Tin-eared Scummo meets cricketers but not fire chiefs


David Llewellyn-Smith
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    • What will it take for people to care? 10,000 houses lost? Extinction of koalas? Complete collapse of the great barrier reef? Inflation in food and water prices?

      When? Fkers are too busy speculating on housing with monster debts…

      • People care but with our voting system and pathetic political options are limited in what they can do.

        What are you doing about it?

      • You need to lighten up.
        I am worried about the result of the cricket. Are we good enough to beat Pakistan?

        • Indeed. Sandpaper versus wads of cash. It’s a tough call. Australia will probably edge it through light-hearted on-field banter.

      • proofreadersMEMBER

        Nothing to see here, move on – haven’t you noticed that ScoMo has been burning for us?

      • We won’t need to wait much longer for food and water inflation if this drought doesn’t break in the next 6 months

      • Most voters are against mass immigration but Jacinda refuses to cut immigration!

        What an absolute nightmare.

    • When you have a look at Michael West’s website and at the web of influence page, it is no surprise to see the miners getting the inside run.
      His office staff is populated by ex-mining employees and lobbyists.

  1. as I commented earlier while Australia is burning Scumo is fiddling. But if this cvnt calls elections tomorrow and he only promises house prices to the moon and at the expense of everything else he will win again.

  2. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Cricketers are famous and far more interesting than the blue collar types that look after fires

  3. Quiet Australians are into cricket, not so concerned about politics and climate stuff. ScoMo has his political strategy worked out.