Preposterous Pete demands more Chinese, less CCP

The pretend to care China debate has reached comedic proportions today with Peter Hartcher making a complete gig of himself:

At a minimum, here are six areas for urgent measures. The first line of protection is the community…Australian governments, federal, state and local, as well as schools, universities and community groups, could do much more to educate immigrants…on the value of democracy…

Second is the political party system. The parties, always desperate for money, are wide open to foreign influence. One, ban all cash donations, because credit cards and bank transfers can be traced, cash cannot. Two, end the long lags and require immediate disclosure of all donations…

Third is the Parliament. All new MPs and senators should be subject to security screening…

Fourth is bipartisanship.

Fifth is the economy. Australia is over-dependent on China for its export earnings. China routinely practices economic coercion of other nations.

Sixth is society. UTS expert Professor Feng Chongyi says: “When I came to Australia in 1995, the United Front groups were much less aggressive, but now they aggressively promote this very toxic nationalistic ideology and authoritarian ideology. They force everyone in the Chinese community to take a position – you are our friend or you are our enemy.”

These six pushback principles need to be managed without this:

Lowy’s Sam Roggeveen recently published an essay titled Our Very Own Brexit. He ruminates on the possibility of one of the main political parties breaking the consensus on immigration and fomenting a xenophobic backlash. It can happen here.

Xenophobia is one possible response. Trade protectionism is another. We’ve tried both in the past century and a half. Both failed. Either, or both, would be deeply harmful to Australia’s interests as a multicultural trading nation.

So, we must sustain full-throttle immigration while we:

  • persuade Chinese migrants that democracy isn’t so bad;
  • get corrupt pollies to ban thier own source of corruption;
  • make sure there are no Machurian candidates as the number of Chinese dominated electorates climbs (ahem Gladys Liu);
  • no cracks appear in the immigration consensus;
  • diversify away from China when education of Chinese immigrants and tourist is all we do in the mass immigration model, and
  • push rabid CCP influence out of the local Chinese community while it gets much bigger.

It is very important to keep ethnic Chinese and the CCP separate in our discussions. They are not the same thing at all.

That said, you’re not going to achieve any of these six points without making the flow of Chinese migrants a manageable size and right now it is clearly not. Cutting immigration achieves all six points immediately. Halving the intake is probably enough and is consistent with historical rates. That’s hardly xenophobic.

The only other option is discriminatory immigration which is, I’m sure Preposterous Pete would agree, much more obnoxious.

Come on Australia, pretend that you care!

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. “The only other option is discriminatory immigration ”
    There’s nothing wrong with this. The USA does it. They set a quota of a maximum 10% of immigrants that can come from any one country.

    Setting up migration quotas will cure many of Australia’s ills.

  2. Any rational person can see that immigration needs to be cut for a number of reasons.

    Hartcher’s devotion to mass immigration is based on ideology, not reason. Open borders is a religion for much of the media, academic and political class in Australia.

  3. The BystanderMEMBER

    Hartcher’s Quarterly Essay suggested we continue to bring in Chinese migrants … from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other parts of SE Asia that aren’t completely infested by CCP agents and propaganda. Seemed reasonable to me!

    • +1
      Australia would be incredibly enriched by more DISSIDENT Chinese coming here.
      No brainwashed mainlanders.

  4. Massive re-education internment camps for the 1.46 million* Chinese onshore to learn ‘democracy’?

    A compulsory pass in a ‘certificate III democracy course’ and then later a ‘diploma in western values & freedom’ before we gift the Chinese Hukou the PR, and the Medicare & Centrelink card?

    We have 1.46 million* Chinese mainland born communists in Australia onshore. See below for detail from ABS & DHA.

    And incredibly, 1.23 million* of those are Chinese foreign nationals on Chinese sole passports. (*details also below).

    China has been dumping it’s Hukou slum clearance into Australia & other countries for over a decade.

    Not just their spies & lobbyists with Aldi bags of cash.

    The bulk of the Chinese coming in are their social misfits, their old, sick & useless, their petty criminals & vice workers & pimps, their drug & the money laundering mules.

    Anyone familiar with China can see that it’s not their best or brightest, or skilled.

    What comes in is their ‘Hukou’ rurals & internal illegals.
    2nd generation peasant stock & broken down factory workers, old, sick dependents who are a burden to China and so are being exported.

    The intake into Australia is Chinese Hukou internal illegals – tier 1 city slum clearance, packaged up & sent to Australia as infill for their southern colony.
    (Shades of the British decision in 1776 to populate its newly discovered colonies with the exact same slum clearance, the rural poor who overcrowded their cities. the misfits, the convicts & their social burden)

    China has over 100 million Hukou internal illegals in their tier 1 cities.

    Read this article if you are not familiar with the Chinese Hukou internal illegal issue & the Chinese plan.
    (Foreign Policy February 2018)

    They built the ghost cities but still couldn’t get them to move & the CCP feared a revolt.
    So now they ‘export’ this social burden.

    The Chinese government export this detritus in collaboration with the Chinese criminal syndicates who run the trafficking to exploit every foreign country border and visa program.
    They don’t need refrigerated trucks to get these Chinese Hukou illegals into Australia.

    $2k or 10,000 ¥ buys an Australian PR in Guangzhou.
    (Australian Financial Review April 2016)

    Australia is a very easily exploited target.
    We allow anything in.
    We don’t even ask for their Hukou status or social credit score.
    Their identities & papers are routinely faked with the Chinese government working with the Chinese criminal syndicates to fake identities & documents to export the Hukou internal illegal problem.

    The Chinese mainland born communists flooded in on a literal conveyor belt from their Chinese mainland slum to an equivalent Australia Chinese slum.

    90% or 1.3 million are in just Sydney or Melbourne.

    Living in exact replica slums of what you see in China.

    As fake ‘students’ on very long stay pretext courses, up to 9 year stays with COe & visa churn.

    Or as ‘sponsored’, ‘spousal’, ‘family reunion’, ‘investment visa’, ‘regional & rural’, or ‘NZ SCV’ all of it totally broken & corrupted.

    Of they just come in on a long stay tourist visitor to also work illegally in the locally run Chinese run black economy.

    And then we grant them a PR, welfare & Medicare, while they remain Chinese foreign nationals on a sole Chinese passport.

    Chinese Voting power within Australia.

    Right now the Chinese have very limited electoral power (hence the intense lobbying, Aldi shopping bags of cash, bribes to both political parties).

    Only 238,000 of the 1.46 million Chinese mainland born communists are Australian citizens.
    The rest can’t vote.

    That however all changes dramatically if & when the 431,000 Chinese PR revoke their Chinese sole passport & take up Australian citizenship & then the 571,000 Chinese TR also cascade thru PR into eventual Australian citizenship.
    That’s another 1 million Chinese as the voting bloc onshore in very highly concentrated Chinese only electorates.
    They will vote as a mainland Chinese communist controlled bloc & they will hold the balance of political power at state & federal level.
    (PR can vote in some local council elections and we already see in Sydney’s Western suburbs how corrupted they are)
    Even if we “reduced the Chinese intake”, it’s does not deal with the size & scale of the Chinese mainland born communists foreign national problem already here.

    ‘Re-Education’ of the 1.46 million Chinese mainland born communists to our ‘western values & democracy’ isn’t going to work.
    These Chinese, are a Hukou internal Illegal peasant stock & criminal class trafficked into Australia because they failed any ‘re-education’ or ‘social rehabilitation’ program in China.

    That’s why they are being dumped here.

    They are mature if not old, Chinese internal illegals & rejects, hard coded in Chinese peasant slum or rural ideology of collectivist graft, petty crime, vice, theft.

    They have low or no morality and no sense of gratitude or allegiance to Australia.
    They are here to colonise and to raise their spawn in ‘Chinese only’ enclaves.

    The only answer is to vet them all & then cancel their PR/TR/SCV/TR grant & deport them back to China.
    While we can.
    While they still have a Chinese National sole passport.

    That’s the only way to remove the burden China has dumped into Australia by infill colonisation in dumping their old, sick & useless & criminal class into Australia.

    Detail ABS & DHA.
    *1.46 million Chinese mainland born communists in Australia.
    An entire Hukou underclass, beholden to their criminal trafficking syndicates & China 🇨🇳 First.

    🇨🇳238,000 Chinese mainland born communists as Australian citizens. (ABS).
    First wave organisers, their old, sick & useless and misfits.
    These are the only mainland born communist Chinese that can vote.

    🇨🇳431,000 Chinese mainland born communists as PR but sole Chinese passport. (ABS)
    China First, never assimilating, the base & hub of the Chinese criminal & trafficking. Sucking up our Medicare & Welfare. On Centrelink as they work illegally plus ‘lend’ out the Medicare to the TR & TV for Medicare Tourism. The operators of the drug trade & vice network. Proxies for the $80 billion of Chinese dirty money laundered into Australian established rental property to run as cash in hand migrant bunk share .
    As foreign nationals non citizens, they can’t vote yet.

    That’s 669,000 so far.

    Then add
    🇨🇳572,000 Chinese mainland born communists as TR or via the NZ SCV loophole. (DHA)
    Chinese mainland born communists.
    On sole Chinese passports
    Our future Chinese PR.
    Nearly 300,000 as so called ‘foreign students or partners’ The other 275,000 on a spray of visa rackets such as investment, so called ‘skilled / partner or dependent, regional & rural, spousal, protection or special visa.. Or via the NZ SCZ loophole or other ‘stepping stone countries’.
    Every visa category is exploited.
    They can’t vote either.

    -> 1,241,000 so far.

    🇨🇳At least 200,000 Chinese mainland born communists of the 440,000 Tourist Visitors who enter to live & work illegally (DHA Parliamentary submission – 5% of the 8.8 million Tourist Visitors enter Australia to live & work illegally. Chinese & Indians are the bulk of it. Long stay & repeat stay). Not able to vote.

    -> That’s 1.441 million Chinese mainland born communists inside Australia.

    Only 16% or 238,000 are Australian citizens.

    It is why they have little real voting clout at the moment but are positioning for the future in gaining more direct CCP & Chinese criminal syndicate political control.

    Buying influence by bribes, then by infiltration for control is the Chinese way.

    Right now 84% or 1.2 million of the Chinese mainland born communists inside Australia are not citizens.
    They are on PR, TR, SCV & TV.

    A good million of those on vetting will be found to have lied, paid bribes, had false documents, and some form of visa breach.

    They have no intention of assimilation.

    They are Chinese Nationals, living in a foreign colony and they will remain beholden to China control & influence.

  5. I think it’s quite reasonable to just make sure that a multicultural imports are actually skilled and actually from diverse nations and people groups.

    ie. don’t just just the vast majority come from India and China.

    eg. have no nation be any more than X% of skilled immigrants in a given year. Does more for actual cultural diversity than the status quo, which is laissez faire, from what I can glean, whilst also mitigating some of the issues raised…

  6. Meanwhile, in the USA, the majority of Republicans think Donald Trump is a better president than Abraham Lincoln was.