Another poll shocker for ScoMo

After yesterday’s Newspoll shocker, which showed Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s approval rating plummeting from 45% to 37%:

A Guardian Essential Poll, released today, also shows Morrison’s voter approval rating crashing:

The prime minister’s handling of the bushfire crisis has seen his disapproval rating rise 9 points from 43% in December to 52%…

The survey, undertaken from 7-11 January, also shows Anthony Albanese has overtaken Morrison as preferred prime minister for the first time since he became leader of the Labor party following the May election.

As the government fends off criticism of its response to the fires, the survey of 1,081 voters shows a shift in the number of people who disapprove of Morrison’s performance, which has increased from 43% in December to 52%.

This has been driven by an increase in those who strongly disapprove – up from 22% in December to 32%…

The number of Labor voters who now “strongly disapprove” of Morrison’s performance has increased from 36% in December to 52%, indicating an increased polarisation of political views compared to last year…

As support for Morrison has softened, so too has his standing as preferred prime minister, with 39% now saying Albanese would be better in the role, compared to 36% for Morrison.

It’s shaping up as a tough 2020 for ScoMo.

Leith van Onselen

Leith van Onselen is Chief Economist at the MB Fund and MB Super. Leith has previously worked at the Australian Treasury, Victorian Treasury and Goldman Sachs.


    • Strange EconomicsMEMBER

      This is actually great result for Scott from Marketing after a disaster months. It wasnt minus 30 %.

      . Proves that whatever happens dyed in the wool supporters cannot be changed no matter how hot the planet gets..
      Chatted to some his supporters and they are not put off at all or changing their vote. Just blaming the media….(Especially to Albo who is seen as a “lefty” unionist).
      And besides there are no other options in the Liberal party anyway..

      • HadronCollision

        my neighbour seemed to think thescale of fires was blown out of proportion (though he might have meantclimate change)
        “most of them were started by arsonists!”
        “um, fake news from news corp. actually lightning strikes and some were hazard reduction that got out of control. yes some arson, but not most.”
        “all depends what news you read.”
        “i take my information from people like the nsw fire commissioner”
        “well I don’t have all the facts he does”

        • Mining BoganMEMBER

          I’m still getting over the workmate who said the problem is you never hear expert opinions. He’s the one who gets angry when he hears others discussing climate change.

      • Totally agree, this result is totally split down party lines. The drop in Morrison’s approval rating has come from defection of the peripheral voters, the supporters are the “rusted ons” who’ll back the LNP regardless. This is a Trump play, the creation of a polarised nation devoid of rational debate. This is not the USA and will backfire of Morrison. Dark days ahead before it gets better.

  1. bolstroodMEMBER

    Polls Lolls.
    We haven’t seen anything yet.
    When the fire victims who tried to access the Scrotum’s “instant fire emergency funds” hear about the $75,000 grants to farmers announced today, Scrotie will be piilaried on the polls.
    They used to call it Impalement

  2. ScoMo vs Albo. Lord. We really are scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    We keep hearing from mass immigration enthusiasts that migrants are superior to Australians. I wonder if over time we’ll get a new political class to replace the current set of duds in parliament.

    • Think this is the real issue; for many the alternative still seems worse. Typical two party politics. Despite the approval rating down in relative terms it IMO given the current electorate and the talk I was hearing in my marginal seat it still favors Morrison. Sure they wish there was a competent guy in the job but at least “my job is safe and things seem more stable now than before the election”. Incompetence and disapproval are not enough for these people to choose someone considered a threat to them; they aren’t as strong of an emotion as the fear I saw on the ground and in the data before the last election.

      Labor really shot themselves in the foot last election when they went after negative gearing and super; basically your marginal seats are normally the “aspirational” but not wealthy types who are the main users of these devices and are often dependent on the building industry or derivatives for work. The real wealthy use other means.

  3. Nothing to see here, come election time he’ll launch another property, pensioner home asset and death duty scare campaign and voilà!!!! Scomo get’s re-elected.

  4. How many points will he lose on top of this when he fails on his property promise ??
    Could get very ugly

    Who will be PM if liberals boot him out ??

    Could they go to far right Dutton ???
    There seems to be a global trend toward far right

    Maybe we might see cuts in immigration this year ???

  5. Doesn’t matter what ScoMo and the Libs do, come election time, if Labor again presents us that Negative Gearing, Franking Credits, Greenie malarkey, they will get this a$$ handed to them.

    • Labor won’t do that again. They got arrogant with so many winning polls they thought they could feed noxious policies and then in government would be able to implement them as part of their “mandate”. Too clever by half. By the next election they will just want to win and will be a standard minimum target opposition. And after 3 Coalition governments the electoral cycle will be swinging ALP’s way.

  6. News Flash: A three-legged cocker spaniel with chronic flatulence is more popular than Scotty and Anthony (the wino) Albanese. Australian dogs are looking forward to democratic representation at the next election.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Nobody? You need to go back to school and study percentages unless you just don’t have the brain capacity hence why you are a sick bear maybe. Everyone I know loves him and I know the right sort of people.

    • HadronCollision

      Apart from the fact he follows that dross of a sport it’s the man boobs and fatguts and general slovenliness that does my head in

      The only lifting he is doing is pies into the pie hole

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