Scummo ignored repeated fire chief warnings

Via News, this does not read well for anybody:

A group of 23 former fire and emergency chiefs tried repeatedly for several months to warn Scott Morrison and senior government ministers of a looming bushfire crisis.

Had they been successful in their requests for a meeting, the group would’ve urged authorities to immediately lease aerial firefighting resources from overseas, they say.

Those aircraft would’ve been invaluable in battling the blazes that have so far destroyed one million hectares of bushland, at least 300 homes and claimed the lives of four people.

Greg Mullins, former commissioner of the NSW Fire & Rescue Service, said he and the other seasoned experts from around Australia pleaded with the government to hear their concerns.

The group, Emergency Leaders for Climate Action, first wrote to Mr Morrison in April and then again in September. Those requests fell on deaf ears, with the letter bouncing between multiple offices.

“This is very frustrating,” Mr Mullins said.

“Had we spoken back in April, one of the things we would’ve said is to try to get more aircraft on lease from the northern hemisphere because (we knew) this was going to be a horror fire season. They can be a decisive weapon.”

There are no fires. There is no warming. There is only…shhhhhh…at New Daily:

Former fire chiefs from across Australia have hit out against an “unofficial gag order” on speaking about what they say is a climate emergency.

Former Fire and Rescue NSW commissioner Greg Mullins said Australians faced a “new age of unprecedented bushfire danger”.

Mr Mullins was speaking at a joint press conference with former Queensland Fire and Emergency Services commissioner Lee Johnson, ex-Country Fire Authority Victoria chief executive Neil Bibby and former Tasmania Fire Service chief fire officer Mike Brown on Thursday.

They form part of a coalition of 23 fire and emergency leaders from every state and territory, known as Emergency Leaders for Climate Change.

“This fire season is going to go for months, so do we just simply get gagged? Because I think that’s what’s happening,” he said.

“Some people want the debate gagged because they don’t have any answers.

More “quiet Australians”.

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  1. Via other news outlets: The Greens are to blame because of all the restrictions that have been placed on back-burning i.e. the fuel-load in the bush is way too high because the Greens wanted to protect some rare insect (or some such nonsense).

    The Aborigines have been back-burning since time began but they have been subject to the same restrictions. High fuel-loads = extreme bush fire risk.

    Over to the panel ….

    • As I understand it, the aborigines pretty much had the entire continent burning (at least on rotation) but with low temperature fires. I’ve never heard it said, but I would guess this would be at least one reason why the native plants are so adapted to fire…some stringy-barks actively encourage it #terrorists.

    • in the case of the Liberal National Coalition LNP “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR” a corrupt gathering of corrupt ideologues incapable of addressing meaningful policy reform that benefits the voting public.

      The LNP only address Corporations

    • Stop drinking the Koolaid @Dominic
      The Greens aren’t in power, nor do they set policy.
      Perhaps the gutting of Fire prevention staff within State National Parks, slashing of budgets and ineptitude of the State and Federal Govts under resourcing in the face of catastrophic conditions would more likely be contributing factors. Or maybe it’s the Sun’s magnetic fields????

        • A great read. And the truth sounds like the truth, not like the crap we’re always served up by the fools we install in our parliaments.

      • Don’t have a go at me. I’m merely reporting what’s being said out there in the big wide world. You should check it out some time instead of hanging out in your favorite echo chamber. It’s what intelligent people do.

        • Mining BoganMEMBER

          Blokes at work want all greenies bashed for causing the fires.

          Asking them how does one backburn rainforest gets one called names…

          • Like I said, I have no view on the subject. I could not care less. I just heard something on the radio, repeated it here and a horde of hysterical chunts jumped down my throat!

            Lesson learnt!

          • Asking them how does one backburn rainforest gets one called names…

            Better not tell them they really mean fuel reduction and that backburning is what you do when the fire has already started to try and stop it then, you might cop a punch.

          • there comes a time when you need to tell yourself there is no need to try to communicate with
            fcukin morons. Logic will not work. Reason is something alien to their experience.

    • Here champ, some facts for you in case you are interested, but some how I doubt you are.
      Why not listen to the Fire Chiefs, they are not abiding by the Gag.
      The Nationals and Liberals are sh!tting themselves that the cat is out of the bag, Millions of Australians are being introduced to Climate Change and the LNP decades of denial are being exposed.

      • At risk of repeating myself a thousand times I’ll just point to what I said to Stomper above.

        In retrospect, I should never have commented on a bushfire (pardon me, climate change thread). I’m open minded on the subject – sadly this can’t be said for others. Hey ho, that’s the way the world is I s’pose.

        • I’ll put my hand up to not being open minded about Climate Change.
          The Scientists findings are in agreement with living experience .It is not only what is happening in Aus, take a look at severe weather events happening now , around the world .
          I have no doubt we are facing a very dangerous ongoing situation.
          The Skid Morrison Govt.are sh!tting themselves. Suddenly millions of Australians are being introduced to Climate Change, right up close. The LNP stand exposed, their Climate Change denying over the past decades has led to the disaster we have today.
          So they stage the great distraction that it is the Greens fault.
          There is apattern here, it goes like this;
          LNP Talking points;
          1, If the problem is economic blame Labor .
          2, if it is an environmental problem blame the Greens.

  2. Right so instead of approaching the issue as a practical matter of emergency services equipment needs (which is a state issue is it not?) they wrap up the request in “Emergency Leaders for Climate Action”.

    Not that I’m usually (ever?) in the habit of defending Scomo, but if you choose to wrap your request in what you FULLY understand to be a hyper partisan red flag then what the hell do you expect?

    • Agreed – it does seem a bit self-defeating. “Emergency Leaders for Carbon Emitting Flying Vehicles” would have got them over the line.

    • I wouldn’t p1ss in Scomo’s ear if his brain was on fire, but yeah…if you describe yourself in a manner that makes you look like thousands of other climate change activists who want to harangue the PM, then you may find your correspondence circling around the in-trays of low level flak-catchers, which is what appears to have happened. “Emergency Services Leaders Seeking Urgent Life and Property Saving Equipment Enhancements in the Face of Impending Catastrophe” might have been more successful.

    • Interested PartyMEMBER

      Great comment.
      Also great to see the posters below you see things logically. It is easy to see things clearly when the emotional fog thins enough for reality to come into view.

    • I get your point, but the “23 former fire and emergency chiefs” aren’t currently employed by any authorities thus have got their shit together out of concern for their country (unlike our politicians). They’re calling out the lying and destructive LNP for what they are, and everyone’s getting their knickers in a twist.

  3. I want to see Morrison on some feel good sympathy fire tour. Remembering that he, personally, is only symbolic of a bonkers neoliberal attitude to everything. Profits before people and mother earth.

    On this tour amidst all his faux hugs and sad face we actually see some Australian’s who actually verbally abuse him and call him and his cohorts out on a variety of issues. His government’s attitude to global warming is one of many.

    Doubt i will see it.

    Rather we will likely watch some pathetic housewife giving this fat muppet a hug and a cake.

    I don’t get it. It’s not that scary speaking from your heart and confronting faarkwits on their BS.

    • They just come back & smother you with some righteous glib BS. Better to just lace the cake with Laxettes & wait for an Engadine moment.

  4. HadronCollisionMEMBER

    Class Action in 3…2…1

    In other thoughts from the Northern Rivers fire front line where (first world problem alert) Lismore is BLANKETED in dense smoke and I couldn’t go for my lunchtime fartlek, sadface

    Now why oh why doesn’t Gladys BUY say 10 ELVIS because we can’t lease from USA anymore.

    1 in the Northern Rivers
    1 in the MNC
    1 on the Mid-North slopes
    1 in the CC/lower Hunter
    1 for Illawarra/Shoalhaven
    1 South Coast
    1 for table lands
    2 more infil for areas needed/I forgot/spares

    Of course, lack of water is an issue.

    Lismore needs a fulltime FRS NSW as does Ballina (strike that I think it is)

    Need to heavy up the RFS, things ain’t getting better

  5. They should have said to scummo that coal reserves in the region were at risk of burning up. That would have got some action.

  6. proofreadersMEMBER

    Didn’t ScoMo say after his May 2019 election win that he was going to “burn for us” or was that a “non-core” promise?

  7. If we really put the effort into it, we could re-green the continent, by stopping logging, land clearance, and back burning. Reverse the damage caused by the aborigines thousands of years ago, who destroyed huge swathes of forest with their fire farming techniques. Imagine how much CO2 that would suck in?