George does Manila

Via Nine:

Nationals MP George Christensen is facing claims from a staff member of an adult entertainment bar in the Philippines that he was a regular at the venue.

The bar manager of the night spot, which identifies itself as an “adult entertainment service”, said Mr Christensen did not reveal he was a politician and alleged his “weakness was women”.

…A joint investigation by Nine News, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald has been stymied because Mr Christensen has blocked the release of information about the Australian Federal Police probe into his frequent travels to the Philippines.

…Ms Lamsen, who said she had worked at the bar for six years, said: “He was always very good… He was a big spender”.

…”The weakness of George is women. He would usually give allowances to these people.

“He would keep his job a secret but now we know he’s a politician.”

…Mr Christensen, a committed Christian, says he met his now-wife April Asuncion while in the Philippines in 2017…an employee at the Ponytails bar.

I guess congratulations are in order.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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    • Bogans may be fine with anyone going to a strip club but they don’t like anyone wasting “their money”. Even if Jabba is officially cleared of any wrongdoing it still looks like he’s been frequenting SE Asian strip clubs on the taxpayer tab.

  1. I can’t begrudge a fat ugly asshole for being realistic.

    Nor his counterpart for seizing her realistic escape opportunity before it was too late.

      • He will working on immigration at the time, HERS, so it’s all legit. And We need more of these woman in Australia because the woman here have turned into feminist men.

      • MountainGuinMEMBER

        This seems to be the missing question. If he paid his own way then that’s his business and he can justify his leave to his electorate. If however taxpayers paid any of the travel or accommodation (?), it becomes far more serious.

        • Not that serious, he just has to apologise for his undoubtedly inadvertent error and promise to pay the money back and she’ll be apples. Punishment? Ha! What’s that?

        • Who paid his way is irrelevant, he’s campaigned on a Christian ticket, Christian morals etc while he’s been frequenting girlie bars in Manila. This is every voters business.

          Another christian hypocrite.

  2. This is slut shaming

    To be honest, I’d rather he gets his end wet in the phillipines than in one of his staffers (Barnaby), or in a retarded boy (like that MP in south australia)

    • Even StevenMEMBER

      I would agree except for two aspects, if true:
      1. He’s a hypocrite being a committed Christian and presumably campaigning on such a basis (speaks to character)
      2. There is some prospect this was on the tax-payer dime.

  3. reusachtigeMEMBER

    I can tell you from experience exactly what “employee” means at one of these joints.

    Anyway, good on him, and her for securing a ride out albeit on a slug.

    • I am suspecting that you are really Mr Christensen. You both love the orientals and relations with such.
      And both in the business of doing not much for lots of dough.

  4. Rudd’s strip joint escapades somehow legitimized and humanized him. Christensen is entitled to the same treatment. He and his wife can sort out any details.

    • Rudd didn’t seem to make a habit of travelling to the same strip club nor claiming to be a Christian in the process.

    • Nothing in comparison or you have lived a VERY sheltered life and don’t understand the difference between what Rudd and Georgie Porgie went to.

      • You seem to be making a case for politicians to be worldly and not sheltered from the full breadth of human experience and sexuality. In which case one should welcome Christensen’s experience to the Canberra bubble. If such exploits trespass on his religious and family commitments then that is for him to sort out.

    • tc,

      I haven’t made any such case, you’ve just fictionalised it!

      What I have stated is that you have implied that both are the same, and they are not and the fact you cannot see the difference indicates your lack of understanding of these “places”. And it’s not up to him to sort out his conflicts with his religious beliefs as he attained his office on them, therefore his exploits are fair game as they reflect on his integrity or lack of it more to the point.

      Btw, no fan of Rudd.

  5. Completely fake news, George is a committed Christian, and an asset to our parliament in the 3 weeks a year he’s in Australia.

    • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

      lol, and 3 weeks is just enough time for the blood tests and subsequent antibiotic prescriptions to get filled to survive the next jaunt at ponytails

      • lol, and 3 weeks is just enough time for the blood tests and subsequent antibiotic prescriptions to get filled to survive rest of the JeeHaa (thanks Pa) at ponytails – fixed for you.

  6. HadronCollisionMEMBER

    Can someone mansplain to me how he can block the FOI?

    I mean people need to know if he was on the taxpayer dime as he was dishing out dimes, so to speak

  7. So this committed christian and member of parliament married a Philippino bar girl? I wish I had an emoji for that.

  8. Mining BoganMEMBER

    This information was out there in April. Good to see the media hang on to it until well after the election.

    • I wish that was the case mate. Ok, they did not have (or kept the details) the details of the bar etc.. but it was well known that the cvnt spent most of his time in Manila. Labour called him The Member for Manila in parliament. No voter can say “if I only knew..”.

  9. If you think of it from the womans perspective, like a sort of Rent A Slob, get to Oz and live happily ever after, minus the slob.

  10. Politicians must get a whole lot of annual leave. How on eath could he spend so much time there, plus work in his electorate, and be in Canberra throughout the year.

    Or have politicians adopted the ‘work from home’ model?