war to distract its own people from protests threatening the system in Iran
        US elite needs a war to bring down Chinese economy
        Russian elite needs it to recover financially

        innocent people will die so these elites can achieve their goals

    • Israel has nukes. Probably around 200 of them, ranging from tactical low kiloton yields to around megaton yield. They can deliver them by air, missile and submarine. Israel threatened to nuke Damascus in 1973, ending the Yom Kippur war.

      The Israeli nukes are the main reason Iran wants nukes. The Iranian nukes are the reason Saudi Arabia wants them.

        • Iran has made overtures to the Saudis last year to reconcile differences. This was politically difficult for Saudis because of the USA relationship, however there was a shifting of intention of USA protection, hence the Saudis were to meet with Soleimani in Baghdad to negotiate on calming down, after the Houthis attack, and awareness of Shia population in the Saudi oilfields, there is a whisper edge of reconciliation there, There were Sunni mourners at the Soleimani funeral

          I don’t recall Iran and Pakistan’s relationship, Iran has shown intention to approach countries to form beneficial relationships.. There is speculation re Pakistan and Iran.

    • “US will destroy them. Full Stop.”
      What drivel. Iran is immeasurably more unified, committed, intelligent and powerful than Iraq was under Saddam in 2003. AND has big allies, BIG. Your statement sounds like the arrogant megalomaniac tripe that comes from the mouth of Trump himself. Name one war started by the US in another country or against another country (aside from WW2) in the last hundred years that has been a success. Instead, there’s the shameful and humiliating history of being bogged down in wars that can’t be won. Iraq? It was ‘won’ and then it wasn’t, and still isn’t. Why would Iran be any different? And please don’t say they’ll just rain nukes or even conventional warheads down on all their cities and military infrastructure and Bob’s your uncle. They’ve tried that before and masses died, that’s all; but maybe that’s what you meant!

    • LOL, I would say yes, but missus will probably end up with the house. Hopefully my life insurance payout means she can buy an investment property, then she’ll really have it made.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        See, now that’s the spirit. Not only looking after Lovey but also giving to the country through RE investment. Such a noble man…I hope they build a monument to you in the main street, right in front of a Ray White office.

        • Whenever I think of unwavering integrity, I think of Ray White. What an Australian icon. 😀

        • You can have 1 of the Datsun’s, the missus is of her own free will. 🙂 But I’m sure she’d appreciate your sarcasm and sense of humour and quick wit..

    • Flammable Cladding

      Gav, I would recommend fill up every one of your cars to the brim with petrol, price will be $5 a litre when you get back

      • bolstroodMEMBER

        Good advice FC.
        I urge all of you to start taking precautions.Aus has only 2-3 weeks of fuel reserves, the rest are in US.
        If US goes to war I doubt we will get the promised fuel.Trump has proven over and over his promise is not to be trusted.
        Personally I have 5 x 20ltr drums of fuel in the shed. I rotate them, use one and refill it,put it at the end of the row.
        It’s not a lot , but will get me & Mrs.B to friends farm if the balloon goes up, only have to worry abou fires then.
        Fuc k what a sh!t start to the year.

          • bolstroodMEMBER

            Spot on Gav.
            A forward thinking government of a country at the arse end of a tenous Oil fuel line would have started the conversion to EV’s and renewable energy years ago.
            Unfortunately we do not have a forward thinking Govt. or one that thinks at all given their work so far.

  5. Also, did US let these missiles land in order to inflict casualties and ensure war is on? Or did Iran just demonstrated they can penetrate US defense systems?

    • That’s an exaggerated idea of what local area defence anti missile systems are capable of vs media and Hollywood hype.

    • The Patriot missile defences don’t work very well. The strike by Iraq on the base from which the murders took place icomplies with a UN charter of self defence against attack. In terms of international law, Iran is correct and legal. Persians are intelligent, Remember calculus was invented by them.

      Iran has completed the attack, and stated so. That completes Iranian retaliation. It has told UAE Incirlik Israel etc that if attacked will respond the base from which the attack emanated. Again that complies with international law.
      Let’s see if a false flag manages to escalate.
      Putin and the generals are in Damascus with Assad.

  6. This page is getting updated as information comes to light.

    It includes a “What we know” and “What we don’t know” section at the bottom of the page.
    This was just added to the “What we know” section.

    “Iran has threatened to attack inside the US if America retaliates to this specific assault. Iran has also vowed to attack the cities of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and Haifa in Israel if Iranian soil is bombed.”

  7. What ever you think if previous presidents war mongers or not they at least were politicians. They mostly rose through the ranks with advisors and such and forced to practice politics and restraint to achieve the office they wanted. Trump has re written that book. He has shown you can be a venal self involved narcissistic twat and still be president if you have enough money. The thing is he has never had to practice restraint in his life ever and certainly does not care about what confirming his behaviour to what might be considered international norms. So now for the first time state level bad actors have realised they genuinely are in the cross hairs of a drone strike because the current president has no interest in playing by the previous rules or engaging in what might be considered a proportional response. So when the leader of Iran goads trump on Twitter that he can’t do anything then Trump’s response is a hellfire missile into the window of a car with a senior member of a bad actor state it shows a couple of things. One is that the USA can easily target and keep track of thier targets who refuse to live a monastic off the grid existence. Two is this president has no interest in acceding to international norms and has no sense of self restraint. I imagine there are any number of state level individuals who believed they were off limits who are right now re considering that. So while I would expect some low level tit for tat reprisals like this rocket attack I believe any significant response from said bad actors will wait until trump is no longer president. As an unhinged loose cannon he may just be the best deterrent. And we will not see a land invasion of Iran or such. But we will likely see drone strikes bin areas of the country previously regarded as no go.

  8. boomengineeringMEMBER

    US wanted to leave, this way they don’t have to leave anything behind as the demolition is being done for them.

      • who cares Gav. They did not really edit anything it was Trump saying it and that is the point. lol

        • Ok I wasn’t sure, I see a lot of fake Trump tweets. 🙂 Killary was going to send us to WW3 🙂

          • and that is why Trump got elected. Democrats found the only person in US that is worse than Trump and they put that person to run against Trump.

  9. this will stay relatively low intensity war local war
    Iranian elite needs this war to distract its own people from protests threatening the system in Iran
    US elite needs a war to bring down Chinese economy
    Russian elite needs it to recover financially
    Israeli elites need it to distract from corruption …

    innocent people will die so these elites can achieve their goals

    • If the US enter a conflict with Iran, would this not be a positive for China? The Chinese could march into Taiwan knowing that the US is already over-extended.

      • Oil will get to $200, Chinese economy will hit the wall, inflation in china will skyrocket (last time inflation went up so much they had Tienanmen square event), war with Taiwan would be a total war (for survival in Taiwan) not a low-intensity conflict like Iran USA war.
        China will be the ultimate loser in Iran USA war

  10. Ukrainian jet down in Iran… Surely neither side is stupid enough to have shot it down? But quite a coincidence.