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Leith van Onselen


  1. 22 hours ago

    The first FAA-approved long-distance drone flight using no ground-based radar or visual observer took place recently in Kansas.

    Earlier this year in Alaska, two drones flew toward a manned vehicle as if they were playing a high-tech game of chicken. One of the drones was piloted by a human; the other was equipped with Iris Automation’s Casia onboard collision-avoidance system. The goal: to not hit the manned vehicle. In the head-to-head matchup, the Iris Automation system won 95% of the time.

    Those numbers gave the Federal Aviation Administration enough confidence in the tech company’s system to allow it to make history

  2. NEW ZEALAND … Mortgage rate hikes on the horizon ? …

    RBNZ’s tactics could backfire as signs of potential mortgage rate hikes appear … Jenée Tibshraeny … Interest Co NZ

    ‘You don’t have to keep shouting… I imagine it’s been heard’ – RBNZ Governor Adrian Orr on his calls for the Government to spend more to stimulate the economy… Jenée Tibshraeny … Interest Co NZ

    • Elon’s arrogance will sink the brand. In a perfect world Toyota would buy tesla and apply some quality control and efficiencies – then they may finally have their $35k car (USD).

  3. I think the general publics sentiment towards housing prices and immigration has changed

    12 months ago if you read the comments in the australian you’d see people saying how great gimmiegration is because of “muh GDP” and “muh growth” etc. Similar with housing prices, lower rates ra ra ra. Now you’d almost be excused to think you’re reading macrobusiness comments.

    • I can now say to my boomer parents the immigration system is designed to reduce workers wages and they agree with what I say instead of pushing back as they used to. And when I say I don’t know how the whole system is supposed to continue or for how long (high low wage immigration, a hollowed out productive economy, new mortgages are supposed to be mega mortgages but God forbid anyone gets a pay rise) they look me in the eye and yeah it doesn’t make sense. 2-3 years ago they would have argued against me saying I was being to negative and it wasn’t that bad/sinister but they’ve capitulated

  4. innocent bystanderMEMBER

    ‘The government has abandoned its own people’: Bushfire evacuees call for climate action – The SMH

    When Aaron Crowe decided to evacuate his Warriwillah home with his three-year-old daughter Pepper and partner Fiona Lee, alert systems were telling him the fire was kilometres away.
    In reality, it was just minutes away.

    People relying on technology in those situations need to get out more.
    Get out and look, smell, suss the wind directions.
    Talk to your neighbours (FB local fire groups generally have better/quicker info than the official sites – but you need to suss the panic posts and unreliables – this is where familiarity wins)