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  1. Re that fibre atricle…
    Do you guys need to retrofit fibre across the country? We’ve just done it ( pretty much) and it looks like it’s been a waste of time and money? Now, I’m no telecom tech, and I know that fibre to a relay station is still required (at the moment?) but surely, wireless via 5G is the way to go – as we are now doing? And G6,7 etc is only going to be even more flexible…

    • Given population density in NZ maybe 5G would be practical, as long as data sizes don’t increase. The problem with wireless is everyone has to share the same bandwidth and it is fundamentally limited by physics.
      Jam a whole heap of people in high rise apartments together and try to get them all to use 5G and then each persons slice of the pie will get smaller and smaller. Fibre you can just keep adding more and more fibres until you have as much bandwidth as you want because 2 adjacent fibres are completely independant rather than the shared airwaves used by 5G

  2. San Francisco has nearly five empty homes per homeless resident – SF Curbed

    Sydney had 4 empty homes for every homeless before the last construction boom, now it probably has 6

    • Interested PartyMEMBER

      But we are so more refined…..we haven’t started started shllting in the streets yet in any meaningful way. Give us time i spose……we are just slow on the uptake. Maybe pelosi can lead us on how to do it properly.