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  1. From the ‘Politburu censors must have been asleep again’ files:
    Location: Western Sydney
    Subject: Advertisement on the side of a Sydney bus

    We have an advertisement telling people it is not OK to litter. There is an image of a young male who has littered his cigarette butts. So far so good, since young males do all the bad sh!t in society right?

    But wait: there’s a problem – instead of the stereotyped young wh!te male normally depicted in advertisements condemning anti-social behaviours such as bashing women, we have a vibrant who looks like he is fresh out of Mumbai!!!! Cue the scandal and outrage!!! Using a migrant in such a rac!st and demeaning way. What is society conning to – suggesting that migrants do anything except improve the country!!!!! Someone needs to be sacked!!!

    • “First, how is it that this magic money tree has remained hidden all these many, many years?

      It hasn’t ?

  2. Chinese trust companies’ lending to the real estate sector declined in Q3 from the previous quarter, marking the first quarterly drop since Q4, 2015, after the authority ramped up scrutiny on homebuilders’ financing.

      • Why get them out of museums? There’s money to be made in building them from scratch. As a matter of fact, I think we should merge the microtome with the guillotine. That would provide hours of entertainment, a microne thick sliver at a time.