Australian dollar sickens as coronavirus worsens in China

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Macro Afternoon

Markets have just caught a cold as Bloomie updated the latest propaganda from China on coronavirus:

The outbreak of a virus originating in central China entered a new phase of severity as multiple medical workers were reported to have been infected and the death count grew to four people.

The spread to medical workers indicates that the illness is more easily transmitted than previously thought, bringing it to a higher risk level reminiscent of the SARS pandemic 17 years ago that killed 800 people.

It could be the bubonic plague and the CCP would hide it. Watch results in other nations.

The Australian dollar has swooned:

Stocks have taken ill:

And bonds are bid to new 2020 highs:

It’s not clear how bad this could get but it is clear that it could be bad.

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  1. How bad is it? There are rumours going around that scomo was seen coming out of flight centre.

    • 😂 also they say a private jet funded by taxpayers 😉

      The Chinese stats are obviously complete Bullshido as there is no way there can be the number of foreign cases with so few in China given it’s huge population & the head start the disease has had there unless they are only allowing their sick to leave.

    • Flight Centre?? Wouldn’t one expect to see him coming from within Helloworld Travel, where all federal LNP ministers go ?

  2. Why do all these f**ked up diseases start in the china. What are they experimenting with over there.

    • It’s here already …

      A Brisbane man is being tested by health authorities for Coronavirus, the new SARS-like virus from China that has so far killed four people.

      It’ll be a month before Australia starts screening for it.

    • Large numbers of people in very close prolonged contact with avians and pigs, who have many diseases that only need a little genetic change to jump the species barrier means China, and Asia I general, are often groundzero based on a numbers game.

      On a different note, many Chinese joke their government is engaged in a stealth experiment to breed a super stronghuman by exposing them to toxic levels of pollution so only the strongest genetically will survive

    • One reason is they’ll do anything to save money. I remember Maccas pulled all its meat products off the menu in 2014, apparently the supplier had been supplying expired meat to them for years. No doubt I had many of these rancid cheeseburgers on the way home after a big night on bootlegged Tsingtao beers. Secondly, they have non existent personal hygiene standards. Throw 1.38B people in to the mix and I’m surprised they don’t have more outbreaks (Actually, they probably do….)

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      While these kind of virus can starts everywhere, China has a lot of people with a government that prefer to ‘cover it up’ instead of preventing it from spreading.

    • One of the most worrying things is this is just in time for Lunar New Year in China/other Asian countries. Lots of opportunities for spreading the virus far and wide with people in China/Asia taking public transport at the same time and will end up close contact with other family members. Good chance of having more people infected than SARS.

      • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

        good point, my mainland chinaman neighbours are in chinaman land right now, they’ll probably come back in time for school, lucky they don’t like interacting with us or even acknowledging we exist,

  3. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    Sydney’s cbd is out of the question for a few months now, its basically a filthy little Shenzhen these days, so much for retail in Sydney too I suppose

  4. kiwikarynMEMBER

    Only four people have died? Why the panic? More people die from the bog standard flu every year. Wake me up when its 4 million dead. On the plus side, if it wipes out 4 billion, we will have solved climate change.

    • HadronCollision

      I;ve more confidence in our public health initiatives around winter flu and management of same, than I do in China’s management plus screening at airports relying on people saying yeah I feel like I have this deadly virus.

      This could get out of hand super quickly

  5. Maybe that’s the idea….. This time it does seem to be spreading out side of china a hell of a lot faster……!