New plan to flood Australia with ‘low-skilled’ Indian workers

Australia is littered with examples of so-called ‘skilled’ migrants gaining visas only to then work in unskilled areas for low pay (e.g. here, here and here).

Now, a sinister plan is being hatched to flood Australia with Indian workers to fill imaginary skills shortages:

An Indian strategy to boost economic ties with Australia will recommend skilled Indian workers “fill the gaps” in the Australian economy.

Former ambassador Anil Wadhwa, who is writing the ­Indian government’s response to a 2018 Australian report on the bilateral trade and investment relationship, said Indian health workers, infrastructure specialists and security guards could fill labour shortages in Australia…

He said security was “a growing area in India”, offering the potential for Indian security guards to work in Australia.

Since when have security guards been regarded as ‘skilled’? Surely these low-skilled roles can be performed by Australians?

Australia’s skilled visa system should not be based on nationality, and should only import highly skilled workers at high rates of pay (e.g. above $100,000 a year), like under the new Global Talent Scheme.

Otherwise, Australia’s visa system will continue to be abused by employers as a general labour market tool to undercut local workers and crush wages, in turn stifling productivity and overloading our cities.

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    • Hell Yeah, we need millions of Indian security guards.

      Every school crossing, every roadworks lollipop holder, every floor of every art gallery, every aisle of every grocers and every shopping centre should have a squad, with extras for carpark security.  In fact every house could do with one too.  We could pop them in the front garden to decorate the pond, and maybe slap one in the backyard with a solar power light on their head.  Maybe we need additional fire security while we are at it.

      Given that legendary Indian love of class and bureaucracy (nicely honed by the Poms in their Empire days) we could classify our security into different grades – A class security, General Security, Security Policy, etc.

      Of course they would all need, and should be entitled to buy, a house.  And they get should a tax concession to enable that, and everyone employing one should get an Indian Security concessional taxation arrangement.

      After all, they are the benchmark.  India is a secure kind of place, and that’s the way we should be looking to go.

      • Be grateful that the Indian Ambassador has a plan for Australian immigration, cause we don’t have one. Indian’s have a love of caste not class, fossilization compared to financial or meritocratic fluidity. The Indian bureaucracy was developed long before the British Empire in the 3rd century BCE under the Chandragupta dynasty. If we insist on weight of numbers without a plan for infrastructure and services, a little competitive dynamic between Indian and Chinese is no bad thing.

    • Already have this at Chemist Ware house.. $ub continental wearing bad suit From KAOS wardrobe from Get Smart. Personal experience perusing tall, narrow, tightly packed shelves for tampons, foot cream & assorted products. Frustrating at best of time but made worse by the ‘guards’ attempts to get intimate…so close I could feel his weight against my body and breath in my ear. So annoyed..I turned on him & said stop following me around like criminal.. I have my period, virus and my feet are cracked. Didn’t buy anything after that episode. Ra z shall & social profiling at best. I was sick wearing ugg boots & coat in winter near St Kilda so clearly dru$$ie hence personal guard attention

  1. Maybe the ScoMo GovCo feels the need for extra security. Perhaps they can recruit specifically from the Sikhs. They have a great track record in this area.

  2. An the really highly skilled workers can set up more ghost unis and rip the Australian people off to an even greater extent. Winning!!!

    • They DO listen actually … they listen to their cashed-up, influential and powerful lobby groups and their corporate puppet masters.

    • They only listen to people worth listening to. Us plebs don’t count.
      Albos listening tour should be a case in point.

    • The economy is a machine, you see, and implementing the right policy can make the machine achieve certain results.

      No, really …

  3. Worst migrant group to ever come to Australia. Even worse than the fully sick Habibis.

    Security industry is flooded with them because a) security firms massively underpay and b) it allows them to be lazy and do minimal work.

    Ffs neoliberalism is becoming alternate reality stuff.

  4. blindjusticeMEMBER

    anyone over 40 with a house within 100kms of a city should be taxed into a) a townhouse or apartment (the smaller the better) or b) to the bushfire hinterlands to make way for these new go getters as they`ll be needing the houses since they`ll be putting in 10 families to a house. Far more efficient.

    Go Australia

  5. Jumping jack flash

    Woohoo, more wages to be stolen and more debt to be created from the additional wage capacity as it flows to the privileged!
    Those who deserve it most receive the money, and turn it into debt.

    The economy is saved!

  6. Cue the fake left saying “job guarantee” and “the problem is a lack of jobs”.

    The problem is the fake left refuses to put a big tax on work visas.

      • Jumping jack flash

        The problem is that the debt is required to grow to cover the interest on the last round of debt, but there’s no capacity to raise wages to grow the debt, and no chance of raising prices to create wage capacity, for the majority of cases.

        Adding cheaper and cheaper labour and then stealing the freed capacity is the only way for a fortunate few to get additional income to grow the debt.

        We see this in the statistics. Debt growth is generally falling as the efficacy of adding cheap labour falls (and they “crack down” on wage theft). Every so often they give it a kick by cutting interest rates, which creates additional debt capacity at the same levels of income.

    • Foreigners should be banned from driving trucks and buses.

      Aussies have always driven trucks and wages should be going up – but wages are going backwards because unlicensed foreingers are driving trucks here for $10/hour.

      • Don’t worry Jakey, automation will decimate most of these jobs soon enough. What respectable Strayan would drive a truck these days!

  7. I have just had to conduct another ‘Indian migrant road rule re-education session’ (TM) on a deliveroo driver that pushed past me on the footpath at St Leonards, trying to pretend that I was not there. I essentially had to disrobe him of the food delivery cube that he had smashed into my shoulder with before I could get his attention. Yet not a hint of contrition. He even had the temerity to suggest it was just bad luck for me because ‘the streets are too much of crowded anyway, mate.’ I replied ‘unless you are delivering food to me, stay the FVCK clear or you won’t be getting this back next time’ but I really don’t think the message sunk in or that he is likely to change his ways.

    Can someone tell me why the FVCK these people are allowed to ride on the footpath unchallenged? Is it as bad in Melbourne as up here???

    • Its the same in Perth, though i imagine our footpath are less crowded so these numptys just ride even faster. Plus keep left in walking/riding is optional for most people.

    • Maybe this was the same bloke taking up too much space on my train last week. Big ass bike in the middle of the vestibule to navigate around and Deliveroo driver sitting with his feet up watching Bollywood with no headphones. Fvck diversity.

    • They do it because no one has the balls to confront them. I would have smacked him in the mouth and then walked off. Harden up. These cuuunts need some attention. Do it.

      Lot of pussies on here winging about shidddy behaviour etc. Talk is cheap boys.

      I assure you while no confrontation is fun these type of community service actions ….. are.

      I want to hear stories of punching these faaarkers in the head. Only then will they understand driving on footpaths delivering there sad excuse for food is not on.

      • 100%, you need to make them know we hate them. My train line (the shire) is mostly white, but I’ve told them playing hindi YouTube vids out loud to ‘shut the eff up’ a few times. I love dropping a shoulder on them walking around the cbd looking at phones as well. I’m pretty solid and 6’1 though…

        I also just like to death stare them as well, make people feel uncomfortable.

        • My original response didn’t pass the filter. So have something less enlightened but more blunt.

          Come to qld, catch train, death stare me because I don’t look like you, suffer consequences. Stay safe hero.

  8. The thing that strikes me about this is one of India’s elite coming up with ways in which to de-skill India (not for security guards of course, but wrt the health care workers).

    Everything about that article is sickening

  9. “An Indian strategy to boost economic ties with Australia …. Former ambassador Anil Wadhwa”

    We can’t get an Australian strategist to boost ties? Maybe there is a skills shortage

  10. There are a lot of unecessary security guards around these days. Mostly standing around looking at their phones. It would not surprise me if security training organisations and providers have been lobbying governments to regulate an increase in security at events and venues.

  11. well if anything they could replace the entire Australian Cricket Top order. That is an totally unskilled occupation.