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  1. international students in the ‘wild west’ of Australia’s rental market, report finds – ABC

    lived in an overcrowded single room with two other tenants

    Paging mike!

    • so how many homes we need to house 200k new students a year?
      we have been building around 120k new homes for them (on average one new home for every 1.65 new residents) but foreign students have been using what, 30k, 40k, at most 50k …
      that makes 70k units empty …
      chronic shortage ….

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      I suppose the 50 million ugliest blokes in China need to score chicks from somewhere. I’d hate to be relationsless, but I suppose all youse guys are used to it.

    • A friend of mine is an old China hand.
      The rural Chinese have been using Lao, Burmese ,Rohinga women also, as there is a large surplus of males.
      The women stay with one family, have a baby ( still preferably a boy) and are then handed onto another family.
      – baby stays with the family who paid for her.
      – rinse and repeat with the next family.
      Breeding sow was the term she used.

    • It’s simple!

      Ergodicity means the ensemble average equals the time average.

      I thought everyone knew that!

        • In probability theory, an ergodic dynamical system is one that, broadly speaking, has the same behavior averaged over time as averaged over the space of all the system’s states in its phase space. In physics the term implies that a system satisfies the ergodic hypothesis of thermodynamics.

        • Gendersuming!!?? Outrageous! How do you know Haroldus is a man? I believe at birth he was assigned bi-trans-cis-heteronormative-questioning-queer-intersex attack helicopter.

        • The term “ergodic” was derived from the Greek words ἔργον (ergon: “work”) and ὁδός (hodos: “path”, “way”). It was chosen by Ludwig Boltzmann while he was working on a problem in statistical mechanics.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      I’d be angry too and want my money back if people were all of a sudden doing everything they can to block my CCP linked profits!

    • It certainly doesn’t pass any of my buy filters…… signs are currently dancing much closer to the exits but not there just yet either…..

      Mate, you’re in now, CD ain’t going to help you, fergeddaboudit & enjoy!

  2. Here’s an interesting take on declining PISA scores across most OECD countries.
    Hmm I don’t know.
    All that I can say from personal experience is that when my youngest girl was in Primary school the school wanted me to buy her a laptop but I didn’t want her to have her own laptop. the teacher carried on about how she couldn’t do class projects if she didn’t have the “tools” to do her “research”. Seriously this is a conversation that I had with a 4 grade teacher. The teacher thought I was being completely unreasonable suggesting that my daughter do her “research” in the school library, maybe even borrow a book and bring it home if there was insufficient time to complete the “research” during school time.
    As you can gather I’m not a fan of letting kids waste their life on electronic devices. I’m convinced that educational achievements decrease linearly with increases in screen time. which is kind of in line with what this Finnish visiting education Professor is saying.

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      Yep, Whatever the heck school ‘research’ with a laptop is, it ain’t teaching anything ‘hands-on’.

      At least one of something like any of the following should be taught in parallel with the current crap:
      – Technical drawing.
      – Library skills.
      – How to fill out a form, manually. Like a car registration or a supplementary tax-return.

      • I agree, fine motor skills are important for both the Physical and Mental development of the child.
        I don’t think these teachers ( ones that advocate doing everything on a laptop) understand how children’s brains develop . I don’t think they understand just how malleable a young brain is. The young brain is willing to allocate brain space (its most valuable commodity) to tasks that we deem important, which is to say tasks that we do a lot or tasks that require something special (fine motor control, needle work…Technical drawing, Painting), or coordinated motor control like catching a ball, All of these tasks are infinitely more important than operating a laptop or doing 4th grade “Research”