Albotross endorses ScoMo’s fire flight

Via the ABC:

The Acting Prime Minister has insisted it is appropriate for Scott Morrison to be having a Christmas break outside of Australia.

Michael McCormack has confirmed the Prime Minister is overseas with his family at an undisclosed location.

Some Labor MPs have posted online barbs to criticise Mr Morrison for taking a break as bushfires continue to burn in his home state.

But those comments have not been reciprocated by the Opposition Leader, who has backed Mr Morrison having a vacation.

The bulk of the criticism levelled at Mr Morrison has been on Twitter.

“Everybody deserves a holiday,” the Acting Prime Minister told reporters.

“Everybody deserves a break. He worked hard this year, achieved great things for Australia.”

Mr McCormack said it was a pre-planned trip. It comes earlier than usual, with Mr Morrison slated to travel to India and Japan in January, when prime ministers have traditionally taken a break.

Speculation on Twitter is that Mr Morrison and his family are in Hawaii, but the Prime Minister’s office refused to confirm the location, citing security concerns.

Mr Morrison is expected to return to work between Christmas and New Year. He is continuing to receive bushfire updates while he’s away.

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese said he didn’t have concerns with Mr Morrison having a pre-Christmas break.

He said he had an issue with the way the Government had handled the bushfires, but not with Mr Morrison’s decision to take a break.

“I have many criticisms of Scott Morrison. One isn’t when he chooses to go on leave with his family,” Mr Albanese said.

“People are entitled to have leave and that’s a matter for him when he takes it.”

Speaking in New Zealand on Tuesday, Foreign Minister Marise Payne defended Mr Morrison.

“He has a planned break with his family, his family who have no choice in the matter as so when they are able to spend time with their husband and their father,” she said.

Mr McCormack said it was a matter for Mr Morrison to explain why he wasn’t holidaying in Australia.

“For those naysayers who are condemning him, they will probably go on holiday, too. They deserve to as well,” he said.

If there is secret genius in Albotross it’s not obvious:


Yesterday was Australia’s hottest day on record, according to preliminary data from the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM).

The average temperature across the country was 40.9 degrees Celsius, breaking the mark of 40.3C set in January 2013, but it’s a record unlikely to last for long.


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    • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

      Nutless Albanese

      I mean not even the balls to tear SmoKo a new one for taking a holiday during a massive bushfire event lol whats happened to the man

      Albo Limpet

    • Strange EconomicsMEMBER

      After a year of appearing everywhere in Australia and Church on Sundays he can’t reveal his location because of that old chestnut “security concerns”. No one will recognize him in Hawaii, watching FoxTV.
      Whats wrong with a nice smoky Bega beach 2 hours from Canberra…

  1. Albo f#ckwit.

    His test should be “what would opposition leader Abbott have done”? And do that.

    Hammer the f#ck out of the government at every opportunity, no mercy, no quarter given.

    “He’s done nothing on the fires. He’s done nothing on the economy. He doesn’t deserve a holiday, and he knows it. That’s why he’s sneaking away. He knows it”.

    It’s not hard Albo.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      My thinking is that Scummo’s reputation is now lower than pond scum, making Scummo redundant. Nowadays you can just say his name and the response will be…

      “Oh, him.”

  2. While the country is crying out for an alternative prime minister albo is at home in his Jim jams eating his Tim tams with a nice cuppa tea watching days of our lives. In a minute he will lie down to take a well deserved nap until it’s time for dinner. It’s hard work not doing your job. Old man albo.

    • He’s clearly just a placeholder until they find an attractive, dynamic, energetic and charismatic leader that people can really relate to and empathise with and who will light the furious fires of rebellion and social reform in the desperate bellies of the Australian people. I reckon they’ll go for Penny Wong.

      • TailorTrashMEMBER

        Penny has a nice safe place in the senate ……she can’t be opposition leader from there ……but it suits her ……..all that smirking indignation ……and a safe salary …..perfect …..

        • I think the smirk, combined with the complete absence of human emotion are the two traits that endear Penny to me the most.

          • woah woah woah, easy now, Penny will tell you she is one of the most kind hearted politicians in Australia.

        • Well exactly. That’s how most punters feel. But the ALP, being the ALP, clearly have no idea what the punters want otherwise they’d be in gummint, not opposition. I’m sure they think she’d be a wonderful PM.