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  1. China mulls $10 trillion Earth-moon economic zone – Global Times

    chinese elite is getting desperate
    looks like silk road is not large enough to pull the trick again

  2. Australia get tough on Cyber security
    Maybe it’s just me But I can’t remember the last time I purchased an Internet connected device that was either designed or produced in Australia.
    Basically whatever is on the shelves at your local JB-HiFi or Bunnings or or or was imported by someone that neither understood nor cared to understand real world cyber security. Even if this importer were an expert in device security, does anyone honestly believe that the device designers or manufactures would alter their product to accommodate any unique Australian requirements?
    For me the worrying thing is that only those design groups/manufacturers that were clueless (or really careless) would even try to incorporate random wishes (requirements) from countries that comprise less than 10% of their sales.
    Creating really good device security is a very difficult task and one that is easily undermined by the silliest mistakes (sometimes intentionally mis-sold as a solution by government agencies : think DES S-Boxes or WiFI protocol attacks)
    Ask yourself, Why would any respectable manufacturer or device design group comply with these requests?
    Now if the respectable companies won’t comply, what does that tell you about those that do comply?
    Basically it’ll be the clueless and careless led by the corrupt, yeah that sounds like the sort of device security that I need

  3. Thorium yes, but it wont happen. Solar and Wind with Batteries for FCAS and PHES for time-shifting looks like the best initial move. Our Infinite growth model is the real black swan in all this.

    • They admit it hasn’t worked before & yet they’re going to play with peoples lives & enact the same insanity again? More Costly Unrealism bought to us by our halfwit “leaders” who use people the same as they use their bottomless revenues – without a thought for anything but their own $betterment$.


    There’s a meme that our economy is just houses and holes – i.e. real estate and mining.

    I’ve always thought that was unfair to a lot of good businesses in our economy – we do food manufacturing brilliantly, pharmaceuticals are a booming export category, we have a huge healthcare sector and education is one of our biggest export earners.

    But the latest admission from the RBA is there’s more truth to that meme than they thought. And they should know. Real estate really is a major component of our economy.

    And that’s disconcerting news for anyone hoping we can find a sweet spot where the economy grows healthily but house prices stay sane.”


  5. Interested PartyMEMBER

    “Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyers request another month to argue for sealing identities of “dozens if not hundreds” of names in the Jeffrey Epstein docs.’

    Now we know why the high profile house of windsor member was on the BBC telling all, and very poorly at that.
    It was about getting ahead of the truth, and crafting the narrative to your benefit if possible.

    Epic fail.

    Now, about that list of names. Care to do your own BBC show katherine keating?

      • Interested PartyMEMBER

        Yeah, i struggle to put words to the mess we live in right now.
        Another few beers and it won’t make any more sense than it did yesterday, but at least I might find some humour in it somewhere…lol

  6. That Corexit oil dispersant is some nasty stuff. Still doing alot of damage in the US Gulf of Mex. ( serious, long-term health problems) .Note: Is banned in the UK!

    “W]hen a BP representative came up on the speedboat and asked if we need anything, I again explained my concerns about breathing in the Corexit and asked him for a respirator … He explained ‘If you wear a respirator, it is bringing attention to yourself because no one else is wearing respirators, and you can get fired for that.’