Bushfire backlash lashes ScoMo with voter approval plummeting

The bushfire crisis has placed Labor ahead of the Coalition for the first time since the federal election, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s approval rating also plummeting, according to a Newspoll published in The Australian,

Labor is ahead 51-49 on a two-party-preferred basis, representing a significant turnaround from December’s poll, which had the Coalition ahead 52-48:

The Coalition’s primary vote has dropped two points to 40%, whereas Labor’s has improved from 33% to 36% from early December:

ScoMo’s approval also tumbled from 45% to 37%, whereas Labor Leader Anthony Albanese’s rating jumped from 40% to 46%:

The poll was conducted between January 8 and January 11 and surveyed 1505 voters.

Leith van Onselen


  1. First Greens benefited from Greta
    Now they will rise following the fires
    This is their opportunity to capitalise!

    • Oh the drama! Look out for the greens growing a pair of uhh (inaudible mumble) and standing up for what’s right…. for the alphabet soup minorities and the ever so oppressed waves of vibrants.

      • Diversity is our strength. As all greens know, anybody who isn’t gay, transgender, an ethnic minority or some combination thereof is guilty of unconscious bias and must be crushed.

    • I feel like it will backfire. A lot of people were upset they had to be stuck in traffic because of lefties protesting at town hall in Sydney last Friday. They are not drawing people to their cause.

      • Two things:
        – I have no idea what you’re on about linking my comment above to the subsequent link
        – I can’t believe you actually save old links so that you can come back to them at a later date. Do you have a day job?

        • Well it’s not a direct response to your earlier post, but clearly they are posts on the same theme. You thought that Scummo would be loved for the the quality of acting in his bushfire response. Probably deserves a blockquote:

          Yes, but Shorten wouldn’t have been as comfortable embracing a poor old coot who had lost his worldly belongings in the fires.

          Scummo is definitely a superior ‘fauxgan’

          And no, I don’t save anything. I sometimes have an inkling if remembering something. And then I go and find it. I think this helps us have conversations. Conversations through time. Quality engagement.

          This isn’t my day job.

  2. Scomo….I can’t even look at him without involuntarily balling my fists.

    How , how , how in the wide world did that chubby , talentless phuck ever rise to the top of the totem pole ? I wouldn’t trust him to park my car in an empty car park.

    • Because he promised he would keep house prices rising for ever to keep the pot at the end of the rainbow there

      • You’re right.

        He’d look great in a leprechaun suit. The hat would have to be black – not green.

    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      Scomo reminds me of that Granville mayor who said his dad told him if he wanted to succeed in the public service then, do nothing and say nothing. When the train crashed into the bridge he said in despair wow now I, HAVE do do something

  3. Add in continuous falling house prices this year and he will be booted out
    I was trying to find odds last week to short him
    Couldn’t find

  4. It’s really interesting how generous Australians have been, there is a female comedian that has 6M Instagram followers, can’t remember her name. She raised millions through internet
    This crisis has shown we can come together as a society and manage our own affairs, it’s the politicians that are the main problem and as a society the average person is now waking up to the fact that it’s politicians, bearaucrats etc that are the main problem – we could run as a society collectively with out them and people can see that now
    The average person is sick of it and you’ll see continuous change in PM
    No matter who they’ll be thrown out in short time
    Because we can’t get rid of them altogether without a revolution we can only show our disdain through polling and elections

    • Absolutely we can get rid of them. We just don’t.

      There’s plenty of independents and minor parties in Parliament now.

      • You really think the minor parties would be any better if they got a sniff of power?
        The same self centered narcissistic power hungry @55holes would just fill their ranks as well.
        The problem is anyone willing to do what it takes to become a politician is doing it for the wrong reasons.

        • I somewhat agree, but it has to be a good thing to get rid of those blatantly doing the wrong thing by their constituents.

          It would take time for new blood to be gotten at.

          • Sadly … time is on ScoMo’s side. Doesn’t matter what the polls are saying now. He has plenty of time to repair this over the next 2 years … unless there is another catastrophic mis-step closer to the election.

          • “It would take time for new blood to be gotten at.”
            You have cause and effect the wrong way around there. Anyone who is willing to go through the garbage required to become an actual politician is already doing it for the wrong reasons.
            Or prove me wrong and go do it for the right reasons. Let me know how that works out for you.

          • bjw

            Lambie seems okay.

            Trouble is we continue voting for the exact wrong people. There’s always plenty of candidates running.

      • People can only be fxxxxx over for so long
        Wait until you see property prices crash
        There will be a lot of very angry people, who will realise they have been lied to for so long
        That’s the tipping point
        Let’s talk next Jan……..

    • The bulk (70%-plus) of the sagacious average punters vote reflexively for Labor or Liberal.
      They couldn’t run the response and can’t even vote for independent alternatives in large numbers.
      Just wait for the inevitable fighting over all the funds raised. The questions about how much reached the front lines and where it all went as whether it was spent on the most deserving.

        • boomengineeringMEMBER

          30 years ago a guy came to my gym with that intent, and installed a new thingy called the internet (unheard of at the time). He proposed to have anybody vote for issues that concerned them and thus ridding us of politicians. His followers disbanded when he started taking about eradicating some pollies by a more primitive method.

  5. Is this the same pollster that predicted a labour win last election. How well did that work out. He may well lose votes but they are likely to go to other conservative parties instead of Labor and come right back to libs via preferences. That’s what happened in Qld

    • It’s okay because Newspoll have changed their algorithm.
      All polling from now will be 100% more accurate than the abortion that was the last Federal election.

    • Correct me if I’m wrong but NewsPoll have adopted the YouGov polling methodology called Multilevel Regression and Poststratification. This methodology had a bumpy start but now appears to have been refined and quite accurate.

  6. So let’s get this right:
    Kill 20+ people, burn down 2,000+ houses and it’s worth 3 points.
    The good news for labor is it’s still early in the bush fire season.

    • Blottridesagain

      Yep! Just to emphasise that we’ve got this right. There have NEVER been any deaths due to bushfires before. No homes have been lost due to bushfires. It’s all Morrison’s fault!

  7. Blottridesagain

    Yep…Let’s get this right. CO2 causes ALL climate events – floods, snow storms, high temperatures, droughts, fires, high fire intensity, arsonists etc etc etc.
    Morrison has been PM for 17 months – all the CO2 in the atmosphere is his fault…ALL of it…Get rid of Morrison and all the problems will magically go away!!!


      I think the general consensus is simply that Morrison couldn’t find his a$$ with two hands, not that he is solely responsible for all greenhouse gas emissions since time immemorial.

      • Blottridesagain

        That is NOT what is being said at all. In Macrobusiness and in the media the whole thing is Morrison’s fault – 100%. Show me where in this thread anything else is said. Read MB comments! On any policy – economics, immigration, Real estate, drought, fires, etc etc tell me how Morrison is different to anyone else – including Gillard and Rudd.
        Re Turnbull – he was just a corrupt prick trying to siphon off taxpayer funding of everything ridiculous and should have gone to gaol.
        Everything is just emotional irrational.rubbish.

        • ignoring everything LNP have done wrong are you? ignoring the warnings, not buying/leasing the equipment to fight the expected fires.. etc… how many lumps of coal are they paying you to post this nonsense?

          • It’s the poster whose previous nick started with ‘flaw’ and ended with ‘se’.

            (And it looks like putting the whole word together is an immediate black hole.)

  8. And yet, the chances are high that Labor will lose another unloseable election. And it won’t be their fault again. LULZ

  9. I don’t know about Albo. Is it a subtle game he’s playing or is he just dead inside?
    I can definitely stand by the tactic of “just give the sociopaths enough oxygen that they end up using the oxygen to ignite themselves… “. Did it many times when I was younger with sociopaths that no longer exist in my life. With enough time and silence, they’ll stuff everything up by themselves and it’s better if you are not around for them to blame.
    Seems to be what albo has accidently done here.