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  1. Great Southern Land

    More politburu output via the SMH on tightening water restrictions in Sydney and the need for everyone to ‘do their bit’. Marked as ‘exclusive’, not sure why or how but anyhooo ….

    I have been plugging away trying to get comments published pointing out that bringing in more migrants in the midst of this shortage is just insane. So far, every one of them has been blocked by the censors who, sadly, have not knocked off for end of year boozing yet.

    Anyone had similar experiences?

    • desmodromicMEMBER

      On a couple of occasions I’ve emailed the journalist directly and once got a response acknowledging the issue.

    • Even my softer posts have been rejected, let alone the ones where i pin the tail on the donkey.

  2. Should Australia’s fossil fuel exports be counted in its share of global carbon emissions? – Fact Check – ABC

    it should be based on the final consumption

  3. As we all expected, Morrison’s quest for efficient delivery of government through the creation of more mega departments was nothing more than a brain fart and a seen to be seen doing something while doing nothing moment.

    “Public service review did not look at cutting federal departments, official says”

    Scott Morrison’s decision to abolish four departments was not raised in Thodey review, a department secretary confirms

  4. Great Southern Land

    At last, I finally found a chink in the SMH politburu Firewall of Immigration Denial!!

    If you attach your population change message to a left leaning slogan about climate change, it seems to confuse the millenial droid working the censor button and they let it through.



  5. NEW ZEALAND … Belatedly getting contestable consenting and allowing proper infrastructure financing …

    A closer look at Phil Twyford’s much-anticipated Bill that will give central government the power to fast-track large urban development projects … Jenee Tibshraeny … Interest Co NZ

    One of Urban Development Minister Phil Twyford’s most important pieces of legislation is due to have its first reading in Parliament this week.

    The Urban Development Bill is designed to give the new housing agency, Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities, the power to speed up the development of large urban development projects.

    It establishes a process the agency can use to cut the red tape from government-approved public or private urban development projects….

    … concluding …

    … National’s view

    National’s housing spokesperson Judith Collins’ initial take on the Bill is that “it looks similar to some of the things we were doing”.

    She said she would be able to comment further once her party’s caucus had discussed it.

    National will release a discussion document on its housing policy next Monday.
    … Latest Ipsos NZ Issues Monitor … 62% of New Zealanders cannot afford a home in their local market … with housing being still the major public policy issue, by a country mile …

    Ipsos NZ Issues Monitor November 2019