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Leith van Onselen


  1. Great Southern Land

    The police quickly arrested four men in their 20s for the crime. Two of the alleged perpetrators worked hauling truckloads of bricks and other cargo, a police document said, and they had parked their vehicle at a busy toll plaza near Hyderabad’s airport.

    The four men had been drinking whisky on November 27 when the young woman parked her scooter nearby and went to a dermatology appointment, police said. While she was gone, they deflated her tyre and made a plan to assault her. When she returned, they offered to take her scooter to get the tyre refilled.

    Do I hear one howl of protest from the overfed wh!te women of privilege brigade in the Western media?
    Do I hear calls that is it is the responsibility of all Indian men to prevent this sort of behaviour?

    • What? Sounds like you’re trying to make this white women’s fault and what’s this overfed business? Sounds like someone’s got a big chip on their sloping shoulders.

    • yet neoliberals across the globe would repeat over and over how tax is low in USA
      shitty healthcare insurance costs $15k per year
      on a median income of <60k that's extra "tax" of 25%, add to that federal tax 12%, FICA, 7.5%, state 4-5%, local tax 2%, property tax ~few $k … and you get tax as high in Denmark, yet nothing from government and a shitty health care that requires one to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      Seasons in southern states are really a month behind.

      Winter should be July – September and Spring October -December.

      Autumn could lose a month and no one would notice.

  2. NEW ZEALAND: When does Jacinda Ardern’s coalition government intend to allow affordable housing to be built … by dealing with land supply and proper infrastructure financing … as promised ?

    … Are there any lessons being learnt from the Greater Christchurch new supply story ? …

    … No wonder a The Listener editorial February described this governments management of housing issues as ‘ … from crisis to disaster’ … following highly critical The New York Times and The Guardian articles soon after the release of the 15th Annual Demographia Survey 21 January … refer

    62% of NZers cannot afford a home in their local market … IPSOS NZ November Issues Monitor

    ( IPSOS NZ will load its latest Issues Monitor on its website ‘soon’. In the meantime … see attached … )

    Auckland, 2 December 2019 – More than three out of five New Zealanders (62%) believe they cannot afford to buy a home in their local property market, according to the latest Ipsos New Zealand Issues Monitor. Just 38% of respondents said they think they could afford to buy a home, compared to a 42% global average. Housing remains the top issue facing New Zealanders. … read more via hyperlink above …
    … Auckland 3 bed rents surge from $650 per week November 2018 to $686 per week November 2019 … MBIE figures …

    End of Day Report … Interest Co NZ

    … extract …


    The national median rent has now reached a new record high of $454.50/week, up from $445/week in October and up +5.7% pa. Median 3 bdr house rents have jumped to $491.67/week, a rise of +9.3% in one year. In Auckland the rise is +5.5% to $686/week. In Wellington for the same 3 bdr house it is up to $663, an +11% rise in a year. In Christchurch it is up +3% to $433/week and that is not a record high. Christchurch has a full supply of houses for rent, no doubt keeping things restrained. But that is not the case in Wellington and Auckland both of which hit new record highs. And as the increases have mounted quickly in the past few months, you do have to wonder if the recent flurry of building standard obligations (all of them welcome) haven’t pushed up rents faster that they would otherwise have risen. The certainly are steep rises in a short time period. Rents for 2 br flats aren’t rising anywhere near as fast. (Our data is supplied by MBIE.)