75% of Aussies think politicians are scum

Ian McAllister says the level of satisfaction with democracy in Australia is at its lowest level since the constitutional crisis in 1975 that led to the dismissal of the Whitlam government. McAllister is the co-author of the ‘Australian Election Study’, released by the Australian National University in the wake of the May federal election. The study found that 75% of voters think politicians act out of self-interest, while only 12% believe that government is run for the people. From The AFR:

“I’ve been studying elections for 40 years, and never have I seen such poor returns for public trust in and satisfaction with democratic institutions,” [Ian McAllister] said.

“There is widespread public concern about how our democracy is underperforming”…

“This is a wake-up call,” Professor McAllister said.

Australians are wedged between Coalition neoliberal cronies and the Labor/Greens globalist ‘fake left’, where identity politics reigns supreme.

No wonder we have lost complete faith in Australian democracy.

Australia needs a revolution.

Leith van Onselen
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    • Australia will never fully go Hong Kong. Look at our history, it’s fvcking sedate with our biggest antiestablishment moment coming in the form of the Eureka Stockade. Whoopee. Compared to other nations, this is nothing more than the Under 8’s prematch entertainment before the big boys slug it out.

      • Fishing72MEMBER

        Australians created the White Australia policy which single handedly managed to allow us to create the highest living standards in the Southern Hemisphere and led to the world describing us as a “ working man’s utopia “.

        We can do it again. Australians are strong. Our relaxed attitude is one of our best traits but we will push back with overwhelming force when necessary. Getting our society to recognise the genuine cause of our problems is the big obstacle in this day and age of a powerful media whose interests are in opposition to that of the nation.

        • With respect I doubt the White Australia policy had much to do with our prosperity.

          I would attribute far more to abundant natural resources, a low population density, unionism (and I am not necessarily a unionist), an under-developed economoy (meaning there was lots of opportunity to be successful without having to actually be all that exceptional), strong population growth, prolific debt growth and associated wealth effect, and a decent edudcation – most of that has very little to do with a White Australia policy.

          My overseas (white) friends, who have moved here and been here a while, like telling me that Australia truly is a lucky country run by a second-rate people (their words).

          I think we should see ourselves more as accidentally successful, with our luck running out, and needing to quickly change tact, instead of attributing weaker links to our success…

          My 2c

          • I agree that a lot was luck and a resource rich country but I also agree about the white policy statement, that kept numbers low and wages high, now with a flood of immigration wages have nose dived. On top of that there is a huge impact on infrastructure and natural resources that are need to live on such as water and in Sydney who will continue to import 100K people a year yet the water levels are now dropping roughly .5% a week and currently stand at 45.5% with stage 2 restrictions just kicking in, already locals are now restricted to their resources. There are also so many social tensions trying to keep all these minority groups happy at the expensive of the majority group and it just isn’t working, it’s getting worse.

          • bskerr2:

            I think the most valid, and agreeable part of your response is regarding numbers – it affects everything. We really need to reduce total numbers to around half (I mean increase refugee intake and decrease low-skilled intake).

            I can agree, to a degree, that the “non-white” culture of first-generation immigrants matters somewhat, as they have the legacy of their often less-stable, less privileged cultures to work through.

            That being said, their kids (second generation immigrants, so to speak) often punch way above their weight in their schooling, jobs, contribution to society, etc, which is one of the high upsides of truly diverse immigration – I suspect they are more appreciative of their opportunities, and have not yet reached the levels of entrenched laziness and entitlement that Anglocised descendants have disproportionately…

          • The BurbWatcher – Thats the problem with our vibrancy guardians here, they are being smashed by the children of immigrants and they don’t like it. Don’t worry, poverty will give your kids a competitive edge too.

        • Jumping jack flash

          “working man’s utopia”

          there’s the problem. Nobody wants to be a worker now. It doesn’t pay enough to get enough debt.

  1. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    The study found that 75% of voters think politicians act out of self-interest, while only 12% believe that government is run for the people

    This is my surprised face.

    If not for the people, then for whom is the economy being run?

      • yeah, it’s hard to imagine who would think something ridiculous like that. Those who benefit from the system are not that dumb while there should be less people (less than 12%) with IQ lower than 75%

        • I would have thought right now, 50%++ of the voting age population would have seen themselves fully connected to and in fact
          ‘cronies’ of the current government, like part of an extended mafia family.
          As any thinking person knows, that the Scumo govt are the most greedy, self serving scum that have ever taken ownership of the country that only those seeing themselves as being under their direct benevolence would not only vote for them but completely devote themselves to them.(like a speaking in tongues church devotee does in church when they are buying and selling miracles)
          I am very surprised about the low 12% figure, maybe the other 38%++ have had a rapturous revelation in the last few months.

  2. I’m thinking of going back through the electoral returns to find out how much the minerals council et al are paying the liberal party to ignore climate change. I’ll then put up a goFundMe page to raise the money we need to buy some democracy in this country.

    Anyone interested in putting in $5.00?

    It would be a lot easier though if the parties just published a page with how much they would charge to implement a given policy. Lets just accept they are all bought and work with it.

    • You wonder why there aren’t already ‘grassroots’ lobbying groups set up to buy politicians already? I mean it seems so blatant and politicians these days are pretty cheap, It seems inefficient to to spend so much time protesting and asking for donations so they can protest some more and maybe advertise so that some punters change their minds on a single issue or sign a petition in the hope they might vote the way of a supposedly sympathetic party once every three years, when they could just crowd fund some money and play dirty like the rest of the lobbyists.

  3. Interesting to see the graph “Most important election issues” that immigration ranks last against economy, environment, health and education.

    Immigration is the most important issue. It is the root cause of problems in the economy, environment, health and education sectors.
    My fellow Australians, however, don’t seem to think so.

    • The single biggest demand/impact/cost/growth driver across all of the areas you mention is population. Yet zero debate exists on adjusting that lever (regardless of your view). Just think about that. What does that say about how manufactured and controlled our public debate is in this country. How narrow the space of contestable ideas. Not lost on MB readers no doubt but deeply troubling nonetheless.

    • The people don’t know that the mass Third World immigration program is the root cause of the issues because immigration discussion is taboo.
      Graeme Campbell 1992 – “It was known by the “elites” that the general public was not happy with both the composition of the immigration intake and the policy of multiculturalism, but the general public was easy to handle as long as it had no focus and was not organised. All the elites, including crucially the great bulk of the media were in agreement that these two issues should not be publicly discussed, or, if discussed, in such a way as to discredit those who questioned them.”

      The same treacherous formula is applied today.

    • That’s because it’s not the root cause of any of those problems, it just exacerbates the problems that exist in those areas.

      Reducing immigration won’t fix undermined workers rights, dying unionism and the land bubble.

      Reducing immigration won’t fix industrial pollution, massive land clearing, and mining pollution.

      Reducing immigration won’t fix the ongoing attempts to try and destroy the public healthcare system.

      Reducing immigration won’t fix the privatisation-by-stealth of the public education system.

      • Jumping jack flash


        The real problem is the gargantuan debt and the insatiable need for more debt.

        Everything else can be traced back to supporting the debt and its infinite growth.

  4. Yet Australians will keep voting for the same old bastards, because they are too lazy or too busy watching Masterwank and Married at First Sight tv show abominations, to take a look at possible political alternatives.

    • Where are these alternatives?
      An actual viable alternative that could actually take power?
      They don’t exist.

      • A minor party doesn’t need to take power to create change. Just need to scare the majors to change policy.

        Look at Farage in the UK. Love or hate Brexit, he has forced one major party to adopt Brexit as policy and the other major party is on the fence. Yet Farage never took all that many seats.

    • If there is no One Nation candidate, don’t vote for anyone.

      The primary vote of the traitor Labor/Liberal parties will plummet, One Nation will challenge, bringing dismay and fear to the traitor parties, leading to possible change in immigration policy. It’s the only hope apart from revolution

  5. It could drop to 1% approval rating and nothing will happen. The politicians view … they hate us so we may as well do what we want to do … its not going to significantly improve our rating.

  6. but our fake democratic two party monopoly system designed hundreds of years ago works as designed (designed by aristocracy who wanted to keep all the power while providing appearance of democracy)

    our “choice” is coke or pepsi?

    • unfortunately by definition to vote a politician out, you have to vote another one in, and they’re all scum, so heads they win, tails I lose.

  7. 75% think that, yet people still vote for the two or three major parties.

    Cognitive dissonance.

    • bolstroodMEMBER

      With 13 parliaments to govern 25 million people, we are most over governed people on Earth…
      …and it shows.
      Fvckin rediculous.

  8. I used to know Ian quite well. He’s a smart cookie. If he says 75%, then that’s the truth of it. As is obvious though, what the hell are the other 25% smoking? I don’t know anybody…not one person…who trusts politicians or thinks they’re looking out for anybody but themselves.