What’s George Christensen been doing in Manila?

He sure doesn’t want us to know, via Domain:

Nationals MP George Christensen has blocked the release of information about a federal police probe into his frequent travels to the Philippines over a four-year period.

The federal Queensland MP has objected to the release of key documents relating to the year-long police “assessment” of his pattern of travels in south-east Asia.

About 57 folios of information including who referred him to police and when, and also why the assessment ended, were to be released at least in part by the Australian Federal Police.

But an investigation by Nine News, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald has been stymied because “a third party has objected to the disclosure of those documents”.

Christensen had made 28 trips to the Philippines in four years up until March 2020.

Aside from it adding to the culture of secrecy and corruption already permeating the ScoMo Government, we’re all wondering what Christensen has been up to!

Better get on the blower to the Federal police chief, ScoMo.

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