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  1. CHINA …

    Forget the trade war. Beijing’s worst nightmare is a property market collapse, Japan-style … Shirley Ze Yu … South China Morning Post

    … extract …

    … Despite Xi’s caution that “houses are for living in, not for speculation”, China’s real-estate market value has risen to twice the size of the G7 economies combined. At US$65 trillion, it is almost five times China’s GDP in 2018, and more than 10 times China’s stock market capitalisation.

    In 2019, China’s property bubble is being pricked – on both the supply and demand sides.

    On the demand side, market euphoria that housing will continue to deliver stellar returns is diminishing. Beijing is aware that China may have reached its demographic tipping point two years ago. As the population starts to age and the labour force shrinks, structural demand for housing will weaken – a problem that Japan has been wrestling with for the last 2½ decades.… read more via hyperlink above

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Just what sort of country are we living in when even a story about a body in a freezer contains two little spruiks about what a nice suburb it is?

      The Chinaman murderer must be preparing to sell I suppose.

      • Police are contacting Chinese authorities in order to speak with the man…to advise him that a number of very interested buyers are ready to make an offer on his spacious, sun-lit apartment, close to schools and shops…

    • Obviously, he liked her like he liked his coffee… packed tight in the freezer.

      What, too soon? Don’t worry, there’s a billion more where that one came from…

    • The reason why the deniers are so confident in their criticism is because they extrapolate linearly. Climate change will not be linear.