Plot thickens around Chinese spy defector

Via the AFR:

The key figure in fraud charges brought by the Chinese government against defector Wang Liqiang is linked to a mystery $50,000 Labor Party donation flagged as suspicious by the NSW corruption watchdog.

Sydney businessman Xin “Filip” Shu confirmed he made the complaint against Mr Wang in April this year, which is now being investigated by Shanghai police.

…In that time the now 30-year-old has been a student organiser for the Australian Chinese Workers Association, a body overseen by the Communist Party’s United Front Work Department.

He was also a staffer in the office of Labor MP Matt Thistlethwaite, and worked for Ryde deputy mayor Simon Zhou’s gold companies, one of which collapsed with an unpaid $2.3 million tax bill.

It’s one small, unhappy family seemingly.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. That is what the United Front does. Reward the CCP’s friends and punish its enemies. Lawfare is used as a tool to punish.
    As for Labor, the United Front has been working on Labor for decades….

  2. What a funny world we live in. Obviously, Gladys works for the good guys, so there are no flies on her. No little entrails dropped off at the compliant AFR for click bait.

  3. I still can’t believe the LNP and ALP supporters on the members threads are at each other’s throats. Have you not worked out that they’re all as corrupt as one another. If you’re a pollie (of whichever stripe) there’s a 99% chance you’re a self-serving cu next tuesday.

    • It’s a source of eternal wonderment to me too. They are all snouts and trotters deep into the trough. The modus operandi may differ slightly as to how the corruption works and who is doing the corrupting but virtually none of them are working in the interest of the public.
      Yet so many are still wedded to red or blue team.

      • Politically speaking, as soon as I hear someone is wedded too-strongly (admittedly, in my opinion) to a particular political ideology, I lose some intellectual respect for them. The problem is, the more the discussion goes on, the more justified the loss of respect is…

        All the ideologies are broken, because people are broken.