Lordy, how will our Gladys survive this?

Via the Daily Telegraph:

A Liberal backbencher is facing fresh questions about her connections to the Chinese government, following allegations Beijing tried to plant a spy in federal parliament.

Senate crossbencher Rex Patrick said a “shadow” remained over Victorian Liberal MP Gladys Liu.

“She hasn’t made a statement to parliament about her connections with the Chinese,” Senator Patrick said.

“I’m not suggesting anything but there is a shadow and where there’s a shadow, light can solve issues to make sure that people are absolutely confident in MPs.”

And Nine:

There are now reports Chinese operatives tried to cultivate another Liberal member to run in her Melbourne seat.

Nick Zhao, 32, was found dead in a Melbourne hotel room after reportedly approaching ASIO to discuss the plot.

Was this plan concocted by John Le Carre? Scummo hasn’t read the novels apparently:

Scott Morrison says allegations China attempted to plant a spy MP in Canberra are “deeply disturbing and troubling” as he defended his government’s policies on combating foreign interference.

The Prime Minister said he was “not naive” to security threats as he pointed to the “significant legal reform” on foreign interference undertaken by the Coalition government.

…“That’s why we strengthen the laws, why we increased the resources, that’s why we established the Department of Home Affairs to bring together all of this in a single portfolio, to ensure Australia was in the best possible position to deal with any threats that come our way.

“I can assure Australians that under our government, the resources have never been stronger, the laws have never been tougher, and the government has never been more determined to keep Australians free and safe from foreign interference.”

Except for Gladys Liu of course. No mention of her or racism.  Perhaps Scummo feels it’s time to distance himself. A wise decision if so.

Barnaby Joyce pretends to care too:

…“What we are seeing is, I don’t doubt it, I know that the Chinese have in one way or another been trying to infiltrate our parliament, whether it be online and whether it’s by direct inducements to politicians.”

Again, no mention of racists. A pattern developing.

IPA numbskull James Patterson chimes in:

“It is difficult to imagine more profoundly serious allegations than these. Particularly that an Australian citizen who was a Liberal Party member, received an attempt of foreign interference, disclosed that to ASIO and subsequently died.

“They are profoundly serious and troubling allegations.”

Agreeing with Patterson is a first.

Matthias Cormann doesn’t even pretend to care though he too dodged any racism defenses:

“In relation to what are very serious allegations aired yesterday we do need to let proper investigations take their course.

“We do want a positive and constructive relationship with China. We want the best possible relationship with China that we can have.

“By the same token, where there are instances of bad behaviour or issues that are to be dealt with we will call them out and we will deal with them.

“We have an important economic relationship with China. We have an important overall relationship with China. Of course, we are interested and committed to having a constructive relationship, the best possible relationship. But by the same token it has to be a relationship between sovereign nations and we will continue to call out any issues and deal with any issues as they arise.”

Blah, blah, blah.

Modern Liberal “Tiny” Tim Wilson can’t help himself but not even he uses the “r” word:

“Obviously we are talking about the same electorate. But if anybody has any evidence to bring forward then they should do so. Otherwise to draw this specious allegation is actually outrageous frankly just simply because of someone’s ethnic heritage.”

“This is why the government has taken national security and foreign interference so seriously. If these matters were brought to the attention of our intelligence agencies, obviously we have to review those processes to make sure that we have those Australians — particularly of Chinese origin who may be at risk — to feel comfortable about coming forward.”

I’m pretty sure modern liberalism just curled up and died of shame in the corner.

Let’s reprise how Gladys Liu came to power. Ms Liu:

  • occupied senior positions in CCP propaganda outfits;
  • courted and channeled Chinese money opposed to Australian foreign and strategic policy goals into the Government;
  • donated large sums of her “own” cash to help buy the Chisolm electorate;
  • defrauded the ethnic Chinese denizens of Chisolm with fake election signage;
  • refused to personally endorse Australian foreign policy tenets around China;
  • mumbled alarming things about Hong Kong in the Party Room;
  • used and abused the credibility of parliament house to aid campaigns for CCP control;
  • then lied about much of it directly into the face of the Australian people.

Peter Dutton once described Sam Dastayari as a “double agent” for far less. I don’t recall anybody being murdered to open a vacancy for his case candidacy either.

Question: How is it that Ms Liu qualifies as a fit and proper person to be in the Australian Parliament when “double agent” Sam Dastayari does not?

Answer: Ms Liu holds the Morrison Government’s majority in the palm of her hand so here we are.

With Labor saying nothing. Go figure.

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. I don’t doubt Gladys has serious question marks hangung over her but she seems more Austin Powers than James Bond.

    • What Gladys looks like is largely irrelevant. She’s a puppet and does what she’s told. I have no doubt that the people pulling her strings are a lot more frightening than Austin Powers.

    • She is a tool to be operated by others. Hence she’s actually very dangerous. She gives the impression of what she is, namely pretty foolish, but the people pulling her strings are far from foolish and have us in their sights…

  2. good article.
    “With Labor saying nothing. Go figure.” – and that sums up current Australian politics. Can’t they even ask for evidence how this MP came up with such large funds? MP’s ethnic background is irrelevant. She needs to provide some evidence of how she raised this massive amount of money and no one ever heard of her 15min prior to the elections.
    edit: so Tim has no ground to play any ethnic card.

    • No, Gladys spent years cultivating the hard right of the party to get influence and pre-selection.

      Her role in the SSM votes was disgusting. Eg. ‘If SSM is accepted, the gays will steal your children’ – all in Mandarin so the plebs would not notice.

      A very experienced operator with two Yale graduate kids who work for Bains in New York. Perhaps they loaned mum the $100K

    • Labor can’t throw stones in the Glasshouse? $$$, promises & power….. No way China’s going to put it all on the nose of one (obvious) horse.

    • Labor took one look and placed it in the “Too risky” bucket.

      Had Gladys been Caucasian they’d have been all over this like a rash.

  3. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Is ASIO the last Australian organisation
    left standing to protect the country ?
    All that vetting required appears to have kept out the corrupting influences …..but for how long ?

  4. And if we ever get the race obsessed “identity politicians” to pipe down for a little while, would it be too much to ask for a debate about the elephant in the living room?

    In a secular democracy it is simply incompatible to have identity politics being used as cover for political interference where foreign powers or religious extremists pull levers domestically via their diaspora – and do so free of criticism due to the ‘race’ ‘religion’ and ‘victim’ card.

    Largely, most diasporas totally get the issue of secularism. However, when issues such as e.g. the movement of the Australian embassy in Israel become issues in a domestic by-election, something has gone badly wrong at a fundamental level.

    No longer can common ground rules concerning secularism be assumed to be operating. By the MSM warriors pouncing on those who have long expressed concern and sabotaging debate the ground has shifted a long way beneath our feet.

    For our own sake we need to constructively and honestly regain momentum in a discussion about ‘assimilation v integration’ and the role of groups with strong ethno-cultural identities and their commitment to secular Australian values and independence – before it is much to late. This needs to be tangible, not rhetorical.

    The absolutely best outcome would be for a consensus to come from such groups unilaterally. But without a debate being permitted, how on earth can their views be known? The present issues have to a large degree been caused by the gatekeeping far Left that has gagged anyone warning of the consequences of not addressing this issue.

    Let’s be honest though, Gladys Liu is as much a creation of The Greens and the ALP as she is the LNP. Together the main parties have betrayed Australia as a secular nation by caving into every minority group that has played the race and identity card.

    The ‘China Town’ model of cultural integration is as old as Chinese immigration. The question today is whether a politicised China Town plugged into the CCP is in any nation’s best interests? An absolutely consistent approach needs to be taken where religious and ethnic communities in Australia cannot be allowed to become political instruments to advance the interests of foreign nationals via their diaspora – no matter who they are.

    We can no longer afford to tolerate the identitarian Left’s preciousness. Let’s move race from the centre of the debate and start to discuss sovereignty, democracy, secularism and values. Such issues are colour blind and have nothing to do with racial or cultural backgrounds, but the nature of Australian society itself.

  5. Hill Billy 55MEMBER

    Meanwhile Bellamy’s ex shareholders exit stage right with a pocket full of yuan/dollars. Is that the new go to card?

    • Bellamy’s shareholders have seen the value of shares beaten down by non-market factors, prior to an opportunistic bid. That is the new norm.

      • The mystery is why they would sell out at a beaten down level — assuming it was beaten down in the first instance.

  6. Goldstandard1MEMBER

    Where’s Jack Bower these days? We seriously need to deploy him via ASIO. I fear our prime minister/government/politicians are no longer working for the good of our country. It’s like they are raiding the vaults before it really hits the fan.

  7. How many in the Chisolm electorate are ethnic Chinese v any other ethnicity? (are we allowed to ask these things anymore?)
    Can’t all be Chinese ethnicity can they? Even if all Chinese would they be CCP? Where is this seat in Melbourne anyway? Surely there are other ethnic groups in Chisolm as Melbourne is such a diverse vibrant place.