US Ambassador declares war on Chinese harrassment

At the New Daily at least the Americans want to defend Australian freedom:

The United States has suggested China is harassing members of the minority Uighur community in Australia.

American ambassador to Australia Arthur Culvahouse said he was outraged by the levels of intimidation and argued there should be serious consequences.

“What is happening, and it’s unacceptable, is that Uighur who are lawfully in Australia, who are raised in Australia, working, paying taxes in Australia are being harassed by agents of a foreign power,” he told ABC News on Thursday.

“They’re being monitored. There’s police cars, fake police cars, that are with Chinese police logos parked outside their residences.

“They’re being profiled in Xinjiang back in China; are being punished for any time they express their concerns about how their community is being treated, and as a freedom-loving democracy, we are outraged.”

Asked if the Chinese government was responsible, Mr Culvahouse replied: “Yes, indeed.”

The ambassador said people would be rightly outraged if the US monitored the activities of Americans abroad.

“They would want my head on a stick,” he said.

“There should be serious consequences.”

Can’t have that when the Government’s majority is in the hands of CCP cash stooge Gladys Liu.

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  1. Strange how few mainstream news outlet has reported on this either. It goes to show the control the CCP has over not both Labor and LNP, but also the news outlets.

    Even in the US, Time gave its “Person of the Year” award to an environmental activist and not the Hong Kong protesters.

    • It shows how business controls the dialect
      As they do the advertising and why would say channel 9, not take their call

  2. Damn straight!
    Watched a good documentary on YouTube about the way the Uighur community have been treated. I’m glad this is finally getting more recognition.

  3. I have not seen a single item about this on the lame stream media. How come. I mean fake police cars with fake Chinese police sticks. How on earth is that allowed to pass without some investigating by our police. This is insane.

  4. So the US is upset and taking a public stance on this problem.

    Does anyone know if the Saudis, Emirates, Indonesians, Malaysians etc are taking a public or private stance on this? I thought they would be the first to stand up for their Muslim brothers and sisters.